666 Barcelona Watch Assortment Reviewed + Discount

666 Barcelona Watch Assortment Reviewed + Discount

666 Barcelona Watch Assortment Reviewed + Discount Wrist Time Reviews

When I met with someone from Watchismo to first check the 666 Barcelona watch collection, I quickly wanted to get a question I had out of the way. On the 666 Barcelona page on the Watchismo website, there is a small story about how the retailer learned about the brand by literally stumbling upon it while in Spain during a walk down a busy street. As the story goes, the brothers who run Watchismo saw the collection in a storefront, and later learned that the brand was locally distributed only. The cool, modern styles of the brand fit their tastes and eShop well, and soon after they brought the brand aboard.

666 Barcelona ("666") is a fun, lighthearted watch brand with a lot of character, and not a lot of price. Not luxury watches, these are instead enjoyable diversions that make a fun impression. While you don't have to like the entire collection, there are some gems in the mix. Here I'll show you a sampling of the cool things you can get from 666 Barcelona, for between $150 - $200. These are fashion watches for people who don't actually want a fashion watch.

666 Barcelona Watch Assortment Reviewed + Discount Wrist Time Reviews

666 designs range between mod retro and purely avant garde. Lovers of quirky LED timepieces will find offerings here, and people who want a "big, different watch for not a lot of money" will also spend time browsing the brand's offerings. Actually, the brand has a lot of pieces, and ones for both men and women. I would say that the design theme is a sort of polished deconstructionist. Shedding away rules of conduct that govern most conventional timepieces. 666 watches don't want to obfuscate telling the the time, but are more interested in playing with themes and visual space. Take for example the 666 Megabyte collection. An offering of large black square dialed watches with a mystery face. Looking more 2001: A Space Odyssey than timepiece, the watch uses a Swiss quartz movement to push around two discs with dots of them around a colored ring to tell the time. It is actually not hard to read, and the colored ring comes in a few colors as well. 45mm wide and $199.

666 Barcelona Watch Assortment Reviewed + Discount Wrist Time Reviews

666 Barcelona Watch Assortment Reviewed + Discount Wrist Time Reviews

666 has a funny habit of making the hour and minute hand the same size. Differentiating them in color as opposed to length. It can be hard to get used to, but it is charmingly quirky. Speaking of charmingly quirky, notice the 666 "John" watch for women. A large 45mm wide steel watch for ladies with a really long thin leather strap. The dial is clean but crazy, and has those equal size hands I was talking about. Watchismo can't keep these pieces in stock. To wear the watch, a woman must creatively wrap the strap around her wrist many times bondage-style, to attached the piece. The interesting watch isn't for every woman, but it is a fascinating experiment. Feels like something out of sci-fi limbo when you don't know whether the future is going to be better or worse that today. The stark uncertainty of the design plays with horological traditionalism.The 666 John watches come in various colors and go for $149.

666 Barcelona Watch Assortment Reviewed + Discount Wrist Time Reviews

666 Barcelona Watch Assortment Reviewed + Discount Wrist Time Reviews

Probably the most iconic of 666's current collection is the Under Pressure models. Based on the style of a pressure gauge, this is a weird, but oddly wonderful watch. Also 45mm wide in steel, the dial comes in metallic orange, gold, silver, or textured black, with an orange seconds hand an a negative LCD display for the time. The watch actually has two movements. One for the LCD based Swiss quartz movement, and another for the independent seconds hand that goes around the dial once each 30 seconds. The two movements aren't connected, and you can start and stop the central seconds hand by pulling the crown out. Weird? Totally, but it has a really fun appeal. Also comfy on a wide black leather strap in the lugless case that 666 likes to use.  $159 each - a possible gotta-have for trendy types.

The most standard looking piece here is the 666 XXL Hand timepiece. Set in a large 45mm wide black steel case, the XXL Hand has a sloped flange ring and a simple to use dial. The layout here is the most traditional out of their pieces, but still interesting. Futuristic font with black and red accents looks nice on the dial. This is the most fashion-equse of the watches here. The design of the particular model I am showing you here reminds me of Porsche Design a bit. Do you see that? Other models come with different dials in metallic brown. I also like the spelled out hours. each is $159.

666 Barcelona Watch Assortment Reviewed + Discount Wrist Time Reviews

666 Barcelona Watch Assortment Reviewed + Discount Wrist Time Reviews

Gadget guys love digital watches, but you don't always want to be as predictable as a Casio. So there exists a whole world of non-Casio digital watches out there when you want to be a bit different. I love Casio (a lot), but sometimes you want something a bit less.. plastic. As example of 666's "brick" style LCD watches is the James. Coming in steel or gold toned steel, the watch has a sense of humor. Strong and aggressive looking in its angular block of a case, the actual LCD display is but a small part of the watch. It has large pushers to adjust the time, and is almost a joke on the concept of "over-sized." You know I hate the term "over-sized," but this watch actually does represent it. It is too big for the LCD screen, and that is the point. The James is actually one of my favs because it looks good, and has a sense of humor. Comes on a leather strap of a matching metal bracelet. Priced $149 - $199.

So there you have it. New watches from a quirky Spanish brand. Not perfect, but priced for spontaneity. If they cost much more, I could easily go over the designs and construction with a fine comb, but not at these prices. These are the types of watches you see, and know for a fact you'd wear once in a while or for a period in your life. Not serious time telling tools, but man-cessories (wait, there are women pieces too) you feel like strutting around with once in a while. 666 Barcelona watches are exclusively available via Watchismo.com in the US, where you can go to buy them online.

Also, here is a special for aBlogtoRead.com readers. You can get a 10% off discount from Watchismo.com by entering the code "Ablogtoreadismo" during your transaction checkout. For full details and terms please contact Watchismo.com customer service.

Thanks to Watchismo.com for the review units. Opinions are 100% independent.

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  • TimeKeeper

    Pita Barcelona 666 …please …who think’s 666 is cool besides 14 year old goths …and Pita Barcelona, awful brand name …why not Kebab Napoli or Burger Dresden.
    Even if the family name is Pita, or you have some other historic reason for the name, it makes for some very bad association …terrible branding … and Barcelona doesn’t have any watch making pedigree

    PS. The design are totally classless.

    • Pita Barcelona and 666 Barcelona are two totally different, unrelated brands.

  • Kris C

    Nice trainwreck “TimeKeeper”. Bit of an oxymoron you calling something classless with a post like that, no?

    I went to the watchismo website, and a lot of the designs are definatley very cool, but I struggle to find one that I would wear. I really want to like the “Under Pressure” piece, but I can’t get past the digital display – it’s just not me. I do, however, think that I will purchase a “John” watch for the girlfriend – its really neat and I think it will fit into her style nicely.

    watchismo is an odd site – clicking around you can get childish jelly watches on the cheap, or take a look at some vintage LIP or Wittnauer pieces that aren’t event for sale, just listed as “mueseum”. They definatley prefer style to function a lot of the time, offering endless Nixon or Storm watches that look really cool, but usually contain fairly basic (allbeit reliable) Japanese quartz movements. Bit of a price mismatch on some of them for sure.

    Thanks for this one – I always like finding new sites like this for consideration.

  • John_Q

    Plain and simply put “The Devil’s” watch. 666..???? What were they thinking in Barcelona?

  • Herkimer

    Wake up people! There is a “hell” of a lot more meaning to that number beyond bad songs and movies!

    The number of prime numbers up to 666 is 121, the square of the number of prime numbers up to 36.

    666 is the 60th 12-factored number; 60 is the first 12-factored number.

    Applying simple arithmetic functions symmetrically on 6 we have 6×6×6+6×6×6+6×6×6+6+6+6=666.

    The harmonic mean of the decimal digits of 666 is (trivially–all repdigit natural numbers have this property) an integer: 3/(1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6) = 6, making 666 the 54th number with this property.

    In base 10, 666 is a palindromic number, a repdigit and a Smith number. A prime reciprocal magic square based on 1/149 in base 10 has a magic total of 666.

    The Roman numeral representation of the number 666 (DCLXVI) uses once each the Roman numeral symbols with values under 1,000, occurring in descending order of their respective values (D = 500, C = 100, L = 50, X = 10, V = 5, I = 1).

    666 is a member of the Indices of prime Padovan sequence, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 14, 19, 30, 37, 84, 128, 469, 666, 1262, 1573, 2003, 2210, …

    666 is the magic sum, or sum of the magic constants of a six by six magic square, any row or column of which adds up to 111.

    The sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel is 666.

    • Isa

      totally agree …
      XXI century and even superstitions???
      666watches are really cool !!!

  • Rob H

    My opinion of the brand itself set aside, I think it only appropriate to clarify that the number 666 has no actual relation to “the devil” and the number was erroneously translated. The number 616 was the actual “number of the beast”.

    As for the 666 watches, I like them.. but my opinion is about as valid as Timekeepers. I will be purchasing one from Watchismo.com, where I buy all my pieces.

  • Peter

    I love this model!!!. It´s really original and cool.
    Congratulations 666

  • Dennis

    Yeah, I think it would look a lot better without the digital display or if they had integrated it in a better way into the minimalistic dial. The number 666 is a bit unfortunate. It’s a nice, affordable price point besides.

  • Mystified

    why in a world with so much going on do people still have the time on their hands to comment (albeit wrongly) on a brand name that is nothing more than a catchy and also very tricky combination of numbers? Kudos to 666 Barcelona. Their branding is as creative as their time pieces and i wish them well and much success. I will be wearing one if not several of their products. And for those who want to relate it the demonic 666??? come back and comment when you can put the watch in one hand and the demon in the other…..till then, shhhhhhhhhhh

  • ChicagoWatcher

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think that the best of the series is (by far) the Satellite Dual Time Automatic. The “666” emblem is, however, quite offputting.

  • Helen

    The 666 watches are sooooooooo cool, design&low price.

    The designers are serraydelarocha, please, check the website (http://www.serraydelarocha.com/) is awesome!! they design chairs,sofas,lights,…

    I love them!!

  • Kris C


    Your calculator is severly broken. Please do not do your own taxes.

    Here is an example – you quote:

    6×6×6+6×6×6+6×6×6+6+6+6 actually equals 287,946. At least you had the last number right.

  • jd

    I think the 666 watches are so cool. If it wasn’t under the devil’s name 666 I would purchase one.

  • How can somebody name a watch 666? That must be evil…

  • Nugazer

    Kris C:

    Perhaps it’s your calculator that is “severly” broken? It seems to be ignoring the order of operations after all.

  • Heidi

    If you’re in the UK you can find these watches at Twisted Time:


  • John

    As a forty year old with fairly conservative taste in watches, I can say with confidence that I wish everything I own was branded with a 666.

    Lighten up, people, does this blog have a large readership of nuns and priests or what?

    • Yea, I don’t know what got into people. 666 is just a cool sounding number.

  • John Smith

    i didn’t for a second pay attention to off-topic Kris C.’s comment, until i read Nugazer’s.
    now i’m stunned… i’m really overwhelmed with curiosity… how did Kris do that math to get that obscene result? anyway… i consider myself “severly” lucky i don’t personally know him/her 😉
    all in all… nice designs, 666 Barcelona
    although i must admit i don’t especially like lcd in watches, for that price, perhaps the digital counts time better than the dial’s hands 😀

  • Ursala

    I was searching for more info on this brand, and came upon this blog. Suddenly I feel like Alice down the rabbit hole, or perhaps I’ve stumbled onto a site which harbors watch conspiracy theorists. Are you people for real? Sometimes a watch is a just a watch.

  • John M.

    The “Under Pressure” watch’s second hand DOES NOT go around once every 30 seconds. It is a NORMAL second hand that goes around every 60 seconds… The reviewer should be more aware of the watches he’s reviewing. First time I see the watch and it’s pretty obvious to me.

    (FYI: The 15 is at the 9 o’clock position, the 30 at the 12 o’clock position, and the 45 at the 3 o’clock position, which means that the 60 would be at the 6 o’clock position)

  • undercroft

    Although the blog is generally good, it’s clear he did not spend more than 10 seconds studying the watch. To correct the principal error of the review: it is an EXTREMELY accurate watch. The Barcelona 666 people like to have their fun. Everything about it looks non-accurate, but in reality, it can be set to 0<x<1 second of accuracy. Since that is opposite, maybe the “666” is an opposite joke about hypocrites?

    • undercroft

      I was referring to the “Under Pressure” watch, which looks quirky but can be set to less than a second accuracy. Also, maybe the “666” is a quirky joke about hypocrites?

  • Teateatea

    ‘The most iconic’? What are the averagely iconic and least iconic ones? How can a brand hardly anyone has heard of, be said to have any iconic products? The word iconic is so overused and it’s clear most of the time the users have no idea of its meaning, just aping over people’s misuse.
    How ironic that a word originally used to descibe art which was an object of religious veneration should be used to describe a watch from a brand with a satanic name! The usage has spread to ‘icons of music/film/whatever’ but surely it has to be something very well known at the very least. In that case it is merely iconic, not a bit iconic of most iconic or averagely iconic.