Swatch Services Your Watch For Free August 16-25th 2013

Swatch Services Your Watch For Free August 16-25th 2013


The Swatch Doctor is in soon... When it comes to buying a watch (be it mechanical or quartz), required maintenance is likely the furthest thing from your mind. Sure, you might know that you need send it in for service in three years, or that your battery will need to be replaced in five. As watch lovers we definitely haven't had anything like the car companies offer, though, with routine maintenance rolled into the purchase price. But coming up soon from August 16 to August 25, 2013 you can go into any of the many U.S. Swatch store boutiques and get a free battery change and watch 'check up'(store locator here).

The Doctor Is In

The service will include looking the watch over, swapping the battery (if it's needed), and other nice touches like adjusting the strap or taking care of any buffing the case may need. Oh, and the best part of this? It's completely free, and you don't need to bring along any proof of purchase or anything - just show up with your Swatch watch and get some TLC.

I've not experienced anything quite like this before, and it seems like an amazing opportunity for owners to help maintain their Swatch - as well as peruse some new options in the store, of course. If you own a Swatch it might be a nice way to get some free batteries and probably a new Swatch, let us know how it goes. I'm very curious to hear about your experience with "the doctor."

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  • Ulysses31

    Is this a global thing?

  • lightningslim

    USA only? I’m in the UK. I couldn’t see any mention of this on the site.

  • AtomicPanda21

    Global or US only ????

    • Patrick Kansa

      Good catch – I’ll double check that for you.

  • pkansa

    Just to clarify, this is just at U.S. Swatch corporate stores – nothing outside the U.S., and no third-party retailers.

  • aleximd2000

    It is pretty sad that they cannot go and open the machine only surface maintenance polish and strap 
    I do have a few with sentimental value and I cannot repair them
    cheap purchase cheap service