An Insurance Provider’s List Of The Top 20 Watches Of All Time

An Insurance Provider’s List Of The Top 20 Watches Of All Time

Time Is Money - Top 20 Watches of All Time

If you happen to stumble upon the website you probably won't think it has anything to do with watches. It doesn't, acting as a sort of aggregator for insurance providers for its audience. However, one of their marketing people (Karl) is a pretty serious watch lover (and proud aBlogtoWatch reader). As a way of trying to tie together what his employer does with his love of watches, he came up with his own list of the top 20 watches ever... as a way of lightly suggesting "you might want to think about getting your timepiece collection insured."

While every "top watches" list is going to be subjective, we felt that there was a lot of merit to his list; representing an interesting collection of pieces over time, as well as a range of styles, values, and feature sets. In a nutshell, this is a well-rounded list from someone who has clearly given this a lot of thought. An aBlogtoWatch top 20 watches of all time list would likely vary, but some of these watches would probably make the cut. We love seeing these labors of love and wants to share. Do you agree with Karl @ MoneySupermarket's list? What would you change or add?











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  • bockzilla

    I think the gyrotourbillon goes for more than 28k, if I’m wrong Ill be selling my car this weekend.

    • NikolozKurashvili


      get in the line mate, I already did that… 
      now where is the seller?!))

  • PLC

    Would love to know where you could get a Vacheron Tour De L’Ile for that price! Probably cost that to have it serviced lol

    • IvanGopey

      The same thing with JlC Gyro.

  • Fraser Petrick

    What? Where’s my $65 Timex Expedition?

    • DG Cayse

      Fraser Petrick Mine is my choice for my morning jogs….with the addition of a rubber strap (sweating and all that).
      And, I only paid US$44.00 for it…the “IndiGlo” still functions…!

      • Fraser Petrick

        DG Cayse Fraser Petrick I paid $65 Cdn.; you paid $44 US. Yeah, but I’ve got socialized health care and you’ve got the Kardashians. Go Indiglo!

  • Ryan B

    Great, the Rolex owners have a big enough head on their shoulders, no need to make it worse.

    • DG Cayse

      Ryan B tsk…tsk…tsk….

  • Ulysses31

    There’s a T-Touch on this list.  A T-TOUCH.  Conspicuous by its absence is the world’s first quartz watch.  You know, that watch that heralded a new epoch in the history of watches, that technology that brought the entire Swiss watch industry to its knees.  Yeah, that one.  I think it was the Seiko Astron.  I would also take issue with some of the other choices, because being widely recognised doesn’t equate with being “coolest”.  I guess that would make a quarter-pounder and fries the coolest food in the world.

    • MarkCarson

      Ulysses31 I actually one watch on the  list – the Tissot T-Touch (even looks the same). Mine is not currently working. Guess I should have it serviced (I think there is more wrong than just a dead battery).

      • Ulysses31

        MarkCarson Ulysses31 There’s nothing wrong with it persay, I just don’t think it is a “top twenty” watch when there are so many others i’d expect to see in the list.

        • MarkCarson

          Ulysses31 I was just  surprised to own a watch on the list :-)

  • Mein Uhr

    The Hermes Cape Cod of particular 2011 vintage is a good call… I wouldn’t be caught DEAD with a 2010 or 2012 piece.

  • MarkCarson

    I had an LED Pulsar watch back in the mid 70s when they first came out. It was futuristic, very cool looking by the fashion of the day. It have had a motion switch so you could turn on the LED display by rotating your wrist. I’m saying it would have much collector value now, but as a landmark watch (and part of the Swiss crisis) it may be a top watch in years to come when selected quartz watches are given deserved places on these sorts of lists.

  • fengpost

    Hernes, Tissot, and Bell & Ross are on the list but not ALS Datograph 1999?  Lame!

  • DG Cayse

    Interesting collection. Here I was thinking we were going to be getting some tips on insurance for our collections.
    Things like how to better structure ones homeowner policy and such.

  • whythehack

    Such a difficult thing to do. create a list of top 20 ONLY. the list should have been for top 50. then a real comparison of watches can be done. With top 20, the only argument would be, why a certain brand was not included ?!!!

  • Kris C

    Not a bad stab, understanding that this is one man’s suggestion at a top 20. I would have many of the same brands, and even base models iin my list, just shake them up a bit – i.e. I feel the Big Bang is more popular and iconic than the Solo Bang, and I’d have a G-Shock on my list long before a T-Touch. Also, Zenith would be nowhere near the bottom of my list…

  • Emperius