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Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar Watch

Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Martin Braun has had a tough last couple of years. The brand with his name “Martin Braun” was owned by the Franck Muller Group before financial hardship forced them to shut it down, and they didn’t have any desire to give the name back to Martin. So he took some time off, probably played some video games, and is now back with a new brand called Antoine Martin. Their first watch called the Perpetual Calendar (really guys, that is the best you could come up with after developing this cool design?) contains a brand new movement that Braun created called the Calibre AM 39.001, and has hands that look like big swords.

Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Hands like swords so big that they remind me of typical blades seen in the modern Final Fantasy games. Even the design of the watch and case fits that art style. So I’d like to dedicate this article to my boyhood love of Final Fantasy and truly gargantuan swords. That isn’t to say the hands look weird. There is a sort of space-age neo-Roman architecture going on in the case and dial design that is cool. It isn’t utterly original, but feels well composed none-the-less.

Antoine Martin isn’t just about Martin Braun, there is Antoine! No, actually I don’t know who Antoine is. The brand’s CEO is Bruno Jufer who is a industry veteran who should be able to sell the brand. Martin is a swell guy, but not the salesy type. I think he is most happy when making nice watches. The Perpetual Calendar case will likely undergo some refinement before being finally released. The case is to be 46mm wide, and offered in 18k rose gold, white gold, or DLC black coated steel (that will look killer). The movement is a work of art in both design and function. This is where Braun really excels.

Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

The Calibre AM 39.001 is all in-house made and designed. It has 324 parts and a silicium pallet lever, escapement wheel, and impulse pin. This is for friction reduction and increased movement accuracy – and according to Antoine Martin, the watch is supposed to be very well performing. I love the super large balance wheel that you can see in the back of the watch. It runs at 2.5 Hertz, so it won’t revolve super fast, and it is a massive 17.5mm wide (being mostly titanium). The movement has a long power reserve of 144 hours (six days), and a power reserve indicator that uses a new type of system that the brand calls their Aerodynamic Amplitude Stabilization (ADAS) system. That sounds like a really fancy name that is trying to overcompensate for something, but I like all the effort Martin put into the movement.

Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Functionally the movement has the time (no seconds) and a perpetual calendar with the day, date, month, leap year, and day/night indicator. I love the red discs on the white gold model and the layout over all. However, I feel that the dial would have benefited from being totally symmetrical – with the leap year indicator next to 3 o’clock versus 12 o’clock. I bet you could have put a small subsidiary seconds dial at 12 o’clock – I’ve never seen that done before.


Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

This is a pretty good start to Antoine Martin. The design of the Perpetual Calendar watch is cool, and the movement is really impressive – not that Martin Braun is new to this, but it is interesting to see how the look of this watch is so different than the looks of the watches under the Martin Braun brand. Look for Antoine Martin watches to be unveiled soon, at prices that will make your party in Final Fantasy hunting for gold for long, long hours.



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  • Nate A.

    Ok ablogtoread, lets review some lower priced watches. Like the 1500.00- 3000.00 range. Thanks

  • Christopher Kandrat

    Even with the extreme price range, I’d still consider getting one.

  • Dangeruss

    Well as of right now the watch is as real as the anime characters you chose to illustrate your preview. All we’ve been show are CG renders and illustrations. Since I do the same type of pre-viz work, I know how vastly different the finished goods can look from these images. I’ll wait till we see it in the flesh. Though I think the mix of Roman numerals, “football jersy” date numerals and (to me) useless AM / PM indicator are an odd combo.

    • watch4fun

      In no case the AM/PM indicator is useless – if you have to set the calendar mechanism it feels well to know, when midnight is!

  • Shinytoys

    I think the Martin is a very handsome watch…glad to see them up and running again!!!!

  • kris c

    Aesthetically, I love it. Undeniably masculine, and will have a very good presence on the wrist, if the end result matches the rendering. All the angles, cutouts, and textures are perfect. Really well laid out.
    Why does nothing show the seconds though? Makes no sense to me at all. I don;t like seeing seconds because I want to know the time to the second, I want to know that the movement muscle is flexing. 60 friggin jewels and no seconds hand? Thats just a mistake. Maybe because of the low Hz rate, they didnt want would be a not-so-smooth sweep, but c’mon. I guess the tradeoff was 6 days of power on a full wind, which is amazing, but it’s that one little thing that would probably make me pass. Which is a shame, because again – if the real deal looks this good, then its a real looker.

  • Ivan Y

    Looks very interesting, but – yeah – would like to see it in the flesh and not renders. Do have to give credit to Martin for putting in a useful complication.

  • Nice watches (much better looking than the Martin Braun ones), nice concept — but terrible name. Antoine Martin? Anthony Martin? António Martins? Antonio Martini? It sounds… cheap, no charisma at all. And it’s a shame.

    • Miguel – I agree. I am usually disappointed by watch naming practices. I don’t think that as much effort as is necessary goes in to that.

  • Many thanks for your comments!
    First of all, we couldn`t add the second. The construction allow only a decentered second and not a centered. But at the place where the small second would be loated is a big wheel for the Big Date. That´s the reason why we cannot indicate the second. So no optical reason, but a technical.
    The name caused us a lot of headache and we are happy what we found. May be it help to pronounce it in french language, that sounds much better then!

    Take care

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