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Aquacy 1769 Dive Watch

Aquacy 1769 Dive Watch Watch Releases

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In 1769, renowned explorer James Cook landed on the shores of New Zealand aboard the Endeavour. James Cook and his crew not only eventually forged a friendship with the Māori People of New Zealand, but Captain Cook is also credited for drawing the first comprehensive maps of the country. The Hei Matau is an ancient symbol of the Māori People, representing strength, good luck, and safe travel across water.

Imbued with this spirit of adventure and resilience, Aquacy debuts its first collection of high-quality automatic dive watches—the 1769 series. Developed by a 14-year veteran of the watch industry, the Aquacy 1769 watch is brimming with specs typically found on much more expensive models.

Aquacy 1769 Dive Watch Watch Releases

Aquacy 1769 Dive Watch Watch Releases

Built from corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel, the 41mm case of the Aquacy 1769 is topped with a highly scratch-resistant black ceramic diver’s unidirectional bezel, along with a 2.5mm-thick sapphire crystal protecting the dial. Sitting on the dial are luminescent center hands, luminescent hour markers, and a date window at 3 o’clock.

For optimal legibility in low light, the dial features long-lasting BWG9 luminescence, which glows blue in the dark. Plus, to ensure a water resistance rating of 300m, the Aquacy 1769 dive watch is equipped with a double-seal screw-down winding crown and a double-seal screw-down caseback. For more serious divers, the Aquacy 1769 even has a helium escape valve to prevent pressure damage to the watch during long decompression periods.

Aquacy 1769 Dive Watch Watch Releases

Aquacy 1769 Dive Watch Watch Releases

Matching the stainless steel case of the Aquacy 1769 is the stainless steel bracelet with links that are secured with tough screws rather than fragile pushpins. Furthermore, the brushed steel bracelet is fitted with a double-locking clasp for enhanced security during wear. However, each Aquacy 1769 model also comes with a complimentary silicone strap—in addition to a strap-changing tool—should you want to swap out the metal bracelet for a rubber strap.


The Aquacy 1769 watch runs on the reliable 24-jewel Miyota 9015 automatic movement with the Parashock anti-shock system for added robustness. Operating at 28,800 bph, the Miyota 9015 self-winding caliber offers 42 hours of power reserve. What’s more, the Aquacy 1769 is backed by a four-year movement warranty.

Aquacy 1769 Dive Watch Watch Releases

Aquacy 1769 Dive Watch Watch Releases

The Aquacy 1769 watch is available in nine different dial colors. From the vibrant water-inspired Abalone dial to the classic black dial to sunburst shades in blue, red, yellow, and orange to the iridescent mother-of-pearl options in black, blue, or white, there’s plenty to choose from.

At the top of the dial is the Aquacy water-drop logo fashioned after the Hei Matau talisman, while emblazoned on the bottom portion of the dial is the 1769 marque, in a font mimicking James Cook’s handwriting from his famous map of New Zealand.

Aquacy 1769 Dive Watch Watch Releases

Each dial color is limited to 1,769 pieces and every piece is numbered with an engraving on the caseback.

Packaged in a watertight ABS box fitted with foam, the limited-edition Aquacy 1769 sets include a 1769 dive watch, an extra silicone strap, a premium sizing and strap-changing tool, and a four-year movement warranty. Priced at $279, the Aquacy 1769 offers solid value for watch enthusiasts and launches on Kickstarter today.

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  • Gokart Mozart

    The box could be useful….

    • John Effing Zoidberg

      What’s in the booooooox?


    The clasp always gives it away. Hence no photo of it, I presume.

  • Colt Foutz

    B-b-b-b-b-but… the premium sizing and strap-changing tool!

  • Leonarr

    I know I’m splitting hairs here, but is the usage of a sacred Mauri symbol appropriate for a company that has no connection to those people whatsoever?

    From Wikipedia:

    “For the M?ori, the hei matau is taonga (a cultural treasure). It represents not only their land, but also
    prosperity, fertility and safe passage over water. They also denote the importance of fishing to M?ori, and their relationship to Tangaroa god of the sea.”

  • What fresh hell is this?

    Looks familiar

  • AlbieC

    One should screw the crown down when taking the photos… looks sloppy.

  • Jeffwb65

    Meh. Questionable “Commemorative Status”. Just another Sub homage. And come on, why are the crowns unscrewed in almost every photo? That just looks stupid in a staged “every day wear” pic. Hard pass.

  • Omegaboy

    At last, MOP dials! Very nice.

  • Nicholas Barkly

    Millions of these watches. Go large , in charge. 46mm plus. Nice colors. Too small.

  • ILOW

    1,769pcs per colour? Ouch… how will the masses manage to get their hands on one? Probably sold out already…

  • watchguy78

    But you are comparing apples to oranges. I looked at the Guangzhou submariner on Ali express. Metal bezel, 30M water rating, I would be scared to wash my hands with it on. Says stainless bracelet but likely low grade stainless. Says chronometer on dial but obviously not, some cheap chinese movement that you will be lucky if keeps time within 60 seconds a day. Plastic crystal. Pot metal case likely. I don’t think you bothered to look at the specs on that Aquacy watch.