What Does “L SWISS MADE L” On A Watch Dial Mean?

Jeff H. from Los Angeles, USA asks:

What do the L’s mean in “L SWISS MADE L” on Panerai watches? It looks so out of place.

Good question, there are a lot of labels and pieces of information on watch dials that can be confusing. In this instance “L Swiss Made L” means that SuperLumiNova (TM) is used as the luminescent material on the dial. However, that doesn’t mean that a lack of “Ls” on the dial means that SuperLumiNova is not used.

Another similar situation is the label, “T Swiss Made T, ” which means that Tritium gas tubes are used on the dial. Again, there are plenty of watches with Tritium illumination that don’t have the “Ts” on the dial.

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"T Swiss Made T, " more often seen on vintage pieces indicates Tritium based lume was used (prior to it being phased out) on the dial. Many old Panerai bear this mark.