Baselworld 2013: New Black & Blue Rolex GMT-Master II And Platinum Rolex Daytona

Baselworld 2013: New Black & Blue Rolex GMT-Master II And Platinum Rolex Daytona


We're here at Baselworld 2013 and Rolex has shown off a couple of new model iterations including a platinum Rolex Daytona and this black and blue colored Rolex GMT-Master II. Essentially just a new color variation of the current Rolex GMT-Master II range, this new version employs a two color cerachrom bezel insert (a first for Rolex) in a day/night arrangement of blue and black.


Still sized to 40mm and powered by the Rolex Calibre 3186, this new model is little more than an additional color choice for buyers looking for some of that classic Pam Am panache. Rolex announcements are a big deal at the BaselWorld and crowds formed quickly when the new models were displayed outside of Rolex's booth. Onlookers seemed to have mixed feelings about the mostly-cosmetic updates and the lack of a specific 50th anniversary piece for the legendary Rolex Daytona.


Alongside the black and blue Rolex GMT-Master II is a new blue and brown platinum Rolex Daytona. This is not the Rolex Daytona that many were expecting. Also still 40mm, this new version features a case and bracelet made of 950 platinum along with a light blue dial and brown cerachrom bezel. New colors and metals aside, the platinum Rolex Daytona (ref 116505) is powered by the Calibre 4130 COSC automatic chronograph movement with 72 hours of power reserve. This new version comes on the year of the Rolex Daytona's 50th birthday and while the color combo is interesting, many were expecting a brand new model with an updated case size. While it is totally possible that Rolex is still planning to celebrate the Rolex Daytona's 50th with an official model, it doesn't look as though Basel will be the host for that announcement. Now that Rolex is the official sponsor for Formula One, they may have a more race-focused and Rolex Daytona-appropriate stage for such news, only time will tell. For now, it is safe to say that while the new platinum 2013 Dayonta may prove to be a successful model, many BaselWorld attendees were expecting something completely different.


While the new variations of both the Rolex Daytona and the Rolex GMT-Master II are undoubtedly cool pieces, neither are brand new models, nor do they differ greatly from the current formula for each model range. I rather like the blue and black Rolex GMT-Master II and think that it is a nice addition the Rolex GMT-Master II family. What do you think of these new versions? Maybe Rolex has something else up its sleeve.

  • Ulysses31

    The blue and black GMT Master II – just no.  As for the Daytona, I love the dial colour, but to pair it with (i’ll be polite and say chocolate) brown is a bit baffling.  That, and i’ve never liked sub-dials consisting of thick rings; it looks a bit clumsy, like the thick rims of Coke-bottle glasses staring back at you.  Actually – the dowdy brown, the goofy glasses – it’s Adrian from Rocky I, a style shambles.  The tachymeter looks too busy with those extra arrows and scales.

    • bichondaddy

      Ulysses31 They forgot to add the smiley face expanded date window at the bottom of the Daytona….then it would be a happy watch!!  Maybe if they made the Daytona in a 48mm case…then they could fit in the smiley face!!!  LOL

  • Kris C

    Bo-ring. I will quickly admit that I find the light blue dial withrown accents very attractive, but they bought booth space for this? Way to continue phoning it in, Rolex.

  • joblow

    Pro- Black/Blue GMT Master II :  Blue Dial of Daytona
    Con- Brown Cerachrom Bezel & Rings of Daytona.

  • Sumanr1

    GMT II – yes. Daytona – NO. What were they thinking?!

  • Emperius

    Boring because all they do is color change? Perhaps. But it’s a Rolex anyways. Wouldn’t be surprised if next year they come up with dubstep music for one of the videos.

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