Breitling Chronomat 44 Frecce Tricolori Watch

Breitling Chronomat 44 Frecce Tricolori Watch

From commercial to military and all of the enthusiasts in-between, Breitling has spent many years cultivating a close and valuable relationship with the world of aviation. Earning a reputation like Breitling's requires a hands-on approach to connect the Breitling name with aviation outfits all over the world.

It is with this in mind that Breitling recently announced a special edition of their Chronomat 44 to commemorate their partnership with the Frecce Tricolori (the Tricolor Arrows). Essentially, the Italian Air Force's equivalent of the Blue Angels, the Frecce Tricolori are a demonstration and aeronautics team whose relationship with Breitling dates back to the mid-80's, when they chose Breitling as their official watch supplier.

Breitling worked with the Frecce Tricolori to produce a purpose-built pilot's chronograph and designed the watch that would, just a year later, become the Breitling Chronomat, which is now one of the most recognizable names in their product line up. This special version, dubbed the Breitling Chronomat 44 Frecce Tricolori, is essentially a standard Chronomat 44 with a redesigned dial that incorporates the Frecce Tricolori logo and a script displaying "P.A.N Frecce Tricolori" (P.A.N stands for - Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale).

The Chronomat 44 is built around a 44mm steel case with a unidirectional bezel and a screw down crown and pushers. Being one of Breitling's flagship models, the Chronomat 44 is powered by their in-house Breitling Caliber 01 chronograph movement which employs some 47 jewels, operates at 28,800 vph, and boasts a power reserve in excess of 70 hours. This attractive Breitling's sporting intentions are reinforced with 500 meters worth of water resistance and a sapphire crystal with a dual-sided anti-reflective treatment.

I really like the look of this Frecce Tricolori special edition. The large hands, markers and bezel give the Chronomat a diver-like appeal and the brushed case avoids the rather flashy vibe that often characterizes much of Breitling's modern styling. The chronograph is pilot-ready as well, offering central seconds with 1/4th seconds resolution backed by both a 30 minute and a 12 hour totalizer. Lastly, there is a date feature with a dial-matched white-on-black design between the four and five o'clock markers.

Breitling will be making 1000 units of the Chronomat 44 Frecce Tricolori, and it may be the Chronomat 44 version to have. Not only does the Tricolori sport a handsome brushed finish case, but Breitling has also opted to remove the square design that sits center-dial on other Chronomat versions. I've never liked that square design and I think the Tricolori special edition is improved in its absence.

Carrying a retail price of  $9,400 USD, the Chronomat 44 Frecce Tricolori represents a considerable jump in price over basic Chronomat models. While far from the most expensive luxury item to carry the Tricolori colors, the Breitling Chronomat 44 Frecce Tricolori is an attractive and exclusive timepiece for those who would like to commemorate the 29 year relationship between Breitling and the Frecce Tricolori flight team.

  • MarkCarson

    I wonder why the ‘1’ and ’11’ hour baton makers have angle cut ends while the other marker are sword end cut. Great that this watches both above and below the surface of the Earth. But as a dive watch I would have expected minute markers from 0 to 15 or 20 plus lume on all of the hour makers. 
    It is a pretty thing…

  • MarkCarson

    I wonder why the ‘1’ and ’11’ hour baton makers have angle cut ends
    while the other marker are sword end cut. Great that this watches works both
    above and below the surface of the Earth. But as a dive watch I would
    have expected minute markers from 0 to 15 or 20 on the bezel plus lume on all of the
    hour makers. It is a pretty thing…

    • nateb123

      MarkCarson Because the markers are cut off to form a square shape in the middle of a dial.  You’ll note the subdials mirror this too as they change textures to continue that same square shape.  The “sword” shape of the other markers is just to avoid the subdials.  It’s stupid and ugly, but there it is.

      • MarkCarson

        nateb123 MarkCarson Ahhh, the invisible square! That explains it and yet still makes no sense.

  • gerikson

    Those bezel numerals look like the font they used on checks in the 70s for OCR…

  • MID

    I respect Breitling’s technical achievements, but many of their recent designs are a mess.  I hope this watch has great lume, because I think it would look better in the dark.

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  • StefanDumitrache

    Breitling is special to me among the “semi-luxury” watches since i’ve seen how far attention to detail goes, compared to other on-par brands. there was a shop that had several brands on display, and with most watches on all other brands (like Longines, for example, but even more expensive ones), the seconds hand was deviated from the seconds markers. It was stopping between the markers, and to me this detail was outrageous considering the price and the brands level. One major exception: Breitling. Maybe it was one case. Maybe it was coincidence. but any Breitling on display had the seconds hand perfectly aligned with the seconds markers. I have no idea about precision of each brand, or durability, or innovations presented in each model, but that general detail, right there, on spot, made me a Breitling lover, and i wish i could afford one of their pieces one day. Unfortunately, i could never be able to buy watches that cost more than 200-300$.

  • mlopicic

    I have bought a Breitling Watch AB0110 – Chronomat 01. From
    the very beginning once the clock was winded and adjusted it was running fast.
    Every 15 days it was running fast some 5 minutes. The watch was returned to the
    local Breitling retailer in Montenegro (Monte Jewelry and Watches)and the watch
    wassent for calibration to the main
    Service in Belgrade. After calibration the watch was fully winded and adjusted
    and it was also running 5 minutes ahead for the period of 15 days. After the
    second calibration and service the watch is now running some 4 minutes slow for
    the period of 20 days.
    I urge everyone not to buy Breitling watches as they are not good value for
    money and if the watch is faulty like in my case you will not get the right
    customer treatment. I have to sue the local retailer in order to get a
    replacement. I cant believe that I could have all these problems with a
    “renowned” watch manufacturer such as Breitling. My advice is – stay away from
    Breitling. Please feel free to contact me about my ordeal +38269234565.