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Breitling Colt Skyracer Watch At An ‘Extremely Reasonable Price’

Breitling Colt Skyracer Watch At An 'Extremely Reasonable Price' Watch Releases

Whether or not you agree with me, I feel that this is the watch Breitling should be making – so it’s good that they actually are. At Baselworld 2017, Breitling will debut this Colt Skyracer, which is the tool watch everyone should want from the brand. A tool watch is supposed to be comfortable, durable, legible, and reliable – something that Breitling has, in my opinion, designed the Breitling Colt Skyracer to be.

In a nutshell, this is a new accessibly-priced (Breitling actually says it is at “an extremely reasonable price”) luxury watch which combines Breitling’s still new Breitlight carbon case material with a straightforward easy-to-read dial, and contains a very-accurate thermocompensated caliber 74 SuperQuartz movement (which is COSC Chronometer certified – which is a different certification process and standards for quartz and mechanical watches). The battery has a life of eight years. If traditionalist watch lovers are balking at the idea of a quartz watch, they shouldn’t. This is not your standard cheapo quartz movement but something born of an era when professional watches needed extreme accuracy. Compare a 10-second deviation per year for a thermocompensated quartz movement versus up to 15 seconds per month for a standard quartz movement. Again, a mechanical movement is at best accurate to 1-2 seconds per day.

Breitling Colt Skyracer Watch At An 'Extremely Reasonable Price' Watch Releases

Breitling continues to remain very popular with aviation professionals and other high-risk activity enthusiasts who need durable and reliable instruments. Breitling has a long history of making such watches and, moreover, has been using SuperQuartz movements in certain watches in their collection (such as the iconic Aerospace) for over 20 years. People who like nice luxury watches often also love mechanical movements, but everyone knows you can’t rely on them in the same way you can an electronic instrument. For that reason, Breitling has been producing SuperQuartz-based watches continuously, servicing a market of real aviation and military professionals with high-end watches at a time when most other brands stopped doing so. For the most, part Omega is the only real competitor to still make (some) quartz watches for professionals (with the X-33).

Thus, the Breitling Colt Skyracer is for people who actually need high-accuracy on their wrist but want something a bit more interesting than your standard quartz watch. Yes, this is a niche market of consumers, but it is a market nonetheless, and the good thing is that timepieces such as this are true tool watches. Not convinced? Well then just check out the ruler indicator Breitling put on the rubber strap!

Breitling Colt Skyracer Watch At An 'Extremely Reasonable Price' Watch Releases

Watch fans interested in Breitling’s Breitlight carbon case material will be happy to see its use in the Colt Skyracer. Not only is the Breitling Colt Skyracer much more affordable than the other current watches Breitling produces with Breitlight, but it is wearable. Breitling introduced Breitlight on the Avenger Hurricane (hands-on here) in 2016… with a 50mm wide case which sized it out of wearability for many people. The Breitling Colt Skyracer is “just” 45mm wide (and 13.5mm thick), but it is also almost six times lighter than steel given the black carbon composite case material. The case is water-resistant to 100 meters and has a rotating bezel with an AR-coated domed sapphire crystal over the dial.

Breitling Colt Skyracer Watch At An 'Extremely Reasonable Price' Watch Releases

Breitling further claims that the Breitlight case is super durable and shock-resistant. It has decent scratch-resistance as well, but I do think that despite the watch surviving abuse, it will show battle scars if beaten up too much. If you recall, I mentioned that ruler on the strap. The watch apparently has a quick-release system for the strap, so that they can be taken off and used to actually measure things… and then placed back on the case.

Dial legibility for the Breitling Colt Skyracer is quite good. The lumed hands and characterful Arabic hour numerals are sensible without being too serious. I do like that Breitling was able to include a healthy level of personality into the design – which is important for luxury watches since there is always a distinct element to why people choose to buy them. Also on the dial is a dedicated scale for 24-hour military time as well as a date indicator window. This is a good example of a conservative tool watch dial that also manages to not be boring.

Breitling Colt Skyracer Watch At An 'Extremely Reasonable Price' Watch Releases

It’s quite likely that the Breliting Colt Skyracer reference X74320E4|BF87|293S|X20S.1 is going to be the most affordable new Breitling of 2017. With that said, it is going to be up to consumers to decide if $2,000 is “extremely reasonably priced” or not. Though, for a Brietling today, that is a good deal, for sure.



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  • Shirley RoyalOak

    Why does the dial have the 24 hour markings ? Its pretty standard for most people to know what 1300 hrs is. The addition of the markings make it look cheap. Otherwise a nice timepiece with great movement and case but disappointing dial. Breitling you have done better.

    • IG

      Faster to read than making a mental conversion from 10pm to 2200, non?

    • IanE

      Perhaps they are intending to bring out a GMT and want to save on a new dial design? Otherwise, as you say, why?

    • 1300 HRS?

  • TrevorXM

    I like it a lot more than I would if I just read the specs. You read quartz, “composite” case, $2k and forget about it — until you see the watch.

    After I witnessed the quartz Seiko Tuna’s precise falling on the second marker every time, I don’t believe any quartz watch that doesn’t do that is worth spit. There is no excuse. Does this watch do that? If it does, then it is worthy of consideration. Otherwise, no. It’s really that simple for me. Any standard decent quality quartz is so accurate already, the rest about “quartz chronometer” is really just mumbo jumbo. Look — this is not a chronograph, so who cares?

    • IG

      “Any standard decent quality quartz is so accurate already”, my arse. Standard “decent quality” quartzes are ±15s per month, that’s 3 minutes per year. The Omega Megaquartz 2400 was ±12s per YEAR already in 1974, but then the quartz revolution turned into the mass production of cheap turds for plonkers with some rare exceptions like the Citizen “The Citizen” or the ETA Thermoline, Seiko 9F movements.

      • TrevorXM

        Here’s what you do. You see that thingy on the side of the watch? That’s called a crown. Now if you pull that crown out and the watch, amazingly, stops! Imagine that! It stops. Now, because this watch has a date, you’re going to have to pull that crown out almost every month to fix the date. EH? So what does that mean? Well, it means that every month that 15 second variation goes away. That’s if you’re smart enough to pull out that crown when the second hand reaches 12 and adjust the time while you are setting the date (which you have to do — unless you don’t care what date it is) So, that means that any decent quality quartz watch is, for all practical purposes, used in the real world, accurate to 15 seconds a year.

        • IG

          Nope, your ghetto version of the radio/satellite/time server controlled quartz isn’t what I was talking about. It was the autonomous accuracy.

        • Sheez Gagoo

          When you set the date (crown in position 1) the second hand doesn`t stop. In position 2 it does but you have to turn the hands 24h or more. Or am I missing something?

        • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

          I do hope you also offer that excellent commentary in Braille!…..(golf clap)

  • BrJean

    I really like the illusion of embossed hour numerals. It gives more depth to the dial.

  • ??????

    Looks like a kinda “premium” Luminox.

  • ??????
    • PleaseSpellRoman4AsIV

      I guess most of the audience here wouldn’t buy either. But still good to see Breitling coming down with prices.

    • TrevorXM

      Yes, but this doesn’t have the highly desirable ruler strap. What if you get cut off from your platoon out in the jungle and you have to measure something?

    • Whether or not you agree with me

    • Looks same.

  • Berndt Norten

    Breitling never saw a dial it couldn’t over-dress, make busy, loud and complex. Clunk– Ray-Bin.

  • cluedog12

    By today’s standards, that’s a good entry level price for Breitling.

    Hands-on test soon?

  • Marius

    How is this watch “extremely reasonably priced?”

    The dial looks cheap because it’s printed and has no depth whatsoever. The hands also look rather pedestrian, and the strap is made from rubber.

    The movement is a quartz garbage. Thermocompensated Super-quartz sounds great, but in reality it’s just a cheap ETA caliber. The only quartz movement worth mentioning is the Grand Seiko 9F.

    The only somewhat attractive feature is the case made from a composite material. However, that’s not enough to justify the $2,000 price. Keep in mind that for around $2,900-3,000, you could buy a Grand Seiko quartz that whipes the floor with this Breitling in terms of movement (GS 9F), dial and case fit & finish, and overall quality and attention to detail.

    • TrevorXM

      “…the wannabe colonel Kurtz”

      You have nailed the Breitling Colt target market. Those who can’t afford this watch buy the Luminox pictured below.

      • Spangles

        The horror, the horror

    • Kuroji

      This one is no worse than anything else in the Colt series.

  • The only way I would be comfortable justifying this watch’s existence in my collection is if it was a $1000 quartz, or a $2000 auto. I see no difference – stylistically or practically – between this watch and the Traser reviewed the other day.

    If you NEED to have a Breitling at this price point, just buy any number of 1990’s era pre-owned Breitlings. They contain 100% less plastic, and 300% more class.

    • DanW94

      Great point on the Traser comparison…..

  • j238

    I see 45mm watches being advertised. I rarely see something that big being worn in public. Watches that big just look silly.

    • Tõnis Leissoo

      Please try to travel to another country. Germany, Netherlands or Scandinavia and take a look around. There are actually different sizes of people in the world.

      • j238

        I’ve travelled extensively, well enough to know not to buy underwear made for the Asian market.
        Wondering have you seen oversized watches being worn in Northern Europe?

        • Tõnis Leissoo

          If no-one wears them then why do you think they’re made? On my wrist, anything below 44mm looks ridiculous.

          • j238

            Glad it works for you. Since you asked, I believe manufacturers have pushed the envelope size-wise in order to justify higher prices.

        • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

          While I must agree with your underwear critique, I will also say that “big” watches (IMO 45+ mm) are favs in Asia.

        • christosL

          I’m Swedish, and can tell you that big size watches are very common here. In fact it’s the other way around, you’d be hard pressed to find a 38-39mm watch even among women. Especially in the “general public” and people under say, 50 years old. 36mm mens watches, that I sometimes see people lust for on watch forums, are more or less unheard of.
          Likewise in large parts of Asia, especially SEA and China.

  • BILL*

    If you wear this you are overthermocompensating. The ruler strap should only go up to two.

    • Berndt Norten

      This one goes to eleven

      • DanW94

        “Why don’t you just make ten longer and make ten be the top number and make that a little longer”?
        “Because this goes to eleven”……

  • Juan-Antonio Garcia

    Good to see that Breitling is moving in the right direction size wise, hope that trend is here to stay. On the composite case, I rather pass, it looks cheap, same as with the Avengers. I think they have to go back to the lab and come up with some polymer that looks more high end. On the mean time, a mid point G Shock looks much solid and well put together.

  • Not a fan of those numerals; they make sense from one perspective, arguably the most common, but are out of balance when viewed on the right wrist or dead on.

  • Shawn Lavigne

    for some reason i like it a lot.

  • Gokart Mozart

    Wow a $2000 dollar ruler, with built in wrist measurer to decide if the 45mm Breitling is too big for your wrist. (The answer in most cases will be yes)

  • Word Merchant

    Built cheap, priced expensive. Nice.

  • Jeffrey Chang

    There were reports that Breitling company was being shopped around. This watch makes me actually think they are hurting for money.

    If this watch works it’ll be short term money boost but will do harm to the brand. “Affordable luxury” is not a sustainable space.

    • Gokart Mozart

      Overall, I think it is the lack of affordable luxury that is hurting the Swiss watch industry just now.

      • Jeffrey Chang

        “Affordable luxury” is deceptive advertising. Its not luxury but a way companies sell their Brand Name (previously based on quality) as luxury while trying to maintain the same margins.

        This is not close to typical Breitling quality we expect today. If its a success it’ll end up lowering Breitling status.

        Don’t mistake cutting corners with reasonable pricing. Breitling isn’t sacrificing any profit margin on this.

  • SuperStrapper


  • Yan Fin

    Neither affordable nor luxury. Plastic Casio from Walmart

  • otaking241

    I think if you compare this with other seriously user-oriented tool watches from Damasko, Sinn etc. it stacks up pretty nicely. Street prices are likely to be ~20-25% less than SRP and at $1500 this looks like a nice choice. It seems that most people here don’t buy the arguments in favor of quartz but here it seems like the right tool for the job. I will say that the ruler on the strap made me smirk a bit–seems unnecessary but at the same time at least it’s distinctive.

  • SuperStrapper

    Actually, thinking twice on this: if Breitling produced a breitlite Pro-series bracelet, that would be pretty awesome.

    • Juan-Antonio Garcia

      For $10 bucks.

      • SuperStrapper

        You’ve obviously never experienced a Breitling Pro bracelet. They might be the best in the business. And if not, damn well near to it.

        • Juan-Antonio Garcia

          Not in plastic. I have an Aerospace in titanium, and is great. One of my favorites.

          • SuperStrapper

            Have not yet seen one in titanium. How does it hold up to scratching, etc?

            The claim of this breitlite material is that it is more scratch resistant than steel, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t make a bracelet from it.

          • Juan-Antonio Garcia

            It is holding extremely well, it doesn’t show its age, after 20 years of abuse by its irresponsible owner. I went for the slim bracelet, to stay in the lightness titanium theme.


        • Mike Brown


          • SuperStrapper

            Also on the list. Prefer Pro.

    • IG

      Real men wear NATO.

      • SuperStrapper

        Nobody worth talking to would ever be caught dead in a childish nato strap. It’s the easiest way to identify a moron.

        • Raymond Wilkie

          I concur.

      • Berndt Norten

        And they eat quiche

  • Berndt Norten

    George the Animal Steele. RIP

  • Steverino

    Tool watch aimed at tools

    • Gokart Mozart

      I thought that was the brand with the crown

  • Emre is going to be up to consumers to decide if $2,000 is “extremely reasonably priced” or not


    And I say this as a Breitling owner.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Never been a fan of the brand, too busy and unnecessary. This would make a great door stop.

  • commentator bob

    This is overpriced but so is a Breitling automatic. I would like to hear of one person that can rely on a watch for timing, as opposed to purpose built instuments, but needs the difference in accuracy, if any, between this and a G-Shock. 5% of the buyers of this maybe need quartz accuracy but want to wear a nicer name than Casio. The other 95% cannot reasonably afford an automatic Breitling.

  • BILL*

    Zero classy votes so far.

    • Berndt Norten

      Here are two classy acts

      • Mystic Bozo

        Not a watch for Pencil Necked Geeks.
        I bet Freddie would wear one.

  • Greg Dutton

    I actually like this quite a bit. It’s too large for me, but I’m a sucker for lightweight sports watches. The GM price should be pretty reasonable.

  • Yanko

    I don’t understand why Breitling is still in business.

    • E. Cheng

      Yes, you’re right. When they are reducing their prices for their new watches, they are going to disappear.

  • Simon_Hell

    Love breitling, own exospace, but this here is just a disgrace. It looks like a kids watch for 6 year olds who are learning to tell time. Just abysmal.

    • commentator bob

      The shadows create an applied numerals look for those whose professions do not allow for applied numerals.

  • Bozzor

    I know many will disagree but I believe this is a very appealing watch and a practical one for many people, especially when you consider some of the features it offers.

    1) Pilots who fly small private planes, ultralights or helicopters often spend a lot of time in rougher than usual areas, be that less than luxurious cockpits or airports and runway strips in remote locations. It’s easy to bang up a watch. And whilst a G Shock makes a lot of sense here, many tend to be a bit too large or perhaps won’t be suitable when you have to go to an executive meeting. The Breitling may not win friends here, but the watch is still a Breitling and a very tough one at that. It has credibility and performance in such conditions, as well as the Breitling name during the odd exec meeting.
    2) Younger people who work in financial services in roles such as trading or IT often need the time down to the second even when away from screens. This watch offers that. Sue, you can get radio controlled and GPS correction, but not with a major Swiss brand.
    3) I know the Grand Seiko Quartz with the 9F62 movement is light years ahead of this in terms of fit and finish, but it’s a great office watch, not something most would want to risk in less forgiving environments…
    4) Military and police types will love this non-metal case: non-magnetic, good heat insulation, great shock absorption and able to be used in tough environments.
    5) Metal dents and scratches, ceramic can crack. This watch won’t do either even in quite heavy use (this is a bit of guesswork because the material has no real long term track record yet, but early signs are encouraging).
    6) The price is low which makes it accessible to many (comparatively!). Whilst many see it as a cheap cop out that demeans the brand, I see a relatively low cost watch of incredible intrinsic accuracy from a prestigious, well-known Swiss brand with a strong tie up to aviation, one that will keep great time for around 8 years before needing a battery change, which is made from a high tech material with very desirable mechanical properties that no other material can match, that some people think looks cheap but does look distinctive…and will look exactly like this for years to come. The material is tough and hard at the same time, whilst also being very light.

    I think many people here have been a bit spoilt by the concept of the Rolex as a tool watch: the GMT2 Master or Explorer 2 are tool watches indeed in that they are tough and accurate (for automatics), but the immaculate case + bracelet fit and finish, the timeless design and the marketing hype have really raised expectations as to what we can expect from when a luxury brand makes a tool watch. I think this Sky Racer has given people a real tool watch that does so many things so well: it may not tick enough of the key boxes for some, but I see an incredibly accurate tool watch with a high tech lightweight case that can take real punishment without damage that will do the job for 8 years without worry. And it’s a Breitling.

    It’s a winner in the real world.

    • G Street

      “It’s a winner in the real world.”
      Unlike all the commentators on this site!
      Boom boom! 🙂

    • commentator bob

      Also do not leave out brand abassador John Travolta, who needs quartz accuracy to know exactly when to pray to Xenu.

  • Alessandro Montanari

    I like the idea of a affordable Breitling, nice. But I’m not sure if I think that 2000 usd is affordable. And I can’t understand the ruler. I think that a textil strap will fit this one better.

  • the

    Nice, but I am waiting for a Breitling in a reasonable size!

  • Carbon fiber composites are not particularly attractive when used for watch cases. Tough material, for sure, but better used for other applications.

    • And that is true regardless of price – even for AP and RM your observations applies.

  • JF Schnell

    $2,000 is “extremely reasonably priced”… well some people hardly have funds to pay their smartphones up front and one should consider this a good price…. well it is compared to the rest of the class but still not a reasonably priced.

  • mtnsicl

    If I need a plastic, accurate tough tool watch, I’ll wear my G-shock GW-3000. It’s accuracy is within a second per year and it never needs a battery change. All at less than a tenth of the price! Where’s the box up there for, “this watch is not for me”?

  • Andrew Hughes

    Cool video… up to the ending where the female voiceover says the company tagline. Is it just me, or does she sound incredibly bored? Someone give her some coffee and another take…

  • FeelThePain

    so basically this is a plastic watch with a quartz movement.

    no, $2000 does not sound very reasonable…
    with luxury watches pricing we have been a little over the hills.

    when I needed reasonably-priced toolwatches, built to last, I bought Citizen Aqualand JP2000 and Seiko SKX007 for 290EUR in total(both new). that is reasonable.

    • The Breitling Colt Skyracer is “just” 45mm wide (and 13.5mm thick), but it is also almost six times lighter than steel given the black carbon composite case material.

  • superpleb

    This is the ‘gucci’ version of Casio’s MRW200H-1BV Black Resin Dive Watch which costs $16 and has 3,500 complimentary reviews on Amazon. The casio is a cult classic so I doubt the sky racer will sell – they look identical. I like the Breitling avenger blackbird 44 but it costs $4,000 – I simply cannot justify the cost + would miss having my little casio on my wrist everyday. Sorry Breitling.

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  • Angry white dude

    I picked one up yesterday and I love it. I sold my Seadweller 4K and Submariner cause those watches make you look like a dick these days, I can’t take people seriously anymore wearing one of those. 90% of Rolex’ you see are fake as hell, $400 Noob Company watches and its impossible to see the difference. Save up for a decent watch like Blancpain or something stealthy like this Skyracer. Don’t be a sheep.

  • it looks good, not for everyone though. Kinda large for me

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