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Bremont C17 Globemaster Watch

Bremont C17 Globemaster Watch Watch Releases

Here is a nice new piece from Bremont that you can’t get. Bremont will produce these C17 Globemaster watches for a select group of “pre-selected” military personnel to get one – basically for one squadron as I understand it. The pieces will be highly limited as well. Each Bremont C17 Globemaster will be limited to just 50 pieces, and it comes in a few versions if I understand correctly.

Bremont C17 Globemaster Watch Watch Releases

The watch is meant to honor the high-tech C17 cargo plane. I don’t think there was ever a cooler looking cargo plane than the C17 Globemaster III. This is probably one of the most modern planes that a watch has been based on. Usually it is a historic plane that gets the “timepiece treatment.” Bremont, a primarily aviator watch brand, is said to have worked closely with C17 pilots in developing the watch.

Bremont C17 Globemaster Watch Watch Releases

Not sure about the size but I would guess in the 43mm wide range. The Trip-Tick style case is in hardened steel with a domed sapphire crystal and exhibition back. The dial is a new direction for Bremont and comes in various color tones. The face has a sort of globe pattern to it with a new style of large lume covered hands and applied hour markers. Under the Bremont logo is a little image of the C17 plane.

Bremont C17 Globemaster Watch Watch Releases

Bremont C17 Globemaster Watch Watch Releases

Inside the watch is a modified BE-54AE movement. This is a base ETA Valjoux 7750 with a GMT module on it that has been highly decorated and given a custom rotor. The automatic rotor is meant to look like a view into one of the C17’s large jet engines. The movement is also COSC Chronometer certified and visible through the display back.

Bremont C17 Globemaster Watch Watch Releases

Bremont C17 Globemaster Watch Watch Releases

The case features Bremont’s Roto-Click internal rotating bezel. Here the internal bezel has the names of various military based on it. I believe it is used as a sort of world timer, but using military bases as the reference cities in all 24 time zones. There is also a nice dedicated 24 hour scale for the GMT hand.


The Bremont C17 Globemaster isn’t available to the general public, but I have a feeling a version design elements of it might show up in future models. On Bremont’s website the watch is listed, but only the special people the piece was made for can get it. These are certain to be collectors items in the future if you can ever get one.

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  • Dean Grant Baker

    hmm; seeing the USD is about 0.70 cents who in the US military can afford it?
    Even at 1 330 USD it’s a bargain tho.

    • Dean Grant Baker

      heck; the more I think about it; that’s downright theft.

  • Zach Sylvain

    Love the watch, and the C17. They’re a pleasure to fly in as well–much more legroom than a regular jet!

  • If you read carefully, you can notice that the £ 750 mark is only a Deposit.

    It says:

    “This facility enables you to place your deposit securely for your watch. Please enter details for £750.00 deposit to be taken”.

    I’m not sure that it’s the retail price….then, maybe I’m wrong…..

    • Dean Grant Baker

      It would make a lot more sense, that’s for sure, at that price I’d buy four.

    • Dean Grant Baker

      So it’s WAY out of the price range of an enlisted man.
      I tested an order; and it still didn’t say the full price.
      Dishonest IMHO.

    • ShonnaLovettMackelprang

      $750 is the DEPOSIT only.  Retail is $2550.  

  • kris.c

    Very nice – the grey-flaced model with yellow accents on bracelet is my favourite.

    I’d love to see an actualy photo over the renderings as well.

  • Ulysses

    I was just browsing their site and was quite surprised by the prices – not of their watches, but of the accessories. $750 for a stainless-steel watch strap? Really?


    Limited Editions, numbered, serial, etc., are simply gimmicks to inflate prices, & discriminate against everyone who cannot afford, nor are able to obtain watches
    due to lockouts (military personnel only, etc.), geographic, & other unsavory ruses.

  • These look very nice, but at these prices I’d rather buy my C-17 flying hubby an iPad for our anniversary!