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Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer Watch In Collaboration With Jaguar Cars

Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer Watch In Collaboration With Jaguar Cars Watch Releases

Is the car industry borrowing a page from the high-end watch industry playbook? For 2014, Jaguar will be literally reproducing six “copies” of its iconic Lightweight E-Type race cars built in the mid 1960s. In essence, the plan is sort of romantic if it were not so darn expensive, and along for the ride is English watch maker Bremont with some limited edition watches. The first of the new Jaguar Lightweight E-Type cars will be debuted at the Pebble Beach 2014 Concours d Elegance auto show event. Each of the six cars is claimed to be priced at around $1,680,000.

Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer Watch In Collaboration With Jaguar Cars Watch Releases

Between 1963 and 1964 Jaguar was supposed to build 18 of the “Lightweight” E-Type cars but it only ended up building 12 of them. In order to be lighter than the standard E-Types these special E-Type models were produced from aluminum and had a range of other minor techniques designed to save weight. All of this was for on-track racing performance. For 2014 Jaguar will complete the original 18 E-Types with six more cars that follow the original chassis numbers and be built to the “exact specifications” of the originals – albeit it with a series of bespoke customization options for the customers.

In celebration of this interesting production, fellow English company, Bremont, will produce some watches that mimic the distinctive dashboard instrument design of the E-Type cars. The limited edition of six Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer watches will be produced exclusively for each car, and have matching VINs for each of the vehicles. However, the watches will not come with the new Lightweight E-Type cars, although the owners of each will have the right to purchase the matching watches before anyone else does.

Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer Watch In Collaboration With Jaguar Cars Watch Releases

Watch lovers will recognize the movement inside of the Bremont Lightweight E-Type watch as the same that they used in their recent Wright Flyer watch – the new partially in-house made caliber BWC/01 that has some British made parts along with a La Joux-Perret base. The beautiful movement has a new custom rotor meant to look like the steeling wheel of the Jaguar Lightweight E-Type car and is said to actually contain some of the original aluminum metal used in 1963 on the production of the original cars.

The Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer watch comes in a 43mm wide case in 18k white gold and is very attractive with the dashboard style dial with the colored “redline” which is part of the tachometer gauge the design was based on. The Bremont logo shares space with a historic Jaguar logo. This is not the first time Bremont has worked with the car maker, as they have done some projects together in the past for concept cars.


Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer Watch In Collaboration With Jaguar Cars Watch Releases

Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer Watch In Collaboration With Jaguar Cars Watch Releases

This is an interesting watch and I think with some more pieces like this, Bremont could gain footing in the automotive community as well as the aviation community where they currently have much of their focus. At the same time, Bremont is keen to connect with other British icon brands and Jaguar is perfect for that. We anticipate the price of each of the Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer watches to be in the vicinity of $40,000.


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  • MisterDeal

    Simply a beautiful watch: great movement, highly legible face, witty but not overpowering postmodern design details that reference the auto inspiration. Great!

  • bnabod

    in the land of the insane I present the 40K Jaguamont.
    I do like the shaguar rotor but the crown has got to go, the tire track is overkill
    I get it resembles the dashboard so ok from that part but 40K come on let’s be realistic.

  • trkalyan

    Watch has some serious looks but the price is a joke.

  • Deadstocken

    File under HUMOUR

  • I must say that the lugs have some interesting facts. The rotor provided a terrific view of the movement, whose thinness I guess is only possible with a dense metal like the same white gold in the case, yes?

  • marbstiu

    still tasteless even @ 40 grand

  • I like a number of elements of it. A few (like the tire track crown) not so much. The price seems to be a bit much. But if you are buying a million pound car, the watch price is a rather minor issue. For anyone else, the value proposition may not seem quite so good. I like the rotor and where have we seen that movement before? Oh yeah, and it still looks nice in this watch too.

  • MarkCarson But hey, it’s a Bremont special edition and YOU, the consumer, gets to try to buy it after right of first refusal by the guy shelling out over a mil for the Jag.
    And why didn’t they make the watch in aluminium like the car?

  • Ilow

    Having never bought a solid 18K white gold watch, I wonder what certificates you should expect to receive with the watch proving the material, thickness and weight? Same question for all precious metal cases really..?

    For this nice design and LJP movement I would consider parting with a few G’s price tag in steel. But only offering in a precious metal, the value of which can be inflated immeasurably into the RRP leaves a funny taste in my mouth…

  • DG Cayse

    I like it. I like E-type Jags also.
    I’d get one in steel @ US$1,800 or less.

  • henryus

    It is a very nice looking movement and a minimal rotor to boot. Too bad Bremont botched its first impressions by being egregious with claims of manufacture.

  • DG Cayse You wish $1800 USD (me too actually – I like the movement and rotor).

  • Trapps

    “Bremont Lightweight….” I stopped reading after the first two words. Very true but not exactly news.

  • Trapps

    Is it not just ridiculous how the indices go from 8 to 4? Instead of drawing inspiration from the dash instruments they’ve just aped them in the most juvenile and asinine way. The only thing Bremont truly manufacture is their own image.

  • Trapps Well, that’s that way I’d do it too. How would you do it (and still have it look like a tachometer)?

  • MikeinFrankfurt

    It’s a great article and nice that we get to read about a watch that will only be made as a series of 6.  That being said, I think all of our criticisms are a bit moot…if I were spending $1.68M on the car, I’d definitely buy this watch.  These pieces will never see the light of day and I’d bet they’ll be paired with the cars as a set should they go to auction at some point.

  • I want to laugh at the price, but they are making 6 of them, so it might as well be as expensive as possible. 

    Am I talking about the car, or the watch? Yes.

  • mgennone

    Are the prices getting insane for Bremont? As an ex-owner of an MB2…yes definitely but it is marketing 101. It is called anchoring. People will anchor their minds on a $40K price and not think so hard about dropping $4-6K on some of their entry level models. Watches, as similar to most investments, are about perceived and supply demand value anyway.

  • terylim

    This is one of those watches that has just registered on my ‘gotta have it meter’ but alas, it is super limited! I wonder how much it would cost if it weren’t limited, and made of just stainless steel! 
    My only request is if they could make the Bremont name smaller on the dial, and if there is some way to include one more subtle touch, such as:
    – the ribbing of the car seats
    – the alloy design of the wheels, esp those ‘spinners around the hub caps!
    – the tail lamp design
    – the front bumper design.
    It is still a rather nice clean look though. But just wondering if they could take it up by one notch. Still, nicely restraint! 


  • Ayreonaut

    MarkCarson Retrograde 60 minute hand.  But that would require significant in-house work on the movement.  Bremont is apparently not that capable.

  • Feller87

    Trapps you said it all 🙂 just another gimmick watch from bremont

  • Astronuts

    MarkCarson That crown is a wart.

  • MarkCarson Trapps I’d keep the scale and either have hollow numerals or no numerals.  Besides, I think that it’d be more appropriate for a watch that’s paired with a racing car replica to be a chronograph.

  • Ayreonaut MarkCarson They could hire Dubois-Depraz. And then call it “in-house”.

  • Ilow You get nothing when buying an 18k watch other than satisfaction and a warranty paper. 
    Interesting question, actually as one would expect all sorts of documentation to go with the watch when dropping serious scratch for a gold watch (and maybe some diamonds as well).
    Some brands give diamond certification on carat weight, etc. and extras but others like Rolex will give nothing other than the satisfaction that you bought a Rolex.

  • trj66

    Bremont has so much work to do in the damage-control department…and offering a feeble rip-off of JLC Amvox is not the wisest way to do it.

  • trj66 To be fair, Bremont no doubt was working on this watch long before their recent “Designed and Developed in the UK” mess. 
    Outside of having a black with white printing and a 270 arc (missing 5, 6, 7) I don’t think its so much a copy of a JLC AMVOX as it is a rendition of the tach on the Jag.

  • Trapps

    Why does it necessarily have to look like a dash tachometer? Why can’t it just be a stylishly designed watch that complements the car, has useful complications, and has subtle design cues like the chapter ring and fonts. And if it really must look like a dash instrument why not play on the red-line quadrant with a power reserve, retrograde minutes like somebody else mentioned, or use counter windows in a clever way to display the time and date. Also someone else mentioned a chrono. For $40k they should probably try a bit harder.

  • SuperStrapper Wouldn’t be surprised if more popped up out of the woodwork one day, a la Panerai and their “OOR” special editions…

  • SarthakSharma

    This is so overpriced, it’s ridiculous. I can get a Patek 5027R at an AD and still have enough money for an everyday-wear Tudor Pelagos.

  • Jimxxx

    Made in UK… Really?!

  • Jimxxx Refer to this post for the answer to that as it applies to this watch which has the same movement (more of less):

  • korbindallis

    This is no AP or VC or PP why would i pay $40K for this

  • Timeless Watch

    Maybe they throw a E Type in for this price….

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