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Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

British watch maker Bremont‘s London-based “Basel-On-Thames” event has officially started, and they have announced a broad swath of new models and line extensions. The press wave of the event kicks off this coming Wednesday and we will be on site in London to bring you hands-on impressions soon enough. To tide you over until we can get to London, we have summarized the whole of Bremont’s 2017 offerings. From new divers and pilots’ watches to the return of the Norton, there is plenty to see.

As Bremont is not attending the Baselworld trade show in Switzerland this year, their “Basel-On-Thames” event is meant to replace their presence at the annual watch fair. As such, we have quite a handful of watches to cover, so let’s start with what is new.

Bremont Supermarine S300/S301

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

Named after Supermarine’s first Spitfire prototype, the “Type 300,” Bremont’s S300 translates the overall style of their long-standing Supermarine S500 and S2000 into a 40mm case that is 13mm thick and offers 300 meters water resistance. Launched in two versions with a total of three iterations, the S300 comes in blue or black with a mixed Arabic numeral dial (12, 6, 9), while the S301 has a more vintage-inspired look with traditional Submariner-style markers and a vintage effect lume applications.

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

All three iterations use Bremont’s expression of the ETA 2892, the BE-92AE, which is COSC certified, offers a 38-hour power reserve, and a date at 3 o’clock. All three models have painted markers, solid steel case backs and can be had on your choice of a 20mm leather, a nylon NATO strap, or a steel bracelet. With red accenting all around, the black dial versions of both the S300 and the S301 use a gilt coloring for the chapter ring and dial text, while the blue S300 opts for a more modern use of white text.

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

This is Bremont’s first brand-new diver in quite a few years, and the push down to 40mm marks not only a new phase for the Bremont Supermarine, but also for Bremont as a whole, as the vast core of their lineup has long been based on watches that are 43mm wide. The S300 and S301 are priced from $4,295 USD on a strap and $4,895 on a bracelet. Stay tuned for more on these new divers once we’ve gone hands-on later this week.


Bremont AIRCO

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

Next, we find the AIRCO, a brand-new line for Bremont. With two models, both sized at 40mm, the new AIRCO is essentially Bremont’s classically-minded spin on the SOLO. The aesthetic is inspired by WWII-era pilot watches and the new line has been released in step with the RAF’s centenary in 2017.

The AIRCO comes in two flavors, the Mach 1 and Mach 2. The AIRCO Mach 1/BK is the sportier of the pair, with a satin finished case, a date at 3, red accents, and a military dial layout complete with luminous markers. Alternatively, the AIRCO Mach 2 uses a polished version of Bremont’s hardened steel Trip-Tick case and an elegant matte metal dial with polished nickel hands and markers, and a date window at 6 o’clock.

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

Both models are 12.5mm thick, with double-domed, anti-reflective, and scratch resistant sapphire crystals. Complete with screw-down crowns, sapphire display case backs, and 100 meters of water resistance, both versions use the same BE-92AE (ETA 2892) automatic movement that is used in the S300/S301 diver.

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

With classic good looks and two nicely varied models to choose from, the vintage-inspired AIRCO range is priced from $4,095 USD (on a 20mm NATO or leather strap), or $4,695 on a steel bracelet.

Bremont ALT1-P

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

One of Bremont’s launch pieces from 2007 was the ALT1-P pilot’s chronograph, and some 10 years later it has now received a facelift. New for the redesigned Bremont ALT1-P are a new handset and refined case design, as well as a cream-colored dial joining the existing blue and black dials. The new Super-Luminova-coated sword hands for the hour and minutes are larger and more legible than the thinner straight hands on the outgoing version. The case remains 43mm wide, but the crown at 8 o’clock is now gone, taking with it the integrated internal rotating bezel. The new models are slightly thicker, gaining half a millimeter, for a total thickness of 16mm.

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

The new Bremont ALT1-P’s also sport enlarged sapphire crystals for their exhibition case backs, allowing a larger view of the same BE-53AE automatic movement. The chronograph sub-dials measure 30 minutes and 12 hours, and the Bremont ALT1-P case retains its 100-meter water resistance.

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

The Bremont ALT1-P comes in a matt black dial, a sunburst blue dial, and the new cream-colored dial. Available on a calfskin strap or a steel bracelet, the price remains unchanged at $5,395 USD on the strap and $5,995 on the steel bracelet.

Bremont Norton VR44 

Bremont Watch Lineup For 2017 Announced Watch Releases

The latest partnership between Bremont and fellow British brand Norton Motorcycles is inspired by Norton’s 2017 Isle of Man T.T. campaign for the annual wild motorcycle race that takes place on the famed island. Bremont previously partnered with Norton in 2009 with their Bremont Norton 1 Limited Edition watch, and for 2017 we see the release of the Bremont Norton V4RR and the limited edition Bremont V4SS, which is a special model available to buyers of the Norton V4SS motorcycle. Both the V4RR and the V4SS are 200-piece limited editions.



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  • Word Merchant

    None of these watches are at all imspiring. If I wanted something at this price, I’d look to Oris and Christopher Ward and Schofield, to name but three, way before I’d even consider Bremont. Come to think of it, I could buy a Rolex for Bremont money.

    I keep hoping that the days of brands stuffing standard ETA and Valjoux movements into oversized cases with a new caliber number (presumably in an attempt to make the movement seem more in-housey) are coming to a close. But no. Smoke and mirrors still visible.

  • Joe

    All i can say is really boring and rather overprice, i liked some of their older watches (Terra Nova GMT) but i still wouldn’t pay their asking price!

  • ??????

    These look like okay 2-3k $ watches. At 5-7k average price for ETA based (and kinda derivative) watches, I better look elsewhere.

  • Richard Gadsby

    Overpriced. You could buy around 6 Christopher Ward’s or one Rolex for that money. What am I missing?

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Super boring™

  • If Bremont was priced more like Sinn they’d be a serious force in the industry. Unfortunately they’ve plonked themselves into a very competitive segment, one where people are generally happy to put in a little more to get out an Omega or Rolex (on the best bracelets in the game).

  • Regarding the pricing, their prices seem to hold up pretty well in the grey/used market. So they must be doing something right.

  • HectorAsuipe


  • I like the Supermarine. It’s what you’d pick up if you’re a big Protos fan, but instead have Tudor Black Bay money, and hate in house movements.

    • Word Merchant

      Yes – if you found Janet Trading too edgy and ‘out there’ design-wise, a Bremont would suit fine.

    • BILL

      I wanna step up from Sisu. Should I go for a Bremont?

  • SuperStrapper

    Why was all of this crammed into a single article? Awkward.

    • Kuroji

      To spare us from getting one a week for the rest of the season? Please let that be the answer.

      • SuperStrapper

        Being bremont n you’re right. This is a blessing. But if this were a brand I liked or watches that were interesting, I’d prefer to mete it out a bit.

        • Kuroji

          Oh for sure.

  • Ricky

    The only people who buy them are probably middle-aged British home counties types who are happy to buy into a new brand because of its “Britishness” (without enquiring as to whether it is in fact made in the UK, which of course it isn’t. I mean, why have they got “London” on the dial when the company doesn’t even base itself there?).

    It’s the perfect accessory to go with their tedious lives, tedious wives, idiotic children, middling soft careers and soft middles.

    • WINKS

      Don’t forget: they all voted for Brexit!

      • IanE

        Well at least they got something right then!

        • TrevorXM

          Voting out unelected foreign bureaucrats who have the power to make laws in your country is always the right thing to do. It is astounding that anybody ever agreed to take away their own democratic power in the first place — they had voted away much of their control over their own country’s industries and trade and say in how their tax dollars were spent! Insane that a free people would do that.

    • Marius
      • Word Merchant

        “Nick and Giles English express honest delight in how well their new range has been received.”

        • Marius

          Comment of the year!

  • Yan Fin

    Bleak and boring


    After readings about the Ralf tech and thinking the price was out of control j switched to Bremont where the decent looking supermarine starts at 4.2 and the Norton w a georgous 7750 at 7K.
    Whoa not sure what people are smoking these days and while the two watches are attractive maybe not going to Basel would have save them some dough so the prices could come back down to planet earth

  • Marius

    For me, these watches have three big problems.

    1. Their design is unisnspired, tired, and boring. Although I’m not a Bremont fan, I have to say that their earlier watches had a certain originality. These new models, however, are just terminal. The three-handers look no better than a Janet Trading/Steinhart, whilst the chronographs are rather cluttered and gaudy-coloured.

    2. The prices are from a parallel universe. Asking almost $5,000 for an ETA-powered three-hander is rather surprising considering that Bremont is not exactly a highly-regarded brand. Can someone explain me who would buy a Supermarine/AIRCO when for the same price (or less) you could easily buy a Tudor BlackBay, a Pelagos, an IWC Pilot’s Mark XVIII, Omega Seamaster 300, and so on.

    3. I find it extremely surprising that after the movement scandal Bremont was recently involved in, they continue to deceive the buyers by using ETA calibers but giving them Bremont designations. Names such as BE-92AE, or BE-53AE are quite deceiving. Sure, the hardcore watch enthusiast might know that they are actually ETA calibers, but the average buyer can be very easily fooled into thinking that these designations relate to in-house movements.

    • cluedog12

      Spot on with the first point. This year’s designs are uninspired. Perhaps the Norton and the unaffordable chronometer are exceptions, but I’m starting to scratch my head. What do people see in Bremont nowadays?

    • So while #1 and #2 could be considered somewhat subjective, I don’t think #3 is ‘deceiving’ per se, as many brands (Oris, Ball, IWC, Tag Heuer, etc etc.) re-name calibers as they see fit. I don’t personally get too bent about it unless they specifically have the gumption to call it “in-house” 😉

      • Marius

        What do you mean “it’s not deceiving per se?” Of course it’s deceiving. Renaming an ETA caliber as BE-92AE, or BE-53AE is utterly deceiving because the average buyer has absolutely no way of knowing that these are actually ETA movements.

        An honest brand (such as Tudor, Ochs&Junior, Habring2, etc) would simply and clearly state:
        Movement used — ETA 2892
        Movement used — Valjoux 7750

      • TrevorXM

        CORRECTION: Oris clearly states the origin of its movements that are not in-house. They always say: “based on”. They are honest manufacturers. Don’t lump them in with others who do not.

      • gw01
  • Carl G

    What is the point of a 300m dive watch with a fashion bezel? Fail.

  • Word Merchant

    Bremont vs
    Why would anyone ever buy Bremont?

  • TrevorXM

    Bremont’s natural competition would be Ball. Bremont has a faked “heritage” while Ball has bought “heritage”. Both watches offer chronometer certified ETA’s, shock protection, anti-magnetic case designs, both watches offer a variety of “special features” that are give and take as to which is more valuable to a buyer. However a Ball Engineer 2 is right in the mid $2k range while the comparable Supermarine is in the mid $4k range. It’s a shame that no watch blogs have the guts to do a comparison between Bremont and its competitors.

  • Shawn Lavigne

    i don’t get it. the comments are pretty well a big thumbs down. and yet the ‘what do you think’ section is all thumbs up. these are well made but uninspired eta watches. for the money one can do a lot better. two big toes down!

    • There are plenty of people that like Bremont, but plenty of people who don’t and feel compelled to celebrate it.

  • Marius

    To all those vicious, nasty and vile commentators criticizing Bremont for having a fake “heritage”, here’s a picture which undeniably proves that Bremont tool watches were used by intrepid and fearless aviators as far back as 1923. How do you like them apples?!

    • TrevorXM

      I stand corrected and take back my nasty comment. And from now on I’ll believe everything the NY Times, Washington Post, and CNN report on Trump.

    • Yojimbo

      It’s fitting that they’re using an image of a foreign country to commemorate their FOREIGN heritage, no doubt marking all of the Chinese parts in them :p

      I’m not familiar with tail codes enough to say for sure, but rom what you see there that’s definitely not a British plane in the advert it’s either Italian or whomever has the S prefix.

      • BNABOD

        actually this is a Supermarine S6b aircraft and it is British w RollsRoyce engine….just saying

        • Yojimbo

          ALL british tail fin registration starts with G so that’s an image of a foreign country or are we to believe a relatively short range plane was flown from Italy to England, the S is apparently for Panama so we know that didn’t happen. My piece of shit 30 year old boat has a rolls royce engine, it was built in fucking Quebec so does that engine make it a british boat to you?

          • BNABOD

            what are you talking about. this is the Schneider cup in 1931. the plane was designed by Reginald G Mitchell but you knew that too that designed the Spitfire. Look I am no fan of Bremont but you are seriously reaching with your clueless comment on the racing seaplane. and Yes S1595 won the cup. the 2350Hp engine is also what is in your boat.

    • Lincolnshire Poacher

      “Biggles” Marius, shoots straight and talks straighter. Watch out you devilish foes! Chocks away…

  • DG

    As someone who usually defends the brand (although not the prices), these are a big swing and a miss. I really hope they’re using a matte ceramic bezel and not aluminum for the baby supermarine. How about using an engraved bezel with their specially hardened steel?! The airco loses me with red AND orange accents and all of the date windows at 3 bug me in general. Put it at 6 or don’t have one at all.

  • Clearly I’m in the minority, but I really like the new S300 options. They’re understated and classic, and they don’t detract from the positioning of the S500 as the brand’s premium, future-classic option. All subjective opinions for sure, but if I could be objective about one thing about this release, is that the Supermarine’s case construction is a thing to behold, and it’s great to see they’ve preserved that. Shame that the dial doesn’t have any applied elements, but that probably explains part of the reduction in price.

    • gw01

      I LOVE the design as well! It’s just arguably a bit low to take entire design cues from another brand’s model.

    • ??????

      But 5k? It looks okay, but simply not sophisticated enough for a price they command, and even based on ETA. When I compare it to Bucherer Patravi (which costs the same), Supermarine looks unrefined IMO.

  • gw01

    I love the design of the new divers!!! I however dislike that they’re a fake vintage, straight up knock-off of vintage a Submariner, and that they’re way too over priced (ETA-movement).

    • WatchDanv

      More like a vintage Blancpain fifty fathoms/ aqua lung than a submariner..

      • gw01

        Nah… that red text line is a Sub reference

  • Pete L

    Not sure. If I want to pay that much for a diver, there are too many other options at that price range. I would keep saving and buy a seamaster or submariner but for those who want something a little different why not!

  • funkright

    I concur emphatically with the comment “These look like okay 2-3k $ watches. At 5-7k average price for ETA based (and kinda derivative) watches, I better look elsewhere…” There’s nothing compelling here. Overpriced.

  • Matthew Butler

    Really like the markers on the S301 over the S300. It gives it a more vintage look witch i prefer.

  • Framlucasse

    4 to 5K$ for an ETA… What a joke.

  • IG

    Bremont always make me smile, knowing the origin of the name (a French peasant) of this plucky “Brit” brand.

  • Garrett Hu

    I am a Bremont fan among many other brands, I own a MBII Orange and I love it. However I am not one that will defend all thing Bremont, not everything they make appeals to me. Yes they are overpriced compared to my personal finances or my personal emotions but there is nothing else comparable. But if you insist on “what else I could buy?” then of course you can buy a Tudor, Omega, IWC and many other instead of a Bremont.

    But you won’t have a Bremont, will you? What did you get? A “comparable” IWC? a better than Bremont Omega?

    If you ask me, I already have multple Omegas, an IWC, Rolexes, G.O.s and few other brands so another “Superior” Omega? another IWC….Boring. That is why I choose something different.

    I actually kind of like the AIRCO II…

    • DebugOutput

      + 1 well said. I have several other premium watches and still love to put on my S500 🙂

  • spiceballs

    AIRCO M2 is OK but, as noted, rather pricey especially when date wheels don’t even match. Only place it seems to work is on their Norton VR44?

  • Beefalope

    A lot of Bremont’s designs are quite nice, but these watches are only worth buying used because their prices new are just silly.

  • Larry Holmack

    I’ll keep waiting for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s watch line to finally hit the shelves!!! The only one I find somewhat interesting is the Bremont AC-R-II, since I have a thing for Yachting Timers.

  • Lawrence

    Nice, You Guys ruined the SuperMarine.

    • Garrett Hu

      Supermarine 500 and 2000 are still available as regular offerings.

    • DebugOutput

      Absolutely agree with you, I came to the comments thread to say exactly the same and they’ve removed everything good about it. Lollipop hour hand – gone, sapphire bezel – gone, beautiful crown guard – gone, dial texture – gone, day/date window – gone, inside chapter ring – gone. It now looks like every other diver, especially Tudor. I’m attaching a photo of my lovely S500 on a bespoke wild deerskin strap (big call out to Toshi Straps in the UK, Richard makes beautiful handmade straps) to remind everyone what it should look like, note that the photo was taken to show the strap not the watch, but it will have to do for now :). The S500/S2000 were actually the only watches I really like from the Bremont range, now I like precisely none of them.

  • Ross Diljohn

    Everybody loves separating rubes from their money. Where is the value in these offerings? Bremont is just another hash slinger with a gimmick.

  • Ulysses31

    The VR44 has character – I was shocked to see a Bremont with a distinctive look. The rest look so cheap and generic that the price they ask is laughable. Flat, uninteresting dials with no depth. The curvy lugs put me off too. Such an audacious company; every time I see their logo in a store (which is rarely, I don’t think they’re popular in most stores i’ve seen) I walk on by.

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