Bringing The eBay Experience Closer: New Custom Dynamic Live Listing At


ebay meetingIt isn't news that I love eBay. But it is more than just a personal obsession that brings eBay to For a long time I had a dream. How could I share with everyone the watches I love and recommend watches in one easy automated place? Well, I finally figured it out. Check out the newest and most interesting page on Th eBay auction page. What I was able to do, is list live eBay auctions based on a whole list of search terms that I create. I will be adding to the list all the time, and one can visit the page to see tons of great interesting watches available on eBay.

If you want to search for something else you can do that to. There are search bars in various places on that will allow you to search for eBay items right away. This happens to me all the time. I will be somewhere and learn of something that I must search eBay for, but I don't want to lose were I am. So at least for, that option is available to you.

This is an amazing tool, and I hope that more enthusiasts take advantage of it. It is important that I receive as much feed back as possible because I want to add to the search terms, and make the process as easy and fun as it can be.

Check it the live eBay listings!

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