B.R.M. 3MVT-52 Three Dial Watch Available On James List

B.R.M. 3MVT-52 Three Dial Watch Available On James List

B.R.M. 3MVT-52 watch

Three dials and three movements, this B.R.M. (BRM) 3MVT-52 (also known at the 3MVT-52N watch was origianlly released in 2006 and was to a degree a watch that was ahead of its time. Why? Because it was damn big at 52mm wide and in titanium. Each movement is an automatic ETA 2671 mechanical movement that has its own dedicated crown. Now you can understand the scheme behind the model name of the watch "3MVT-52" - three movements, 52mm wide. BRM watches all have a auto racing theme. Nothing says auto racing more than a checkerboard pattern, which is what the sides of the watch are decorated with over the titanium case. The frames around the case have drilled holes and screws and serve a nice cosmetic function to make the face of the watch and the three dials really pop out. I have a feeling most people walking by would give this watch a second take look.

Like many BRM watches, the lugs are not only drilled but articulate for a better fit on your wrist. The dials of the watch are each a separate tone with emphasis on classic racing car gauges where metal was the material of choice. You can choose what the primary time is, while the other two dials serve as alternative timezones. Would make a good travel watch. BRM watches use a lot of high quality milled steel. You can tell that all the parts of obviously custom made by this unique French watch maker. brm-3mvt-52-watch-side

Even though the case is 52mm wide, it should be relatively light given the titanium case material. The leather strap is thickly made and uses a very good style of double contrast stitching in both red and yellow to match the tones of the dials. PVD is applied to the case to give it the black colors. The process must be very touch to result in the checkerboard look on the side as well as the BRM logo on the face of the watch. Price for this timepiece on James List right now is about $10,500.

See this B.R.M 3MVT-52 watch for sale on James List here.

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    Timepiece is looking attractive with its three in one dial! Nice fashionable watch!

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    Should have mentioned the buckle. It’s a work of art!