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Brüggler Customizable Chronograph Watches

Brüggler Customizable Chronograph Watches Watch Releases Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser.

BRÜGGLER is a brand committed to offering customized bespoke Swiss chronographs that are one of a kind (258 nonillion available combinations to be more accurate). Using our online watch creator, we wanted to allow people to put their own stamp on their pieces. Currently, we have 8 watch lines that give a general aesthetic base for you to choose from, and then you can narrow down each customizable detail. You may be thinking that production will take a very long time. But, most of our designs can be delivered within 6 weeks.

Brüggler Customizable Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

Offering almost infinite customization possibilities in terms of color and material didn’t make the already difficult challenge any easier. With an absurd amount of customization possibilities that few can imagine, namely 258’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000 ‘000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000 options (yes, really), we have defined the standard of individual choice for bespoke luxury chronographs. With all of these different combinations to choose from, no two BRÜGGLER chronographs will ever be the same.

Brüggler Customizable Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

The delivery time for designs in 316L steel and DLC is currently about 6 weeks – for the precious metal and titanium cases it is about 6-7 months. The watch cases are 40mm wide and offered in 316L steel, DLC, rose gold 4N, gold, titanium, and platinum. The automatic version has the perfect ‘body’ dimension. The perfect height could be achieved by using the ultra thin Dubois Dépraz module 2222 in combination with the ETA 2892-A2 ‘Top’ movement which we refer to as the caliber HB 28-929. This movement operates at 28,800 bph and has a power reserve of 42 hours. It is beautifully engraved and fine-tuned to -0 to +6 seconds of deviation per day. We also recognized that some people prefer a quartz movement (we are a customizable watch company, after all), so there is also the option for a chronograph that uses a Ronda 5040.D quartz movement. The quartz models are the same otherwise as the automatic movement models, though it is a little slimmer at 11.2mm thick.

Brüggler Customizable Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

For the dials and hands, you can choose between many different materials such as nickel, rhodium, N4 red gold, blued heated steel, and 26 different colors. You can even choose the luminescent color (SLM) or set 11 different precious stones on the bezel. Because of these options, no dial can be pre-produced but will be made for each customer individually. Diamond bezels consist of 51 diamonds with a diameter of ø 2mm, 1.61ct in total. The quality of the diamonds is VVS/Top Wesselton and the color is F/G. About 60 different bracelets in natural rubber, different metals, textile, and genuine leathers round off the choices. They are all produced to your individual wrist size and come with a useful finely adjustable folding clasp.

Brüggler Customizable Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

‘Swiss Made To Measure’ is printed to the left and right of the 6 o’clock minute marker expressing the company’s philosophy. The label Swiss Made has become a diluted statement in regard to origin and quality. Labeling our watches ‘Swiss Made to Measure’ guarantees that our watches are 100% tailor made. We offer individuality while making no compromises in quality. Our chronographs unite Swiss craftsmanship with functional elegance and our client’s individuality.

Brüggler Customizable Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

The watch comes with a hand signed, high quality warranty and service book and a watch tool in a beautiful watch box. The service book includes cool features such as a checklist with the original test protocols documenting the accuracy (only for automatic movements) and water resistance of the watch. The warranty period of 4 years is reflecting the confidence we have in the quality of our watches.

Brüggler Customizable Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

The story of how this avant-garde watch brand came alive could not be more romantic. The lovely founder, Katarina Brüggler, wanted to offer her husband Michael something truly personal and unique. Something beautiful that would remind him how much she loves him. After 2 years of research in the most remote valleys of the Swiss Jura, Katarina decided to venture into the world of fine bespoke chronographs. Their web-based customizing tool now brings the skill of Swiss watchmakers to your fingertips. Never before has it been so easy to get a custom, tailored chronograph within such a short period of time.

Brüggler Customizable Chronograph Watches Watch Releases
BRÜGGLER’s family-owned company is very accessible and anyone can contact them to get help or some design suggestions. Their small production capacity and high quality standards make their chronographs a rare luxury item. It also might lead to longer delivery times in the future – normally you have to count 6 weeks – but for some designs in precious metals or titanium, you have to count on about 7 months.

If you want to create a unique timepiece for your loved ones, you are on the right track with a BRÜGGLER chronograph. Visit our official site and browse our Instagram page to learn more. 

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  • Tempvs Mortvvs

    25 mm thick? I suppose that’s a typo..

    • Sam Soul

      52 mm?

  • Pete Pete

    “but for some designs in precious metals or titanium, you have to count on about 7 months”

    like anyone would ever order a tacky invicta homage in precious metal. seriously, what’s wrong with those people?

  • Mikita

    Daytona replica for almost $6k? I have a feeling this won’t get much appreciation here.

    • Pete Pete

      … here, or anywhere else.

  • WatchNeophyte

    I don’t think this is a bad idea, I just think after you customize, the price will skyrocket. I went over to their site and saw that the starting cost is 5600 CHF, so after customization we are talking, what…around 7,000 CHF minimum (for automatics). Additonally, I don’t see an option to get rid of the date wheel for the automatics…maybe I didn’t do enough searching, but I think that is a big negative. Additionally, that whole “Swiss Made to Measure” is just too much…maybe just keep “SWISS” on the dial or abbreviate more to highlight you are different. Overall it is a good idea, but I think I would be able to get a Zenith El Primerio for around the same cost after all the customization.

  • Pete Pete

    “… brings the skill of Swiss watchmakers to your fingertips. Never before has it been so easy to get a custom, tailored chronograph within such a short period of time.”

    whoever wrote this must be so full of [Comment Policy concerns], no wonder their watches are turds.

  • riposte

    I’m irritated with TAG Heuer with Duboiz Depraz chrono module, but this Bruggler has perfect symmetrical crown-chrono pusher position. How they can do that? Is there someone will explaining it to me?

    • When placing the pusher on the same plane as the crown in a watch with a chronograph module on top of the base movement, the levers inside the case (which the pushers act against) have to traverse the vertical difference. So it can be done, but some brands (like the TAG you mentioned) take the easy way out and just have the chronograph pushers on the same plane as the module – which is above the place of the base movement. Cheers.

      • riposte

        Thanks for the explanation 🙂

  • Word Merchant

    I looked at the prices and decided there was no point in going any further.

  • Marius

    English is not my first language, so let’s see if I understood correctly.

    As far as I understand, Brüggler charges over CHF 6,000 for a Rolex Daytona knock-off (as Mikita rigthly pointed out), but looking much, much worse, and using a cheap & nasty ETA R2D2, and their selling proposition is that you can “customize” these watches with those kitschy and gaudy looking dials.

    Well, all I can say is HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! In fact, even the owners of Brüggler are laughing histerically.

    • Jose Miguel

      – Honey, we’ll rip off all of those who do not read the usual WIS commenters in ABTW!!
      – Oh! Darling, LMFAO!!!

    • WINKS

      Ah yes, the Burgglers. Famous in Zurich for lightening your wallet.

    • Mikita

      Bonnie and Clyde aka the “Bürglars”

    • Dinkee, H. O.

      A couple of geniuses visiting their stable, wearing their latest business fling for just a few moments for the camera. She did it just to entertain her husband. Then they are going for a ride. They are high on life! The ABTW readership can only dream of such a lifestyle and success in life. See how easy it is?

  • Moonraker

    They look like Gabrielle Carteris and Robert Wagner/or an alternate dimension version of Paul Pluta. I want the Azerbaijani dial one.

  • SuperStrapper

    Surprised people still bother to sponsor here.

    • Phil leavell

      You never know the profits from this might be going to a worthy cause. Like buying a private island for under privileged rich kids.
      I think of the learning experiences that they could get
      Self-entitlement 101,
      Advanced entitlement
      Whining I mean music
      Etc etc etc

    • Richard carroll

      It’s like a ‘Roast Me’ for watches isn’t it?

      • SuperStrapper

        Roasts areusually coherently written and funny.

    • Dinkee, H. O.

      They are hoping you will buy it.

  • Phil leavell

    (????????? ) and my favorite line from The King and I . Excetera excetera excetera,……,……..

  • DanW94

    Not a bad concept. Just my opinion but 4200.00 for the quartz model is ambitious bordering on delusional. Good luck with your venture.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Oh look , a horse wearing a watch !

  • otaking241

    I’ve defended the ABTW “sponsored posts” in the past–they’re fairly well roadmarked and there’s no reason Ariel & co. shouldn’t make a buck with their website. However I would like to see some minimal threshold for originality or just common decency in deciding what they allow to go up on their page. This flagrant Daytona ripoff with its obscene price tag and absolute bare minimum of innovation is an embarrassment to the industry and should be buried under the same pile of manure they’re trying to shovel at us. For shame.

    • Phil leavell

      Why stop there. What places regulations on the whole industry what’s moral about what they do you adjust them to an old movement now it looks really new let’s double the price play off the old expensive watch makers bring Sony computers a CNC machine make the parts faster and cheaper. Let’s set the prices so that merchants and Jewelers can’t make any real money either what man did you see our bottom-line this year sucks to be them. Where does it stop, with us consumer……


    I stopped after the first picture

  • I don’t think Bamford is very worried.

  • Moonraker

    I think we should lay off the Bruegglers. It’s not like they’re alone in charging too much for a watch. The whole fricken industry is based on ambitious pricing. They’re hardly Leopold and Loeb. I think we should keep any criticism to the watches and not make it personal.

    • Pete Pete

      of course it should be about the watches. but you have to admit that when the first picture in an advertisement post for ridiculously overprized fugly daytona copies is a photo of the brueggelers, then they are kinda begging to be the target of some jokes, aren’t they?

      • Moonraker

        I edited, I think I may be changing my mind.

  • Ron-W

    For that kind of money why not buy stock El Primero`s, make it look exactly like a Daytona 16520 minus the awful screw down`s and you have a competitive offer at half the price of the original?

  • Oscar Connelly

    I surprisingly really like the design of these

    • Allain Messou

      … me too… I designed one for me and one for my wife… the chronographs we got are awesome. I’m very happy… the price I found very reasonable…

      • Word Merchant

        You’d have preferred a real Daytona, trust me.

        • Allain Messou

          I do trust you – I got a Daytona in platinum form my brother – love it. Also my Patek Philippe, a Calvatrava… very classy in white gold.
          Love them all … also my vintage Breitling (sadly it is not water resistant).
          I asked how much it would cost to customize my Daytona… as it would have cost me EUR 8’000.- (beside that I have to send in my Daytona) I preferred to go for the BRÜGGLER and keep my little treasure in original condition. I did not like the mate dials so much they offered and found it useful to have a date dial.

          • Pete Pete

            about the author: SponsoredComment

      • Mikita

        You’ve just registered an account to make 2 comments here? No offense, but provokes some thoughts 🙂

        • Pete Pete

          the bruggelers are sending the troops. I’m sure there’s a lot more Allain Messous and Marc Alenis’ coming our way

  • Yan Fin

    Could you imagine 258’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000 ‘000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000 combinations of cheap looking and ugly?

  • Pete Pete

    fun fact: the amount of possible combinations of cheap looking and ugly is scientifically measured in “brügs”. 1 brügs equals 258’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000 combinations. what a coincidence!

  • Marc Alenis

    Actually I can – I own one. One brüg equals a smile every time I look at it – it reminds me that I have a unique watch that nobody else has :))) … it’s a beautiful chronograph. It’s expensive and I understand that not everybody can afford a unique personalized chronogrpah. In comparison with many luxury mass products I’m happy about every single dollar I spent on it.

  • Auto Correct

    I don’t usually write positive comments about watches featured on the “sponsored posts”

    But when I do it wont be about this fuggler looking pos


  • Mikita

    Once again after the smartbuckle guy: cheap tricks from sponsors. Marc Alenis and Allain Messou are freshly made duplicate (fake?) accounts of same guy blatantly promoting Bruggels here.

  • Marius

    Actually, I own one. One brüg equals a smile every time I look at it – it reminds me that I have a unique watch that nobody else has :))) … it’s a beautiful chronograph. It’s expensive and I understand that not everybody can afford a unique personalized chronogrpah. In comparison with many luxury mass products I’m happy about every single dollar I spent on it.

  • Michael Brüggler

    Hi – I’m Michael Brüggler
    I would like to share with you some insights – that hopefully give some answers to some questions. Our company is a lot about quality and choosing many different colors.
    Producing unique individual chronographs with so many color options you can not pre-manufacture for example the dials. There are far too many combination possibilities. We had to find a way to manufacture dials in a modular way. This means a front dial, 3 small (counter) dials and a dial for the counter rings. Producing only 20 of such dials with 28 colors for two different movement brings you up to 3’360 dials that you have to pre-manufacture, pre-finance and store.
    The fluorescent mass (SLN) can also be picked individually – and you can’t pre-produce them neiter for all the materials (rhodium, nickel, gold) in 28 colors. When we get an order our partner puts the (SLN) on the minute markers and hands. Then is sending the hands and minute marker to the dial maker who assembles the dial. Then all is send to the watch assembly. It is not something difficult to do – but costly. In mass production to put the SLN on might cost only about 6 US$ – or even less. But as the there is a minimum quantity (cup) you have to pay for, an invoice that is made and also shipping costs to it. This brings the SLN costs to about 40 US$. The same with the dial – a high quality dial might cost in mass production only 100 US$ or less – but producing a single individual dial costs much more for the same reasons. The same goes for the second hand and counter hands – they are different for both movements and made in 28 different colors. A study in the car industry explains that when you offer more then 4 options to clients they will not buy anything – that is why I thought that this is a crazy and challenging project right from the beginning. But it is like with the LEGO – if you only have 4 blocks to play with its boring and you have no fair chance to express yourself while designing your chronograph. I is a logistical challenge and a substantial investment that one has to make to be able to offer that many colors for almost all the parts.

    Movement: When I designed our case and evaluated which movement would be best, it turned out that by picking a Valjoux the hight of the chronograph would be about 14,5mm. I found it too high. By picking the ETA 2892-A2 TOP in combination with the ultra thin Dubois Dépraz module 2222 we could bring it down to 12,5 mm – a hight I think is well in balance with a 40 mm case. We also fine adjust the movement to 0 – +6 seconds of standard deviation per day and ornamented the movement nicely. To bring down the hight by two millimeter doubled the movement costs almost – if its money well spent… this everybody has to judge himself.

    DLC coating: Most less expensive watches have PVD coating with a micro hardness of about 1500 Vickers (MH), normal DLC goes up to 3’500 Vickers. In order to avoid ugly scratches to the maximum possible we have chosen a process that delivers a anthracite coating at 5’300 Vickers. Unfortunately it costs a little fortune. If you are interested to learn more about the process have a look under: In all fairness I have to add that if you scrub the watch on a rock you still might end up with a scratch on your case.

    Case production: It’s not easy to see a difference in quality. In Asia the very same 5 axe CNC machines are used. For me the brushing and hand polishing makes most of the difference. We produce our cases at place where many luxury brands produce their cases. A case produced in Switzerland in small quantities cost about 4-5 times more then a case produced in Asia in a larger quantity. Producing a small quantity made it also unrealistic or even impossible to produce in Asia I have to admit. Asian manufacturers are mostly interested in high volume orders. It is also difficult to really manage or assure the quality because of the language and distance. As we also offer that the case back can be individually engraved – this was an other reason to keep it all together.

    Bracelets: Not many bracelet manufacturer are able to produce integrated leather or textile bracelets. With the insert you have a very little tolerance to respect. We produce those bracelets to the size of each client. Then with the finely adjustable folding clasp (10 mm of fine adjustment length) it fits perfectly. An integrated leather or textile bracelet made to your exact size cost much more than an ordinary bracelet.

    The design: I went for ‘form follows function in a simplistic way’. The folding clasp and pushers can be operated without using your fingernail. A request that was made by Katarina for the good I think. I just made sure that the pushers are not pushed in under 20 bars of pressure.
    To offer a transparent back might be an option we add in the future.

    Once you have your unique chronograph check out the enclosed booklet… the documented precision of the movement. The guarantee booklet is hand signed by the responsible watch maker and includes the original test protocols in regard to accuracy and water resistance. The logo is foil printed on the thread bound booklet with linen back.

    In the article you also see a chronograph we made for an Azerbeijan General out of three silver dials with individual printing on the dial. In this case we also made an individual printing in and outside of the box. With the nano printing it will be much less expensive in the future to do such things. For the first time we used nano printing for the chronograph of the Brazilian football legend Roberto Carlos, where we printed the logo without cliches. Super small but still readable with a magnifying glass. The option to choose different colored counters is a cool new option we started to offer during individual meetings. If you send an e-mail we gladly discuss your ideas.

    Pricing: Nobody wants to pay too much – I’m in full agreement. We started our company 2 years ago and might break even depending on how the rest of the year will go. The price policy we defined is to offer a fair price right on. We believe it is absurd to indicate a high price only to give big discounts afterwards and offer the watch during sales for a fraction of the ‘normal’ price. We follow a stable price politic that will allow our company to operate sustainably on the long term.
    Automatic steel chronograph with steel bracelet: 5’800.- US$
    Automatic DLC chronograph with DLC bracelet: 7’100.- US$
    Automatic chronograph in gold with alligator bracelet would cost 19’600.- US$
    If you put diamonds on your bezel it will cost 3’570.- US$ more
    If you choose a quartz instead of an automatic movement it will be 1’300.- US$ less

    Those prices are made based on tightly managed costs and almost no spending on the marketing side. The future price development will depend primarely on the future volume (cost savings) and marketing costs (how much is needed to promote our concept & brand).

    I wish you all an excellent day
    best Michael

    • Moonraker

      Thank you for all the information.

      • Pete Pete

        though the real question remains unanswered: why?

        why put any effort into a daytona replica? if people have money and awfully poor taste (the kind of taste that appreciates mr. brüggelers example pictures), they can have a real daytona modified like that with any colours, lume, coating, hands, whatever. the possibilities to desecrate a daytona are endless. and if the pockets are not deep enough for a real rolex, then maybe spending thousands of bucks for a questionable copy with zero resale value on the second hand market is not the best idea, either. for those invicta has plenty of gaudy rolex copies in stock for little money.

        • Moonraker

          People often say they don’t care about resale because they’re gonna keep their pieces forever. Then a year and a half later they’re going through divorces and trying to wring out what little cash they can get from pawn shops. I seen it a million times I tell ya! And it ain’t pretty. 🙂

          • Michael Brüggler

            I agree with you. Then again I believe that buying a watch is a bad investment idea in general. Gold, platinum or diamonds would be a much better choice. But even this investment categories I would not go over 3-5% in my investment portfolio. The rest I would invest in shares, bonds and real estate. Actually I’m a big fan of Warren Buffets investment philosophy.
            I have a friend who lives from dealing in vintage watches for 25 years and I auctioned my collection when I started this project. Over the last to years my friend could not make a decent living anymore out of his profession and gathered a collection for a little fortune in the mean time.
            I lost money with all my famous brands when I sold them. From Patek to Rolex. Ariel wrote an interesting article about one of the most expensive and complex Patek Philippe that was for auction. It did not even sell. A Panda Rolex, a Coca-Cola Rolex a rare Patek Philippe … all those models needed time to develop their value and they are rare. Today I believe to many are produced and therefore will not bring a value increase that is any close to those famous exceptions.
            In short – from an investment perspective I think to buy an Invicta is a very good advise. You lose 100% but still only 160 US$. Personally would buy a Swatch51. If you would buy a Patek or Rolex today and sell in a couple of years you most likely will loose more 40%, but money wise much more than with any less expensive brand. This is also logic as only the retail margin is already 35-45% and if you are in a hurry to sell you most likely loose even more than 50% even with the most prestigious brands.

            I’m quite sure that if you buy a customized Rolex Daytona (Bamford, Titan Black etc.) in steel for 22’000.- US$ in comparison to a BRÜGGLER in steel for 5’800.- US$ you loose more money (not %) on your customized Rolex whenever you decide to sell it. My assumption here is that you most likely loose more then 26% on your customized Daytona and 100% on your BRÜGGLER.

            Cartier bought back for millions watches from their retailers only to support their price level. Rolex manages rarity in perfection while producing over a million pieces. I think the way Rolex is managing their business is a showcase – I also think it has much to do with the fact that it is a foundation. This is allowing the management to develop with calm their beautiful models, assure quality to perfection and keep the marked demand for Daytonas on the short side. For other models I see a big grey market with 30% and more discount. For other luxury brands I see a grey market with 45-65% discount. Thats’ not a good condition for maintaining a positive resell-value.
            What is luxury?
            a. high quality
            b. a rare item
            c. beautiful and useless (beside pride, self esteem and fun)
            So why? The reason to buy a BRÜGGLER might be that you think it is a beautiful chronograph and you adore quality and uniqueness. Our classy case design might be similar to Rolex, Omega or some other brands. But on the other hand our logo, little text on the dial, the pushers, hands, the minute markers, the strap, the folding clasp and the dial colors distinguish us sufficiently from those brands in my view. But I accept Petes’ opinion and agree – it has some similarity overall and we give this fact certainly some thought going forward. I never had the intention to copy any design – very much in contrary – we with our customizing we want to offer something compleatly new it this prize category.
            Lets be clear, I would not advise our chronograph (nor any other brand) as an investment – its only purpose is to please you or somebody you love for a long time in a very individual way.

          • Pete Pete

            fair enough. very refreshing to see some honest and realistic evaluation by a manufacturer of their products!

  • Michael Brüggler

    We produced a watch with a black olive front dial for the first time – the front dial looks black if there is not a lot of light, but it reveals its true color in the sun light… you can’t see this effect on our configurator, Here some pictures. With the DLC case and bracelet this chronograph looks awesome.Also a black-yellow combination hit my eyes – very unique.
    If you have any questions drop me an e-mail: or give me a call +41 79 700 72 41.

  • Berndt Norten

    I must have missed this thread. Am I missing something else, like my marbles? Is this an April 1 post?

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