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Buy It Now: Limited Edition Watch Winder By Wolf Designs

Buy It Now: Limited Edition Watch Winder By Wolf Designs Luxury Items

The limited edition Watch Winder by Wolf Designs is now available for purchase while pieces last. As previewed a few days ago, this useful winder is a necessary accessory for most people who own automatic mechanical watches. I’ve worked closely with Wolf Designs to bring dedicated readers a special item that celebrates our shared passion for watches and can be used with their watch collection. This winder is fully branded and will come with a special customized plaque with the owner’s name engraved and number in the limited edition series.

Based on Wolf Design’s Cub Winder module 2.1 single watch winder, the unit is black leatherette wrapped and purposefully angular in shape to allow for them to be stacked or set in a row with other winders. The unit is 5 inches wide, by 4.5 inches deep, and 5.75 inches tall. There is no need to adjust any settings as it is designed to fully wind the majority of automatic watches out there. The winding mechanism turns 900 times per day and goes in both directions. Watches are placed on a removable cuff that snaps into the housing drum securely. The watch winder is A/C wall plug powered and will ship with a compatible plug for your country.

Buy It Now: Limited Edition Watch Winder By Wolf Designs Luxury Items

Special features for the limited edition winder will include visual accents all over the winder. On the top of the winder is an logo printed in gold foil, and the ring around the drum will be gold rather than silver. The watch cuff will have an logo recessed into the watch mount, and the fabric used for the cuff as well as the front of the winder will have a special pattern created out of repeating logos.

Best of all the Watch Winder will be customized for each owner. A gold-colored plaque set on the top of the winder box will read “for YOUR NAME” and then the number of the piece in the limited edition set. You can even request what number in the limited edition you’d like (based on availability). These winders are small and simple enough to put on a desk, shelf, or in your closet, and are priced right. This series of the Watch Winder by Wolf Designs will be limited to 100 pieces only. Price is a reasonable $149 and that includes shipping within the continental US. Shipping elsewhere is fair and depends on where you live.

Buy it -> Get an Watch Winder by Wolf Designs right here via Wolf Designs’ website while they last.




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  • CharlieWu

    just out of curiosity.  it says module 2.1 here, but it’s actually module 1.8 in the finalized model.  what’s the difference, if there’s any at all? thanks

    • Yea, I noticed that as well. My understand is that is the 2.1 module. Must be an error. As far as I know the features are exactly as I have pointed them out to be.