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Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 Watch

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 Watch Watch Releases

Christopher Ward is a brand I have long kept an eye on, even before the first time I went hands-on with one of their watches (the C60 Trident). This was due to the unique combination of style and affordability that the brand offered. As of late, Christopher Ward has been expanding into some higher-end offerings, even going so far as to build up some rather interesting movements. Their latest watch goes back to one of their first pieces that caught my eye, and takes things a bit more up-market. Let’s have a look at what the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 watch has to offer.

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 Watch Watch Releases

Well, first and foremost, the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 adds a chronograph complication into the mix. This is of the column wheel variety, which then suggests the venerable Valjoux 7750 that is ticking away inside the case. The brand also indicates that it has an elaboré finish with Côtes de Genève, but it’s something you won’t ever see (unless you service your own watches), as the caseback is solid. That said, it is a very nice-looking one, with a trident showing up in relief against the stamped case back. It even carries forward the wave pattern found on the dials of the C60 Trident lineup, this one included.

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 Watch Watch Releases

Speaking of the dial, the one on the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 is immediately recognizable as part of the larger lineup, due to the aforementioned wave pattern on the dial and the handset that it uses. I cannot speak as to the exact diving spec that dictates how hands should be for differentiation, but I certainly have no issues telling the hour from the minute hand. For the chronograph functionality, you have the 30-minute register up at 12 o’clock, with a 12-hour register down at 6 o’clock balancing things out. I rather like how they tucked the date window into that lower register (color-matched as well), which allows it to blend in to the overall design.

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 Watch Watch Releases

Another interesting point on the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 is the running seconds indication. For that, there is a register over at the 9 o’clock position. Rather than rely on a small hand, there’s an intermittently-lumed disc that spins under the cutouts. This gives you the motion to let you know that the movement is running, and looks to provide an interesting kinetic light show when the lights are down (the brand labels it as a “breathing” appearance). Lume does appear to have gotten a good bit of attention on the watch as well, with the numerals and indices on the bezel being luminous as well, not just those on the dial; the handset is of course lumed, as is the running-seconds indicator.

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 Watch Watch Releases

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 Watch Watch Releases

Why is all that lume of note? Well, aside from being just plain fun to have on a watch in a darkened room, it also provided functionality in the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600’s capacity as a dive watch. It does carry a 600m water resistance rating (much deeper than any of us will be headed, I am willing to bet), along with the pre-requisite, though totally unnecessary, automatic helium escape valve. I do realize that it gives the appearance of being a more robust diver, and I’ve no doubt that the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph is. It is just that, well, I find it highly unlikely that any of us reading this are saturation divers, which makes that HEV just another unnecessary hole in the case. Then again, if they can get the chrono pushers sealed enough to merit a 600m WR rating, well, then, what’s one more hole?

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 Watch Watch Releases

The Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 is available for pre-order now, with only a single colorway being made available – a rather nice dark blue with orange accents for the chronograph registers. Pre-order pricing with delivery anticipated for March runs at $1,920 on the rubber strap, or $2,000 on the steel bracelet. Given the price difference, I would say the bracelet is the way to go, as you can easily find a strap down the road. As to what fans of the brand might think, we’ll have to wait and see. Given that they’re continuing to introduce watches that are hitting luxury territory, though, I would hazard a guess that previous steps in that direction were well received, so I would not be surprised to see this trend continuing for the brand. For me, given my general aversion to chronographs, this is not my favorite C60 Trident, but I would call it a well-executed chrono, and a logical extension to the lineup.

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 Watch Watch Releases

Tech Specs from Christopher Ward

  • Swiss made
  • Movement
    • ETA Valjoux 7750
    • 25 jewel self-winding mechanical chronograph with column wheel
    • 48 hour power reserve
    • Hour, minute, second and date calendar with 60 seconds, 30 minutes ad 12 hours indication
    • Anti-shock system
    • Elabore finish with Cotes de Geneve
  • Case
    • 43mm marine grade stainless steel case
    • Water resistant to 600m/ 2000ft
    • Screw-down deep-stamped 3D back plate
    • Screw-in crown and chronograph pushers
    • Integrated automatic helium release valve
  • Unique engraved serial number
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • SuperLuminova indices and diamond faceted hands
  • Breathing regulator inspired small second disk
  • Deep blue and yellow guilloche wave pattern dial
  • Signature Trident counter-balance
  • High density rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet



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  • Chaz

    A T-H Aquaracer fornicated with an Omega Seamaster…

    • A British love child of Swiss parents? And a forbiden love at that – LVMH and Swatch lovers – like the Capulets and Montagues, those families just don’t get along.

  • Shane Kleinpeter

    Why would a column wheel suggest a Valjoux 7750 when the 7750 has always been cam-operated? If they’ve converted a 7750 to use a column wheel that would be a significant change and you’d think they’d have been proud enough of that to put a sapphire case back on it to show it off.

    • iamcalledryan

      I think that bit is erroneous.

    • somethingnottaken

      Indeed. Considering the price, the first movement that came to mind was the Seiko NE88.

  • Marius

    The article argues that the movement used is a 7750 using a column wheel. Since when is a 7750 a column wheel operated chronograph? As far as I know, all 7750`s are cam actuated movements. Also, it’s hard to believe that you can buy a column wheel chrono for $2,000.

    • Dinkee, H. O.

      HE’S FIRED!

      The HO
      Official Horologist to President Trump

      • Marius

        I completely agree with that. Also, his lack of knowledge is HUGE!

    • Shane Kleinpeter

      Actually, over the years there have been several companies that have converted the 7750 to utilize a column wheel (Panerai, Hublot, Longines, and Omega among them; La Jout-Perret did it for many brands.) But this isn’t one of them.

    • bcarbs

      Seiko NE88 is a column wheel chronograph and is in a whole bunch of watches under $2,000… But it’s not Swiss so it probably doesn’t count.

  • iamcalledryan

    Not bad. As Chaz mentioned, it’s a little too familiar, but if $2k is already at the very top of your budget there is enough going on here to make you very happy. I like the seconds disk – a pure diver uses the seconds to indicate that the movement is running and this serves the purpose well.

    I admire CW for bringing mainstream design to affordable mechanical movements, but I want them to keep pushing themselves to come up with unique elements too.

  • Michael Kinney

    I’m not a big CW fan, but that one’s not bad. I very much like when watches make the chrono functions one color and the hands for running time another, and this watch certainly does that. Big props for hiding the damn date window.
    Having said that, I think the “breathing” running seconds is kind of gimmicky, if functional as proof of performance. A standard hand would look much better and actually be useful sometimes.

  • After years of Submariner knockoffs, I think they pulled this one together rather well. I can almost hear Steinhart scrambling to put together their own chrono diver.

  • JPonce

    It looked quite attractive to me when they first announced a week ago, but somehow I got tired of it. I guess it was the slight Aquaracer/Seamaster vibe. But I’m sure the quality is great as other CW watches, and the price is reasonable.
    On a side note, they did claim “column wheel” on their website a few weeks ago, but now they took it down. So, not entirely the author’s fault. But then any watch snub should be alarmed when hearing a column wheel 7750, and double check!

    • Yep, column wheel and 7750 made alarms go off in my head too.

      Nice looking watch for a reasonable price. I do wish they would do some other style of hands. Looks like all CW watches tend to have them.

      • frustin

        “column wheel and 7750”

        Forgive my ignorance, but why?

        • The ETA 7750 family of chronographs use cams for chronograph mode control as opposed to using a column wheel. While ETA does make some movements just for Swatch brands (like Longines) that are based on the 7750 and have column wheels, they have not made these better movements available to anyone outside of Swatch owned watch brands.

          Not all, but many 7750 based watches have pusher operation which is stiff (as in “did I break it trying to start the chronograph?”) and have uneven amounts of pressure required for the various modes (start/stop/reset). Column wheel switch chronographs often have buttery smooth operation with consistent pressure on both pushers in all 3 modes. A few 7750 chronographs have nice operation but sadly they are too few and far between. Good question. Cheers.

          • frustin

            thank you for that explanation.

          • Larry Holmack

            I totally hear you about the “stiff” pushers for 7750’s. When I got my first watch with a 7750 in it….I thought it was broken because the pushers were so stiff. I ended up selling a couple of years later because I wore it so infrequently.

            I do like the looks of this watch though…I am sucker for blue bezels and dials!

  • SuperStrapper

    “Hey, look at me! I borrow design cues from at least 10 other watches and have the personality of none!” Is what this watch says to me.

  • Simon

    Sadly, like a lot of CW watches this offers little but a pastiche others. Yes the build will be good and in the metal it is probably pretty attractive, but I don’t see the value proposition in CW any more given the prices hikes and frequent discounting.

  • A_watches

    sub/seamaster/links of london..who on earth buys christopher ward london watches

  • funNactive

    Nice looking spot watch. The style reminds me of a Breitling. I like the Trident second hand.


    I mean for the price this is not a bad deal then wait for one of CW’s famous price drop moment and it could be yours for half the price. A decent looking chrono diver w the perfect work horse inside. Two things bug me the logo Chr Ward, I just don’t like it. they used to have a decent CW logo modernize it and use that instead and darn that thing looks thick, but how thick is the question.

  • Mike Burdine

    Attractive watch, but a price drop would make it more appealing.

  • Ian Hand

    I have one of these but I haven’t seen it for six months because it’s in for repair after I knocked it on a door frame and it apparently broke one of the screws that secures the movement to the case. Christopher Ward’s customer service is a joke! Look at their reviews on TrustPilot. A lot of unhappy customers!

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