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Christopher Ward C65 Classic Watch

Christopher Ward C65 Classic Watch Watch Releases

When it comes to affordable watches with some interesting styling, Christopher Ward has been on the radar for most of us, and new for the brand is the Christopher Ward 65 Classic. One of the first watches I came into contact with from them was their excellent C60 Trident GMT. Given that history, I was rather intrigued to see their new iteration in that lineup, the C65 Trident Classic.

Christopher Ward C65 Classic Watch Watch Releases

This takes the Trident line from it’s sport roots, and moves it most definitely into the realm of a dress watch. We still keep the same handset, and the wave pattern embossed into the dial. The 42mm case carries a similar profile as well, though here it’s done up in a satin finish. And that’s where we depart from similarities, and start talking about the differences. Attached to the case is a new bracelet (a leather strap is available as well).

Christopher Ward C65 Classic Watch Watch Releases

On the dial side of Christopher Ward C65 Classic, we see a new color the Trident lineup hasn’t had before (optic white), along with a familiar hue (matte black). Since they’ve moved things into a dressier direction, the circle-and-bar indices of the C60 have been traded out for narrower, raised, bar indices. Tucked under that dial is a shift in movement as well. It’s still Swiss, but they’ve moved away from ETA and have instead opted for a SW200-1. Still a capable movement, and likely reflective of the tightening ETA supplies more than anything else.

Christopher Ward C65 Classic Watch Watch Releases

And while this is certainly a dress watch, it’s not one that you need to baby. Along with that stainless steel case, you’ve got a 4mm thick sapphire crystal up top, an solid (and engraved) caseback, and screw down crown. This means, of course, that the C65 will stand up to the daily bumping around, as well as shedding off any water to come in contact with (it has a 150m WR rating).

Christopher Ward C65 Classic Watch Watch Releases

I’ve long held out hope for a white-dialed C60. While we don’t have that quite yet, the C65 is an interesting twist on the recipe, with pricing coming in at $685 (leather) and $755 (steel bracelet). I’m definitely a fan of what CW has been producing, and the new C65 Classic just continues to reinforce the feeling. If you’d like to get your pre-order in, head on over here, and patiently wait for late June to arrive.

Tech Specs from Christopher Ward

  • Calibre: Sellita SW200-1
  • 42mm marine-grade 316L brushed stainless steel case; 10.4mm thick
  • SuperLuminova indexes and hands
  • 4mm anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • High Definition “Trident” motif back-plate
  • Water Resistance: 15 ATM (150 metres)
  • Strap Options: Embossed Alligator Pattern Italian leather strap with Bader Buckle; 316L brushed stainless steel bracelet

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  • MisterDeal

    I have never worn/held/seen a Chris Ward timepiece outside of the Internet, but I am torn
    between thinking they’re a great movement encouraging interest in
    horology & “meh.” The logo bugs me, and looking at this it makes me
    think of a Seiko SARB but I don’t like it as much as the Seiko re: both clean minimalism & in-house vs. ETA . I don’t also think the Aqua Terra homage dial is super well integrated with the rest of the design. If any of this is incoherent, it’s because I’m on vicodin after a surgery and typing one-handed…

  • DG Cayse

    Bravo – As a long time admirer, and owner, of C.Ward watches I applaud this latest direction.
    Admittedly biased, I heartily endorse the marque.  Quality is top notch as is their excellent customer rapport.

    MisterDeal – Vicodin you say?
    Best in your recuperation.

  • butterballs22

    Beautiful watch, hope to see a review in the future!

  • Ilow

    Very safe and simple design, reminds me of an entry level Japanese quartz – despite the interesting seconds hand and mildly hypnotic dial “waves” the whole offering feels opaque like the brand. Does not rock my boat..

  • This is REALLY nice!!! White dial + bracelet is the way to go for me. The closest alternative in a similar style would be the Orient DV02003W.

  • MisterDeal And others here type with one hand because they are so excited when looking at watch porn. At least you have a good excuse.

  • On the one hand I live the uber beefy 4 mm crystal and solid case back which should make this a sturdy watch. On the other hand (wrist?), while I like the wave textured dial, the rest of the watch lack inspiration. Or should I say ‘wow’ factor or personality, whatever. Sort of nice but meh. Price as usual for CW is good. Not bad but not compelling for me. Thanks for the review Patrick.

  • Ulysses31

    Such generic, bland looks.  Nice features, nice hands etc, but nothing truly enchanting.  Must be the Christopher Ward effect (yes, it’s a thing).

  • Grinnie Jax

    Not good, not bad, something in between. Rather lovely caseback engraving, but from the front seems lack of harmony, hands, markers and overall case style don’t match each other.

  • As I’ve said probably more than once before, I think every watch-loving man should have a white-dial-on-steel-bracelet in the collection, I think it is a look that can be flexed nicely. Nothing too fancy or polarizing, but nice and stylish, easy to wear. 

    This one, it’s like a scoop of vanilla icecream melting on an examination table. And I still don’t like that handset. Well, mainly the hour hand. It looks like a Corporate logo for an oil company of something like that.

  • spiceballs

    I like the honest simplicity of Chris Ward watches at a reasonable price (esp his Aviator series) and this is OK but sorry, the hands (& date placement) just don’t work at all for me.

  • I’ve been taking quite a liking to CW, and this case is no exception.

    Considering its price, especially when many fancier brands would ask much more for the same features and movement, it cannot be beaten for its value.  But I think that the design is so well executed that it really stands out against those more expensive watches.

    I like the way in which the liquid water theme was used in the design down to details.  The water waves in the dial, the water drop in the hour hand and the curves of a drop in the minute hand (complementing the hour hand), perhaps even the “icy” satin finish of the case.

    Such attention to detail and quality manufacture affirm CW as an honest watch maker deserving my patronage.

  • After a couple of weeks of ownership, I’m very happy with my first Chr. Ward watch, a C65 Trident Classic on brown leather.  It’s hard to do justice at how bright light plays with the dial texture.  In spite of the silver hands, they are quite visible.  There is generous lume, but, unless properly “charged”, it doesn’t shine for too long.  The accuracy has been about 1s per day, give or take.  At 42mm, what I consider the limit for my wrist size, it wears comfortably.  Quite a good value for such an attractive watch.

  • emenezes Thanks for a mini-review as an owner. That’s always helpful and relevant.

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