Clerc Hydroscaph Limited Edition Chronograph Watch Final Retail Versions Impress

Clerc Hydroscaph Limited Edition Chronograph Watch Final Retail Versions Impress

This is the third time I have written about the Clerc Hydroscaph Limited Edition Chronograph watch, and there is an interesting lesson to be learned here. Normally I would have stopped at two articles, but the third one is merited for an interesting reason. What you see here is the final production version of the Limited Edition Chronograph watch. In my last article here I reviewed a prototype version. I was really surprised at the differences between the two. Let me explain.

Normally when I check out pre-production watches brands make excuses for little problems and say "it is just a prototype." Later when I see final retail versions they are a bit better, but usually pretty close to the prototypes. Brands like to overstate a bit how much better the final versions are going to be. That isn't always the case however.

Meeting with Clerc recently I got to check out the latest versions of their very cool range of Limited Edition Chronograph watches. Each style is limited to 500 pieces and there are between 4-5 styles, maybe more. Like I said before this is likely the best Hydroscaph watch produced by the brand yet, and I was really surprised to see how much better the retail versions were over the prototypes.

Entire parts were changed, the case was polished in a new way with contrasting polishes, the caseback was changes, new straps were added. It overall feels like a totally upgraded experience and I was visibly impressed. One of the reasons for that was because it was totally unexpected. The prototype if produced was good enough, but this is a whole lot more watch for the money and I was really happy to see a small brand like Clerc put their all into the final piece.

One of the new case parts are the chronograph pushers. Again, nice before, and even better now. Case colors were tweaked and the new caseback is much better - showing more of the movement. Unfortunately my pictures didn't really get across the fantastic case finishing. Even on the black DLC coated models there is a mixture of polished areas. New versions of the Hydroscaph Limited Edition Chronograph include a silvered dial version, and the awesome black and orange version gets a beautiful orange rubber strap. If you get a chance to check these out I recommend it. Prices are mostly in the roughly $9,300 - $11,200 range.

  • joyanu
  • CarlottaNeri

    this collection is great, original and elegant…..thanks for sharing!!!
    carlotta neri of cessione del quinto

  • Kris C

    Still totally want. Everything about it is unique and attractive.

  • JohnnyJohnnyJohnny

    The orange is slightly impress.
    BUT, there are many other watches to be had in that price range.

  • amoeba

    I like this watch but not at that price. Not sure I would take it over say the JLC navy seals Chrono, with which this Clerc shares some styling cues.

  • trj66

    OK, then I’m going to be the boring, unimpressed guy: this is an awful mess – and a very expensive one as well. This watch should never have been born…

  • MichaelG

    Sometimes, when seeing a watch for the very first time, especially from a brand I’m not acquainted with, I like to estimate how much I could see myself paying for it based on initial responses to aesthetics, movement, and overall finish… basically whether I like it or not. There have been several instances, like this Clerc, where I have felt the overall package seemed to not merit its price. Occasionally, a watch will look and feel more ‘high end’ than it’s price tag would suggest and then on other instances a watch may look ‘cheaper’. Without having seen it in the flesh, to me it looks like a $1000-$3000 watch.

  • Kris C

    I see Clerc now has 2 different ad spaces on this site? That’s… interesting.

  • AtSeaWatch

    What a watch!  It’s really bold and attractive without being just a me-too sports watch.  It’s got what I look for in a luxury sport watch.  I am so in lust.  

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  • hobycook

    Ariel, at some point people who report on watch brands are going to have to come out and directly tell readers if the movement in a watch is ETA or other ebauche supplier.  Not addressing what’s really inside the piece is tantamount to disinformation.  I believe I am seeing an ETA 2892 or variant in the Clerc above.  Likewise, is it not so that nearly all if not positively all of Hublot’s movements been ETA’s, modified, schmodified, added to with Dubois Depraz modules and endless other “features”?  IMO even if you make your own ETA 7750 out of moon rock, it’s still not your own in-house design, no matter how far afield you take the final version.  In general you do a reasonable job of identifying what’s inside these watches, but personally, I have made up my mind that going forward if I don’t see in visible print exactly what it is inside pieces, I am going to have to dismiss the brand a s a “case maker”.  Last year I made a pact with myself that not one more watch is going to find its way into my collection that does not contain the brand’s one manufacture movement.  Sure has narrowed down the field of candidates. And that is a good thing.
    Regards, Hoby Cook

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