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Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean Dive Watch

Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean Dive Watch Watch Releases

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For 2018, Hong Kong brand Crafter Blue releases its first dive watch. It is called the Mechanic Ocean. Providing 300m of water resistance and a helium escape valve system that prevents gas build-up and internal damage at great depths, it is not only for scuba diving but also for saturation diving using helium gas.

Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean Dive Watch Watch Releases

The most significant feature of this watch is the oversized 10mm crown on the left hand side. Such a large crown not only creates unique appearance, but also functionally offers comfortable handling for time adjustment.

Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean Dive Watch Watch Releases

Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean Dive Watch Watch Releases

This new piece is not small at 45mm wide, 15.8mm thick, and 52mm from lug to lug. However, the watch looks pretty small on wrist. This illusion is caused by the relatively small dial at only 28.5mm wide. Between the dial and bezel, it has a fully brushed metal ring that creates different reflections depending on what angle you are viewing the dial from. That is a reason why the piece is so elegant and stylish at first glance.

Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean Dive Watch Watch Releases

If you’ve heard about Crafter Blue before, you already know that they focused on developing the curved end rubber strap for both Seiko and Tudor dive watches. Now, this technology also comes with their new watches. Each Mechanic Ocean is fitted on a Crafter Blue bi-color rubber strap. Each of them is made from vulcanized rubber that offers softness and toughness in use. Moreover, the strap linked to the lug features a curved end design that enhances the character of the watch. As a specialist of rubber straps, Crafter Blue produces the functional rubber strap truly designed for professional divers. It features 15 holes to offer flexibility in length. It also allows divers to adjust the length under the condition of wearing a wetsuit.

Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean Dive Watch Watch Releases

If you are not just satisfied with the rubber strap only, you can choose the metal bracelet version. The bracelet and buckle are made of high-quality 316L stainless steel with very fine finishing. Unlike other watches using third-party buckles, Crafter Blue made its own buckle that is only present on this watch model so far.

Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean Dive Watch Watch Releases

Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean Dive Watch Watch Releases


  • Bracelet: Bi-color and vulcanized rubber strap / 316L metal bracelet
  • Crystal: Domed sapphire crystal
  • Case: 316L stainless steel
  • Case Diameter: 45mm
  • Caseback: Stainless steel
  • Dial color: Blue
  • Crystal: Domed sapphire crystal
  • Movement: Crafter Blue Calibre 3531 (Based on Seiko movement)
  • Water Resistance: 300m / 999 ft , helium escape valve

Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean Dive Watch Watch Releases

Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean Dive Watch Watch Releases

The watch is powered by the Crafter Blue Calibre 3531. It is based on a Seiko movement, modified and decorated by Crafter Blue.

Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean Dive Watch Watch Releases

The Mechanic Ocean has 3 different color models. They are MOSS001.B, MOSS002.SB, and MOSS008.O. All models come with 2 versions. The first version only comes with a rubber strap. The other version comes with a rubber strap and a metal bracelet. Both versions are now available for pre order with 15% off and free shipping. Pricing ranges between $425 USD and $599 USD. For more information, please visit Crafter Blue’s official website and subscribe to their newsletter to get the most up-to-date details.

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  • SuperStrapper

    Interesting, and not unattractive. The black variant is a bit too derivative but the blue and grey ones have their own personality. The dimensions will be too much for many but for a watch of this type I think they work fine. What are the bezel inserts? What is the base Seiko caliber? No specs were given on it, so does your watch handqind/hack? If not I’d guess you started a 7sxx.
    There should be an option for both strap types: you’ve got a $75 delta to have it on the bracelet, make is a $100 delta and send the watch on the bracelet and include one of your rubber straps.
    The grey and orange colourway is a winner.

  • Leonarr

    The piece may be suffering from “Rolex Disease”, in other words it has a lot of text, which I think bothers me the most. “Modified Seiko movement” does sound pretty uncommon, and the price isn’t that bad I guess. I don’t know whether I like it or not.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    If I was advertising a diving watch I would have a diver wearing the watch with some nice coral reef shots or something, not steering a boat ( something I can’t do on account I get violently seasick ). I wonder if I wore this folks would think I was the adventurous type. Someone who stared danger in the face and laughed it off. Someone not afraid to push the boundaries and test my resilience to the limit and not just someone who leaves comments on a blog between nap times.

  • Buy and Sold

    This looks like an incredible watch in all its variations. At this price it is quite something. They have even made an effort for movement afinconados: not enough to satisfy them though!


    so why does the crown float above the crown guards? what is the point?

    • Omegaboy

      The crown is guarding the guards, simple.

  • BJ314

    The bezel is too thin. Make it way thicker.

  • ??

  • Jeffwb65

    Hard pass. No interest in gigantic watches. If it had all the same visual cues,but was 3mm smaller in all dimensions, I would seriously consider it. 40-42mm is my sweet spot, and I’m not interested in gigantic watches. Makes me cringe almost as much as the plethora of Invicta “I’m compensating” wrist mounted hubcaps.

    • eurochampsagain

      Any smaller is for the girlies.

      • Jeffwb65

        I hope You’re being sarcastic. Steve McQueen and Paul Newman certainly had no trouble being cool and manly wearing 39-40mm Rolexes.

  • Gokart Mozart

    I see they were inspired by Rolexs take on minamilIstanbul Tex on a Rolex Seadweller. Not the greatest inspirations.

  • CGR

    For that price I prefer a Seiko Sumo.

    • Alan Jai Kuriako

      I think it looks very similar to a Seiko Samurai

  • eurochampsagain

    I like I do. That grey dial could be a good daily bish bash watch. Size is perfect. Can’t keep making girlie sizes.

  • Drazen B

    Silly design.

  • Adi Susanto

    Would have prefer the crown on the right side. It just make it look like a lefty. Love the colors but yes it does look inspired from Omega planet ocean.

  • Ulysses31

    These are attractive and on a cursory glance look more expensive than they actually are.

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