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Cyrus Klepcys Watch

Cyrus Klepcys Watch Watch Releases

Newer brand, new watch. Cyrus debuted late last year but I never got a chance to really check them out as their timepieces reminded me of wrist-mounted doomsday devices. Their flagship watch is Klepcys (still trying to properly pronounce that one) and it is a formidable piece of unique horology. The master behind the mechanism is Jean-Francois Mojon. One of today’s better watch makers who is known for (among other things), the Harry Winston Opus X.

Cyrus Klepcys Watch Watch Releases

In addition to the standard Klepcys watch, Cyrus will be donating a special one to the Only Watch 2011 auction. Images of both are seen here, whereas the piece unique model for the action is in white gold with a red “11.” The high-end piece is another attempt on “doing it differently.” While I respect the mechanism and concept for some reason the design leaves me a inert. I feel as though I need more time with the watch to appreciate it fully. It does however move me much more than the brand’s other watch called the Kuros. We will see what happens when the Cyrus releases their third watch sometime soon.

Functionally speaking the Klepcys has an automatic movement that has a few neat retrograde hands. You get the time, date, and moon phase. The time and date use sorta of hybrid retrograde hands. A retrograde hand is used to display one digit, while a flipping indicator (similar to Urwerk’s stuff) is used to show another one for the date. There is a traditional seconds disc, and then a minutes disc that “follows” the hour hand (but also moves). If you are totally confused then just look at the video.

For the moon phase you get a golden life-like moon orb with a cover the shrouds parts of the orb to display the phase of the moon. It is all pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it. The movement has over 450 parts and is a fine example of what Mr. Mojon is capable of.

Cyrus Klepcys Watch Watch Releases

Cyrus Klepcys Watch Watch Releases

The watch case is in 18k gold (rose, white, etc…) and 48mm wide. It isn’t super exciting by my standard but OK. On the back of the watch is a replica engraving of a coin that Cyrus owns that is 2,500 years old. Not sure what this means, but it does somehow subliminally remind you that the watch is expensive. Worth its weight in gold? Probably more.


Below you’ll notice that Cyrus uses the term “sprockets” in the technical description. Whether or not sprockets are a real thing (probably they are), this made me smile. When I make watches I make very liberal used of widgets and sprockets. Overall a neat watch with a fascinating movement – not sure of the price but it would probably make Cyrus the Great of (Greece maybe?) blush.

Cyrus Klepcys Watch Watch Releases

Tech specs from Cyrus:

Movement : CYR598 automatic, 4Hz, 28,800vph

Main material : 18k gold

Diameter : 48mm (including crowns)

Date : Large date, retrograde three-dimensional tens, pivoting Precise guidance of the height of the tens hand with a ruby bearing Patent applied for.

Phases of the moon : Three-dimensional moon Progressive rising of the patch to indicate the various moon phases In case of a fully covered moon: appearance of the CYRUS logo.

Other : Inertial balance for greater adjustment stability — Sprockets with optimised teeth (reduced play) — Maximum use of stainless steel for better corrosion resistance CYRUS-specific hardware.

Back case : 18K red gold — Identical copy of the original, over 2,500-year-old coin. The original coin is the property of CYRUS, and can be viewed at

Power reserve : > 40 hours

Number of components : 456

Number of rubies : 37



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  • sdchew

    New 3D images of the watch. However, are there any actual photos of it?

    • I’ve seem the actual pieces, but not taken pictures. I will next time.

  • Andrew

    Great design, glad to see firms working on new designs…. Just wish they trickled down to the everyman market. If I see another $3000 7750 I’m going to explode

  • Thomas

    I am really amazed by the moon. As much as I like moon complications I’ve never seen a 3D realistic moon that looks this good!
    I had the chance to see the Klepcys in real and to try it. It looks quite big on the pictures but on the wrist it fits perfectly well. There was so much details in the watch I could not stop looking at it!
    I hope to see the next collection very soon.

  • Ulysses

    This thing is gorgeous. Innovative and modern, attractive details from every angle and some really cool functions on the dial side. Even the back cover looks great. Hublot might want to take a good look at this watch, they’d learn a thing or two.

    • kris.c

      ? What is Hublot learning here? This does not look like anything of theirs, they have a different direction, and it works very well for them. This reminds me more of the Tag Heuer Only Watch 2011.

      • Ulysses

        What I mean is, that it’s a radical, modern looking watch yet quite handsome and functional. I never said it looked like a Hublot, but implied that it is possible to make a futuristic watch that looks great which IMHO Hublot tries to do a lot and never gets right.

        • kris.c

          Fair enouhg, but to each their own I guess. Remove all the insipid LE Big Bangs (i.e. “this is where I bought a pretty good burger once’ Big Bang, or ‘this is a record store I like’ Big Bang) and I think Hublot is pretty awesome.

          But, that’s just me – I think Rolex is a boring underachiever, and people whip stones at me constantly over it.

  • Buzz

    Wasn’t Cyrus the Great Persian?

    • Verdun

      Yes you’re right he was Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid Empire.
      He is not Greek 😉 The story of Cyrus the Great is very inspiring!
      I like the design, it does not look like any other watches. And all three complications are very well done.

  • bardia1179

    Cyrus the Great was persian dear Adams!

  • I_G

    bardia1179 Who TF cares?

  • bardia1179

    I_G bardia1179 the team behind the cyrus brands of course