Devon Tread 1 New Colors: The 1E & 1F Watches

Devon Tread 1 New Colors: The 1E & 1F Watches

California-based Devon watches will release two new versions of their popular Tread 1 timepieces. The new models will be called the Tread 1E and the Tread 1F. These pieces are the same as the Tread 1 but use more DLC black coating as well as orange color for the 1F.

To learn more about the Devon Tread 1 you can read my full hands-on review here. The new Version E not only has an almost entirely DLC black coated case, but also much of the electro-mechanical movement is done in black DLC coating. The Version F on the other-hand is DLC black with orange trim on the dial and strap. Price for the Devon Tread 1 Version E (1E) will be $18,500 and the Devon Tread 1 Version F (1F) will retail for $19,500. Look for them before the end of 2011.

  • John

    I really like the design of this watch and sure wish I could afford one!

  • kris.c

    I still loove this watch, and the dlc+orange is awesome, but why are there no real photos to look at? And why is the dlc adding 30+% to the cost?