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Döttling Gallery Watch Winder Safe

Döttling Gallery Watch Winder Safe Luxury Items

Look but don’t touch is the message from the Döttling Gallery safe. Behind 30mm-thick bulletproof glass, one’s precious watches can be visually appreciated but not accessed, which must be particularly infuriating for would-be thieves. That is the reason behind its “Gallery” name, but just as watches are so much more to us than just for telling the time, the Döttling products are more than ways to simply store, protect, and display watches.

First, the safe itself is meant to be appreciated as a luxury item. Family-run since its founding in 1919, Döttling is now in its fourth generation and situated in the presumably quaint town of Sindelfingen, which is near Stuttgart in South-Western Germany (I googled it). The brand emphasizes their tradition, craftsmanship (“handcraft”), and engineering – and as we know, these are all things watch lovers appreciate.

Döttling Gallery Watch Winder Safe Luxury Items

The Döttling Gallery watch winder safe is intended to be a piece of decorative and stylish furniture or functional art, as are most products Döttling makes. Compared to other items from the company, many of which are somewhat ostentatious, and some of which we have written about here, the Döttling Gallery is relatively reserved. The design of the Döttling Gallery is related to the brand’s Bel-Air line and inspired by “overseas travel cases from the Roaring Twenties,” with high-gloss nickel fittings and calfskin sides. All this along with the glass display door is lovely, but there is one trick that gives the Döttling Gallery that extra little touch so necessary to standing out.

Döttling Gallery Watch Winder Safe Luxury Items

Here’s the coolest part: the glass on the door can be toggled between transparent and opaque by remote control. I’m not clear on if the transition is sudden or occurs in a fade, or if you can control the level of opacity – but either way, it seems fun. The first thing you will think is, they should put that on a watch! Someone did, with the Revelation R03 Chronograph (reviewed and explained here) that used a glass treatment called polarization to go from a black to transparent dial, revealing the movement underneath by rotating the bezel. It seems there exist different technologies to achieve this effect that are cumulatively called smart glass, according to Wikipedia, though I’m not sure which one Döttling is using. I must say that, in this age of reducing the number of remote controls laying around, this seems like something you should be able to control from an app on your phone. But I can definitely imagine just standing there with the remote and switching it back and forth.

Döttling Gallery Watch Winder Safe Luxury Items

For an even more dramatic reveal, or simply for day-to-day enjoyment, dimmable LED spotlights highlight the watches behind the glass. There is a lot of control and interaction possible with the Döttling Gallery, and Döttling’s “Touch & Move” individually programmable watch winder system is available as an option for customers, offering even more control. Actually, it seems that consultation is part of the purchasing process, and it probably goes without saying that you could probably have various aspects customized. You’ll have to choose your favorite 24 watches to be displayed in the 24 watch winders, while the rest can go in the safe’s drawers and secret compartments, along with your other valuable stuff. The safe’s interior sports Alcantara leather and black-stained Japanese Tamo Ash – sounds exotic.


Döttling Gallery Watch Winder Safe Luxury Items

Döttling Gallery Watch Winder Safe Luxury Items

Don’t forget that Döttling primarily is a maker of safes, so security is actually the central element. Does a fingerprint scan to unlock it sound secure enough to you? The brand notes that the bolt work was a particular technical challenge due to the need to work in a very confined space around the glass. Speaking of space, the actual dimensions of the Döttling Gallery are 150cm tall by 75cm wide by 60cm deep, and it weighs about 600kg. So, as one can also surmise from the images, it’s about the size of (and perhaps slightly resembles) a small refrigerator.

Döttling Gallery Watch Winder Safe Luxury Items

I’ve always thought that watch winders should be as much about display as about winding – I just wish the the decent-looking ones weren’t so often the prices of watches themselves. If you can afford this Döttling Gallery, or even have the need for such a safe, it means you probably have some awesome watches to keep in it. So, congratulations on that. This Döttling Gallery really seems to be very elegant and thoroughly thought out to offer the best of all worlds, so it seems like a good option if it matches your decor, personal taste, and budget. Don’t be like me and keep your watches in a pile on your desk!

Many of the delicate ultra haute-horology watches we cover here on aBlogtoWatch will, perhaps, never be worn. That’s a shame but understandable, when a ding on a doorway could mean who knows how many thousands of dollars off its value or in servicing. But you should at least still be able to admire that automatic tourbillon easily while at the same time keeping it in pristine condition. Prices for the Döttling Gallery start at €130,000 before tax and shipping.



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  • Raymond Wilkie

    I could lift a small fridge. Am not saying it would be easy, but i could do it : )

    • iamcalledryan

      That’s the dry weight – you are advised to fill it with diving watches to weight it down for security…

      • Raymond Wilkie

        i was kinda kidding : )

        • iamcalledryan

          and I sounded serious?!

          • Raymond Wilkie

            Thats why i put a wee smiley face at the end.

    • IVA the LT

      I could lift a small fridge too. What I can’t do is lift 600kg lol.

  • iamcalledryan

    It’s perfect. If I buy this, it will finally force me to upgrade everything else in my life to accommodate it.

    • DanW94

      Problem is, If you buy this, chances are you had to sell everything else in your life to afford it : )

  • Richard Baptist

    I love how on the 5th photo from the top, the 130k Euro safe is filled with Seven Friday watches.

    • Mark Baran

      Must be a Pacific Rim country collector’s safe. 🙂

  • Marius

    I don`t really understand the purpose of this safe. Considering that with tax and shipping, this safe costs around $200k, buying it would only make sense if your collection is worth, at least, a few million dollars. Now, if your collection is that valuable, chances are, you will keep it in a bank safe, which is much more secure than this one. Also, keeping those watches at home would be a great risk, since the burglars might threaten you with a gun to open the safe, or worse, chop off your finget and use it for the finger print scanner.

  • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

    I’d like a watch safe with winders, but somewhere in the $2-4k range. Do they exist, or do I have to make my own?

    • egznyc

      Great question. I hope someone out there more in the know can answer your question. While my collection isn’t valuable enough to need such protection, it’d be s great way to display them. Maybe also a great way to help the burglars find something to burgle ….

      • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

        My collection isn’t all that valuable either, but I do have some, that through their history cannot be replaced. I would really hate to lose those special ones. But I use them frequently, and having them already wound is a big plus for me.
        Most of these safes can be bolted to walls and floor, so leaving with the safe, or tying to open it in place would be a troublesome task, and it would deter some random crackhead looking for an easy score.

  • cg

    If you can’t anchor it to the floor it will go out the door! A valuable safe means nothing to a determined thief and in this case 2 or 3 with the right equipment can have it out in 5 minutes and gone. Don’t get me wrong…a safe is a good investment. It is great deterrent to your common crackhead looking for bedside pistols or electronics. But if your collection is super pricey you will attract a whole different class of criminal. An alarm system wired to a central service is essential first for the forced entry to the house and then to the safe. I went budget… Bought a good fireproof gun safe and put 10 roller bearing shelves in it with motion sensor LED lights all set up to ADT. Also remember to buy a document “cool” pocket. It protects inportant papers in the safe if you have a ?. BTW I don’t like watch winders that much. Half the fun of ownership for me is handling the watch not just putting it on.

  • Nelson

    I hope I can have as many watch collections as they have and the watch cupboards too.

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