Döttling GrandCircle Watch Winder Wonder Box

Döttling GrandCircle Watch Winder Wonder Box

Feast your eyes on one of the sexiest watch winders ever created. I will write more about it later, but this is the new GrandCircle winder by Dottling in Germany. There will only be 20 ever made.The furniture includes 52 watch winders, a safe, a bar, a clock, a cigar humidor, and yes - stereo. Dottling calls it grand, I call it Valhalla. Don't get your hopes up though, it costs 195,000 Euros.


    ABSOLUTELY VULAR ! Something from a cheap whore house in Bangkok !
    DEFINITELY FOR ONLY THE ASIANS ! Mein Gott im Himmel !

    • kris.c

      Interesting to see that racist trolls can still find a soapbox to yell from.

  • kris.c

    I’ll take 3.

    Looking forward to seeing the full review – for that priice, I’m sure all kinds of customization are available – this one looks like it was designed for someone stuck in an ad from a dusty old Playboy magazine from the Eames era.

  • Ulysses

    This must be the WIS equivalent of having a 150-inch TV. I like the art-deco look

  • Pat I.

    Remember – if you win, you can only pick a prize from the bottom shelf.

  • Sven Müller

    Is unfortunately only a rendering?
    The GrandCircle from Döttling is limited to a single series of 20 hand-numbered and signed objects???
    The same as the narcissus. already have been sold since 2?