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Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition Watch

Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Bar none, my favorite new watch for 2010 from Eterna is this wonderful heritage re-release model of the classic Super KonTiki from 1973. While the new and older version of the watch have some differences, the character of the original classic remains (thankfully). I first wrote about the original Eterna Super KonTiki watch here, discussing how it was used by the famous IDF (Israeli Defense Force), and was a coveted collector’s item. At that time I wondered if Eterna would ever revisit this model… and low and behold they did.

Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

At Basel 2010, I walked by the Eterna booth, surprised and delighted to see this guy in a case. It made me even more excited to talk with the Eterna people and play with it. You’ll notice below a comparison of the original model and the new Heritage model. Up a few millimeters in size, the Heritage Super KonTiki limited edition 1973 is 44mm wide in a steel case with a tall rotating diver’s bezel. The case is 200 meters water resistant (why not 300m I am not sure, they could have easily made it that, I am sure). Nevertheless, it is a very capable diver’s watch with a fantastic spirit.

Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

The dial is super cool retro futuristic. Like the best of the 1970s on your wrist (without any of that mostly ugly brown and orange that was common at the time). With its white, yellow, and black tones, it feels pretty modern. The case has a great classic looking tonneau shape to it, behind the round dial. Hour markers are applied, and there is lots of SuperLumiNova on the dial and the hands. Eterna always intended the hour and minute hand to be different – making them easy to read underwater. Like the classic, the seconds hand is a large needle.

Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic, which should do nicely. Both watches have similar caseback engravings of the original KonTiki ship for which the watch was named. Eterna fitted the watch with a great mesh metal bracelet with a special deployment clasp for micro adjusting it. They all offer an extension segment for use when diving. Being a limited edition, the Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 watch will be limited to just 1,973 pieces (for the year it was originally introduced). It should be available this fall for about $3,300. I really want one of these and am happy to see collector demand high enough for Eterna to price the Super KonTiki back.

See Eterna watches on eBay here.

See Eterna watches on Amazon here.Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

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  • Les

    I really like the detailed review – and stunning photographs!

  • Wow!! I love everything about that. I’ve had my eye on a GMT-IIc for a while, but I think I like the Eterna even more!

  • Hmmm. I see it has the 2824. I wish it had something a little nicer or more elegant for that much money. At least maybe a 2892?

  • Kris C.

    Elegant? With no display caseback, and no complications other then the date, what are ytou looking for in elegance? The ETA 2824 is a perfectly good and robust movement. Very dependable 25 jewel movement that has been keeping accurate time for people since the 50’s.

  • Kris, I’m sure it’s mechanically more than competent. But I can buy watches for $200 or so with the same movement. I’m not expecting a Patek or Lange movement, but how about something slightly less pedestrian? 😉

  • Kris C.

    Speedmaster, you’re not giving anything else about the piece any credit. These are form + function, a wearable piece of art that also has a practical side (telling time, etc). You are buying this for the sum of it’s parts, not just the mechanics inside, or you might as well just stick with a quartz Timex.
    If you consider this to be “pedestrian”, then you most certainly never consider $200 watches and wear items that cost more than my first house. The aforementioned quaretz Timex would be my idea of “pedestrian”, and would never penalize any of the 5 watches I own with the ETA 2824 with such an insult.

  • Kris C.

    Actually, now that I think about it, you’ve named yourself after the “Moonwatch”. So which version do you own? The original used the Calibre 321, you certainly would’nt be caught suggesting that movement is “better” than the 2824, so maybe you have a manual wind Cal. 861? Basically a Lemania 17-jewel movement that moseys along at 21,600 bph?
    Nah – you’re a modern guy, I can tell – you have the Speedmaster day-date automatic that contains the 1151 25j with… 40 or 44 hours of reserve I believe. Truly head-and-shoulders over the childish and pedestrian 2824. I mean, it is nothing in the way of original and copied from the ETA 7751 (go ahead, say Valjoux – you’ll feel better), but it obviously makes the 2824 look like a gerbil in a wheel.

    I don’t intend on sounding like a jerk, but your argument holds little water with me.

    Regardless, I wish I had a Moonwatch…

    • Gentlemen… I am not even going to involved in this discussion, but I like seeing it unfold. I will intervene if a referee is needed though!

  • Kris, wow, I don’t even really know how to respond to that?! You may have read a bit too much into my comments. 😉

    But for the record, my nicest watch is indeed a Speedmaster Pro. It’s about 9-10 years old, with the I think 1863, or whatever model has the Delryn brake.

  • LOL! 😉

  • Derek

    hmm. Appears Kris has his panties in a wad. Or maybe wiped with sandpaper this morning? Calling a 2824 Pedestrian is a pretty good evaluation. They are great movements, no question, but like Speedy said, they are found in watches much cheaper than this. Personally Id expect something a little more substantial as well.

    SO, lighten up francis.

  • Derek

    We can easily read from Kris’ last comment that he is not retaining water….so I guess we can rule out Male PMS….well, maybe even rule out Female PMS. Apologies for assuming Kris was male. I think we have our answer on why Kris is so hostile. 😉

  • Hippocampus

    Being as logtime fan of Thor Heyerdahl’s books, I have a great deal of respect and interest in this watch. By boosting the size to a trendier 44mm, adding a splash of yellow, and some bold contrast to the dial, they really made a classic with modern day appeal. But I wonder if they could have gone farther? Perhaps they could have made better use of current materials such as carbon fiber for the dial, titanium for the bezel and perhaps a licorice scented rubber strap?

  • J.W.

    I have a lot of gay friends and they so adore this watch! We were all in a hot tub watching American Idol when a buff new guy got in wearing nothing but the Eterna! It took my breath waay! Cheers!

  • John Weatherly

    If I weren’t living in a cardboard box under an overpass in beautiful Southern California I would steal my girlfriend’s welfare check and get one. She gets payments from the US because her kids babby daddys’ are incarcerated and she gets welfare checks. Man you guys are cool. Anybody want some fake motorcycle clothes from China?

  • Derek

    I bet JW can tell some great stories about the porsche he took out one night….or his exotic trips to Thailand….

    The watch is really nice. Reminds me of a Doxa minus the ugliness haha. Just wish the price was lower….

  • Kris C.

    Wow. If any of that is supposed to be insulting, better luck next time. You’ll eventually find that “panty wad”, “sandpaper wipe”, and the like are comments that really just insult the person that made them.
    How wierd is it that this $3,300 piece with a 2824 in it is the catalyst for this time of discussion. Click around here a bit further, you’ll find the same movement, or even lesser or quartz ones in watches that are much more expensive than this. Are you new readers around here?

    Wait – did I say discussion? Sorry, I meant panty-knotting slap-and-pinch fest. Girls, can’t we just make some fudge, give each other makeovers, and gossip like friends?

  • Derek

    yep, new reader, found it while poking around for info on the Eterna. and in no way was I trying to insult you. Just pointing out the fact that you are a bit of a wanker the way you attacked speedmaster…claiming because he said the movement is a bit pedestrian…(it is) he must own watches more expensive than your first house. a bit um…”twattish” dont ya think?

    But yes, there are a lot more expensive watches with lesser movements out there…but this is the one were talking about today. 🙂

    • You know what people consider pedestrian? A Honda. Wow, the irony as pedestrians are the bane of cars. Anyhow, Honda work really well most of the time, and while they aren’t always glamorous, they often get the job done better than their prettier counterparts. So while a 2824 might be pedestrian in the scheme of mechanical watches.. there is nothing bad about that in this case!

  • Kris C.

    No, I don’t think that. I think pointing to things like PMS as an excuse (which you said with utter seriousness, as you mentiuon not attempting to insult) is “twattish”. Don’t you think?

  • Commodus

    Take a watch from the 70’s add 10mm diameter and surround it with words like “heritage”, “classic” and “re-release”. Most other makers have the sense to refine their designs a little but not in this cast. Same clunky case and lugs, same un-remarkable bezel, dial and hands. Slap an antiquated movement under the hood and finish it off with a shmarmy greaser bracelet. They should have gone all-in and put Fossil on the dial.

  • walter

    bigger isnt better in my eyes but hey im just a 6.5″ guy and the mesh is probably too big for me umph, low , i could get my hands on 3k bythe fall but i’d rather buy an original and with the change sponser some poor kids in the 3rd world, my arse! Goes well with the yamaha r6 i have on order.Could have picked an original up in 2000 for $400 anyway hey hope the chinese fake this one, shouldnt be to long muwahahaha (evil laugh)

  • Derek

    @admin….DEFINITELY not saying its a bad movement…theres no question…its just the pricetag of this watch that TO ME seems a bit high. Like a Honda Accord thats priced around $50K.

    and Kris, PMS is the only logical excuse for you other than just being a total internet asshole. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

  • Kris C.

    Aw, you poor innocent little thing you. Just trying to make sensible, unbiased comments and you become the target of PMS-ridden internet assholes. I think you’ve run out of turd polish, but you can get a bulk can on sale if you act now.
    And considering that a fully-loaded 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour is almost $40,000 (and absolutely hideous), how does that make your comment logical?

  • Kev

    I love this watch any ideas when it will be available and where from?
    Cheers guys.

  • Derek

    kris, Actually, I usually dont comment on blogs, but your overinflated ego and sense of self worth just begs to be poked fun of.

    as for the fully loaded honda, Id hardly call a watch with a 2824 “fully loaded”

    but good try though!

  • River Rat

    Now two remake’s came out at Besel the Eterna Kontiki Super and the Tudor heritage Chronograph both made the design to keep with the original I like both.Now I wish they would of keep the same size as the original Eterna I own a original Eterna Kontiki Super IDF and it’s a great watch and the size is just right.This blog did some thing on the one I got the seller resold it and I snagged it nothing like the original with the history of the IDF behind it.If any of you were lucky to see Billy’s web site he is a member of the MWR forum he did a real nice write up on it to bad his own site is down right now.Then you would know why Eterna would think this would be a great seller.I know now that this watch is out saw one posted at a watch forum.

  • sierrabc


    Does anyone know how to tell if a Eterna KonTiki Pro Diver Watch, ETA 2897, Limited Edition, 1594.44.40.1154 is a fake/replica? Also the one I’m considering would need to go in for repairs as the crown has seperated from the stem, has anyone heard of this happening before?

    Merry Christmas,


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