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Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar Watch

Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Until this point, Graff’s contribution to watchmaking has been a 55-million-dollar diamond-encrusted quartz watch. However, the vertically-integrated, London-based jeweller is making a serious run at the annals of haute horology with its foremost Baselworld 2016 offering: the Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar.

Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Obviously, as a Graff creation, you can rest assured there will be diamonds. However, the Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar is a surprising portrait of restraint, and devoid of any overt mineral distraction. With only a faceted bezel and a sizeable diamond set in the crown to hint at the watch’s origins, the real star of the show here is the watch’s fully skeletonized complication, which was developed exclusively for Graff. Measuring only 7.72mm thick, this innovative Calibre 7 automatic movement is markedly thin – especially when you consider it packs in not only a perpetual calendar complication, but a tourbillon as well.

Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Though overall legibility might not be the watch’s strong suit, the perpetual calendar is displayed in a pretty cool way – across a fluid horizontal line stretching between 9:00 and 3:00. Particularly cool, though, is how each disc has been rendered in a complex electroforming process that results in an ultra-thin, and clear material that complements the watch’s fully skeletonized construction.

Keep the Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar fully wound, and you can expect the calendar to maintain the correct date all the way through the year 2100 – even accounting for leap days every four years. Even if you don’t plan on keeping this watch on a winder for the next 85 years, it’s still pretty neat that, well, you could.

Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Naturally, the Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar doesn’t carry the same show-stopping presence of the diamond-encrusted Hallucination from 2014, but it marks an concerted effort on Graff’s part to become a contender amongst watchmaking elite. Pricing on the Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar is only given after completing an application, so feel free to take guesses.



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  • Good God, that’s hideous! The dial and all the seriously unnecessary apertures to expose that jumbled mess, needs some serious re-thinking.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Are you serious ?, this is a mess.

  • funNactive

    Perpetual Calendar Skeleton Tourbillon – Yes Please! Ghost price – No Thank You.

  • iamcalledryan

    Not a watch, a drawing of a watch. I think when you miss the deadline for BaselWorld you should just accept it…

    • Nateb123

      Most definitely. They probably hurt themselves more than help with this too since finishing will make a world of difference in the look of a piece like this.

  • Richard Baptist

    I really appreciate the skill that goes into watchmaking so I don’t like to be critical but this is a mess. Just because it has a tourbillon, does not mean the rest of the design goes out the window. The dial is way too busy and messy.

  • MEddie90

    Its worth noting that graff has been producing some pretty technical timepieces for a while now. they have a minute repeater, ultra slim and gyro-tourbillon. Nothing too innovative or different (aside from the case shape) but more than bejeweled quartz.

    As for this watch its a marvel of engineering and craftsmanship but its also pretty darn ugly. I don’t like skeletonised watches at the best of times but this just looks really muddled and jumbled with the disks everywhere. As Richard said below, give it a solid dial and it’d be immeasurably nicer.

  • I_G

    I have an Adobe Illustrator drawing of a watch for 100,000 Swiss francs. Any takers?

  • DanW94

    An aesthetic mess, which is too bad given the technical goodies on display. If they could’ve managed a more cohesive dial design they’d definitely be onto something here.

  • trj66

    My eyes are hurting beyond repair and I’m going to have horrible nightmares for the next many weeks; please make it STOP!!!

  • Ulysses31

    What a mess this is. It’s a good job this is a perpetual calender because the owner will have a record of how long it’s been sitting on the watch-winder and not his wrist. I’d expect such a design faux-pas from a one-year-old manufacturer in Shenzen, but not from an established Swiss make.

  • Sevenmack

    An interesting mess, this Mastergraff is. But not interesting enough for purchase. Completely illegible, chaotic on the eyes and mind, and, given that others have done similar skeletonized perpetual calendars, completely derivative.

  • Marius

    You need to complete an application? Application for what? For receiving a postcard with the picture of a watch? Or maybe a poster?

  • JimBob

    Bad skeleton job, or worst skeleton job?

  • David Williams

    Er, not exactly easy to tell the time on this, especially at certain times of day – but maybe that isn’t a priority!

  • SuperStrapper

    What an abortion. Even the quality of the renders is shifty. The concept for the case design s so bad I laugh. Like something from some cheap drug store affair in the 80s.

    I love the scam though:

    “Heres a drawing of a watch I’ll build if you fill out this application first. Question #1, what is your net worth?”

    “Seven hundred jillion dollars”

    “I’ll build you the watch for six hundred jillion dollars”

  • Boogur T. Wang

    I suggest that ABTW stop posting articles where no actual watch has been manufactuered and/or is available for consumers to purchase.

    This does not include the renderings by Mr. Carson. Of course.

    • hatster

      Actually I am not so sure. If this site is about all things ‘watchy’, including design, then concept surely has its place?

  • hatster

    I looked down at the comments and breathed a sigh of relief as I was thinking ’emperor’s new clothes’. Not just me that thinks someone designed this watch while suffering the most almighty hangover from St Patrick’s day then? It lacks both function and form. If you tell me it is also a smart watch, I’ll tut loudly (I am British, after all).

  • dennis

    This watch dial is busier than Time Square, what a mess.

  • Roman

    What a mess!

  • Shinytoys

    I might not be able to read what time it is, but that is a gorgeous watch…

  • Gary Aerne

    Wow. I really like the architecture of this watch. Very pleasing to the eye!!

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