Gustafsson & Sjogren Watches With All-Damascus Steel Cases And Movements; Hands-On

Gustafsson & Sjogren Watches With All-Damascus Steel Cases And Movements; Hands-On


Since their debut some years ago, we have always been fans of the work of Swedish watch company Gustafsson & Sjogren that combines the work of a master knife maker and Damascus steel maker (Gustafsson) and a watchmaker (Sjogren). From the start, the point of the brand was to feature the beautiful look of handmade Damascus steel and distinct Scandinavian aesthetic. No doubt these timepieces are an acquired taste, but as of this year they have reached a pinnacle of their design.

Their first watches incorporated Damascus steel dials and sometimes other elements such as hands or the crown. The next step for Gustafsson & Sjogren (Gos) was to produce an all-Damascus steel case. Eventually however, GoS's aim was to produce watches with Damascus steel dials, cases, crowns, and even movements. Not only that, but unique in-house made movements that were far and beyond more impressive than the high-grade Swiss ETA Unitas manually wound movement included in their early creations such as the Lapland Sky (aBlogtoWatch review here).




What you see here are a few of the most modern Gustafsson & Sjogren watches, and aside from dial differences, represent all that the brand has achieved thus far. The movement is very exciting, but more on that later. The three models here are the GoS Winter Nights, and the Winter and Summer models from the Nordic Seasons collection. Damascus steel is typically referred to as being metal with a wood grain style texture. Though through use of various chemicals, Gustafsson can include a range of beautiful colors as well. In my opinion, Damascus steel goes from good looking to extremely beautiful.

The most complex Damascus steel is of course used for the dial. More simple versions of the folded metal are used for the case and crown. What I found particularly special was that despite what the metal looks like, it is wonderfully smooth to the touch and fantastically polished. GoS produces these cases in 45mm wide sizes and the combination of traditional polishes mixed with Damascus steel is very satisfying. Understand that I am not trying to simply talk up a small brand. I genuinely got excited about these watches after spending some time with them. We first talked about the GoS Winter Nights here, but after a hands-on look I can confirm that we are very impressed.

  • Ulysses31

    I love the textures and colours of the metal.  What lets it all down are the hands and indices, which look like a cheap afterthought, punched out of a thin metal sheet.  The hands could be longer and lose that weird whimsical shape.  Slight adjustments could really take this watch to the next level.

    • bichondaddy

      Ulysses31 Stole my thoughts exactly!!  I love the Damascus steel, my dad had a sword made from it, now in my youngest brothers possession, and it is stunning.  I can only imagine how nice that watch looks.  And yeah…some more thought into the hands and indices could make this watch.

  • Kris C

    This brand is finally moving toward an actual value proposition – older models were priced like this and really only showed off a few bits of damascus steel, but getting into the movement manufacturing space with that material will give them something worth having a real conversation about. Looking at this watch sans damascus, it looks kinda like some cheap swag or promotional material; I can understand wanting to be rather minimal in order to let the beauty of the metal speak for itself, but methinks there is a design theory class these boys skipped out on so they could share a left-handed cigarette behind the portable.
    Moving in the right direction though, thankfully – hopefully they continue to evolve appropriately, and I think they really picked a winner in A. Braun.

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