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Haldor Abissi Watch: How They Made It ‘Swiss-Made’ For Under €800

Haldor Abissi Watch: How They Made It 'Swiss-Made' For Under €800 Watch Releases Sponsored Post

Have you ever asked yourself why, in the vast world of dive watches, there are not more “Swiss-Made” automatic dive watches at a reasonable price? There are certainly a number of decent brands that make fine products. One would expect that the variety would bring down the prices. But “reasonably priced” is often not the name of the game in this sector. The peculiarity of only high-priced dive watches available sparked in us – a group of watch professionals and enthusiasts – an interest. We asked ourselves: is it possible to build a top-grade Swiss-Made dive watch at a reasonable price? The answer to the “fairly priced” question took 4 years and considerable resources. But finally, in November 2015, the last pieces fell into place, and we are proud to present – the Haldor Abissi.

Long story short, we found out that not only we can build a high-quality, certified product for the same prices as other brands, but we can even substantially lower the retail price of the timepiece. Although we had opportunities to develop our product under already established brand names, we took the rather bold decision to build a new brand from scratch. This would give us freedom in design, market positioning, and overall brand recognition.

Haldor Abissi Watch: How They Made It 'Swiss-Made' For Under €800 Watch Releases

Haldor is a Scandinavian name, derived from the Old Norse words “hallr,” which means “rock,” and “Thor,” the “god of thunder” in Norse mythology.

Our story began in 2009 when we started searching for the right partners to create our own watch brand. It took us 4 years to find and sign all the agreements for cooperation with external companies and partners. In 2013, we formalized our commitment with the incorporation of the company and started working full-time on the project.

We invested considerable resources into the design and development of the Haldor Abissi timepiece and are proud of the final result! We knew from the beginning that the level of expertise and professionalism of our partners had to be top notch. Our demands were very high, and the whole process was no walk in the park. We queried over a dozen of companies to identify the best fit for our project. They host the manufacturing for the most famous Swiss and German brands. So we at Haldor Watches are extremely confident the Haldor Abissi will meet your needs.

Although the design is what most watch enthusiasts see first, it’s not where the process of making a new model starts. Before the size of the case, the shape of the hands, the thickness of the sapphire crystal… is the actual centerpiece of the device: the movement. We could opt for a number of decent quality manufacturers, that would nicely fit into the expected price range of our product, but we didn’t want compromises. Therefore, the choice was obvious. We choose the most commonly used automatic movement in Swiss brands like Tudor, Tag Heuer, Breitling, and many others: the ETA 2824-2 automatic movement.


There was a very limited quantity on the market, and the retail price was too high. This was not acceptable for us, because it would increase the final price of our product. And, as we are a micro brand, we couldn‘t afford it.

Haldor Abissi Watch: How They Made It 'Swiss-Made' For Under €800 Watch Releases

The solution was in our Swiss manufacturing company. As a professional company according to the strict rules of Swiss watchmaking, they were able to supply us a limited quantity of Swiss-Made ETA 2824-2 movements at price which was suitable for us. We still had to make a full payment in advance and wait for a long delivery time. But we are here for a long-run project, so we did it!

But we still wanted our watch to be more special. We wanted it extremely accurate! A standard ETA 2824-2 movement keeps time with +/-12 seconds per day, with a maximum daily variation of 30 seconds, according to ETA specifications. But you will still find Swiss-Made watches on the market with ETA 2824-2 movements keeping time about -+20s/d.

We decided to adjust the already very accurate ETA 2824-2 movement to a Top Grade level. The 2824-2 is an automatic-winding, twenty-five-jewel movement, available in four grades: Standard, Elaborated (improved), Top, and Chronometer.

To illustrate the differences in accuracy garnered by the successive grades, consider the following specifications:

Haldor Abissi Watch: How They Made It 'Swiss-Made' For Under €800 Watch Releases

Haldor Abissi, our first product, is as accurate as a COSC Chronometer! This is possible when an ETA 2824-2 movement is adjusted in 5 positions to a Top Grade level.

Check out the results:

Haldor Abissi Watch: How They Made It 'Swiss-Made' For Under €800 Watch Releases

You can see that the accuracy of Haldor Abissi is about +4.5s/d with a maximum daily variation of 7sec. The results are fascinating, and we are proud of them. Each watch supplied by Haldor Watches will pass the quality control and water pressure tests. Every single watch will be adjusted to a top grade level, which will come with the accuracy that the technical data show in the photo. We guarantee out-of-the-box accuracy of about +4s/d. How many dive watches can claim that?!

Haldor Abissi Watch: How They Made It 'Swiss-Made' For Under €800 Watch Releases

By “Swiss Made,” we are not referring only to the Swiss movement. We mean that all our products will have Swiss-Origin certificate. So our watches are manufactured in Switzerland according to the strict rules of Swiss watchmaking, from the preliminary stages to the assembly of each component, as well as quality and technical controls.

Want to know more? We made a Swiss-Made automatic watch with a technical specification similar to high-end brands at price level interesting both for enthusiasts and more demanding customers.

If you are interested in our product, please check out our pre-order Indiegogo campaign here. You have the chance to pre-order this fantastic watch starting from €500. The retail price thereafter will be €750. You are welcome to join us on Haldor Watches Facebook page and Twitter.

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  • If I’m reading this correctly you are not using Top Grade movements, but rather are adjusting lower grade (Standard?) movements to be within the rate standards ETA claims for their Top grade movement. In my experience, the ETA 2824-2 is usually much more accurate than ETA claims for its Standard grade. I recently put a TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300M with a Caliber 5 (Sellita SW 200 which is an ETA 2824 clone) and it ran -5 to +1 seconds per day (over all 6 positions). So out of the box it is within the rate standards you are also claiming. Based on the lack of decoration, the TAG was a Standard grade movement as well. Anyway, kudos for getting such good rate results but my only point is that usually the starting point is much better than the worst case standards that ETA and Sellita claim. My only caution is not to trade on the words “Top Grade” as that means a particular movement grade with a higher degree of decoration as well. You have a good price point. Best of luck with your watches.

    • Haldor Watches

      You are right Mark, we are adjusting the Standard Eta 2824-2 movements to the level of accuracy like Top Grade or COSC. This helps us to lower the price of the final product. The only difference the decoration, which does not affect on the accuracy. We have also stated that with Top Grade we refer to the accuracy of the movement.
      Yes the starting point was better than the ETA claims, but when regulating a movement it’s always better to make it go ahead. In the case posted we had to adjust it from -5 to +4,5.

      • Fooman

        No there are some differences as noted above to a top grade movement beyond the decoration. All you need to say is that you take base 2824-2 movements and adjust them to COSC accuracy. On that note… can you use COSC accuracy in advertising when you are not actually COSC certified?

  • SuperStrapper

    It is an attractive diver, which I would consider to be of high importance as well. The case looks familiar and the bracelet looks excellent.

    This This This crowded space, at any price range, but we wish you the best of luck.

    • Haldor Watches

      Thank you. We appreciate you like the Abissi.

    • spiceballs

      Yes, and I for one would have liked to see some info on the bracelet – eg, safety catch, extension, adjustment, thickness, etc. Swiss or otherwise, as others here have already noted you are competing in a crowded field so all info is critical to potential buyers.

  • I_G

    You should make an Unitas-based hand-wound watch, too.

  • TrevorXM

    I do like the watch and that is a very good price point. However I do wonder about the 2824. If you can simply adjust a Standard Grade and achieve Top Grade performance, then why does ETA bother to put in an Anachron hairspring in place of a Nivarox, red rubies rather than polyrubies, make their balance Glucydur, rather than nickel, use a different shock protection system with Incabloc rather than Etachoc, and use a different mainspring Nivarox NZ rather than an NO one. Don’t any of those things make a difference?

    • DanW94

      Was wondering that also. Perhaps, you can adjust the rate and achieve the desired results in the short term, but the upgraded components help improve and maintain efficiency over the long haul?

      • Haldor Watches

        Upgraded components help to easily adjust the accuracy, but when you are able to do that with a Standard movement the efficiency over the long haul will be the same.

        • iamcalledryan

          Not entirely true – upgraded components aren’t designed to make adjustments easier, they are aimed at improving short and long term isochronism, delivering less rate deviation across the positions, which as a consequence makes the adjustment easier. Point being that you can only manually adjust to average out the errors; the worse the materials, the greater the errors.

          The argument is that you might obtain a great delta when adjusting, but over time with the continuous influences of shock, friction, gravity, magnetism etc etc the adjusted rate will start to fall off the sweet spot.

          • Haldor Watches

            Not entirely true – We didn’t say they are designed to make adjustments easier, but it’s easier to do so if the components are top grade. Shock, friction, gravity, magnetism will influence both the movements.

          • JPonce

            I don’t think you really understand what others are saying about this issue. They make a lot of sense. However, we will not know the result without really testing the long term accuracy for “standard adjusted to COSC” vs “top”.

          • iamcalledryan

            Yes and the movement with better components will do a better job of mitigating the impact of those influences. You can argue with me all you like, it’s you versus basic watch mechanics. I am pleased to hear that you have adjusted the movement to get it as accurate as possible, but arguing to us that there is no difference now between your movement and the other in terms of long term performance is quite a claim considering it goes against basic watch mechanics principles and you don’t appear to have the track record of the assembled product.

    • Haldor Watches

      Good point. We will ask the manufacturer and let you know what happens with the efficiency over long haul.

  • Ulysses31

    So if Haldor is a Norse god, what does “Abissi” mean? It’s a handsome and solid looking watch especially at that price. Being Swiss-made would have to mean a lot to the customer though, considering the number of non-Swiss micro-brands that compete around that price point.

  • “How They Made It ‘Swiss-Made’ For Under €800”

    I don’t know, they sell Hamilton watches?

    Scandinavian brand name, Italian product name, Swiss manufacture, German designed, sold by a Slovenian company? They could have really capitalized on this cross cultural collaboration, and come up with something with a little more global flair and influence. Instead, they put an ETA movement into a Borealis Scorpionfish. Does the world need another dive watch?

    • Haldor Watches

      It is a Swiss manufacture while our designers are designing for many German brands. The name is Scandinavian, because we just liked it, like the product name.
      We are a team from Slovenia, changing the location would cost us much more. Maybe someday 🙂


    ok it looks ok to me but on your site don’t say this

    “MOVEMENT: Swiss Made ETA 2824-2 TOP GRADE (28.800 vibrations per hour, 25 Jewels)”


    Aside from this it is a good effort, classic dive watch, good work horse movement, 45.5mm and 15.5mm thick is a bit massive for my humble wrists but most dive watch people look for heft so you should have a winner but adjust the specs on your indiegogo web page since not accurate.

    • Haldor Watches

      The term “top grade” can be used for the level of accuracy. This is our competitive advantage and solution to offer a watch with “top grade” accuracy at a competitive price. The watches are manufactured and tested in Switzerland unlike many other micro brands.

      • BNABOD

        does it have a Anachron hairspring? does it have Incabloc shock protection? does it have a Nivaflex BNM mainspring? since the answer is NO then it is not TOP GRADE. you can say adjusted to meet the timing specs of top grade but not call it like it says on the website “MOVEMENT: Swiss Made ETA 2824-2 TOP GRADE (28.800 vibrations per hour, 25 Jewels)”
        that implies it is a top grade movement which it isn’t.

        • Haldor Watches

          You are right, we did explain it.

  • smoothsweeper

    The design is very cohesive. Too chunky for my 6.75″ wrists, but the case shape and bracelet work very, very well together.

    • Haldor Watches

      Of course is not a small watch, but for sure non that big like it looks (according to the dimensions). The diameter is actually 43mm+2,5mm (crown protectors). The length is 46,6mm + the curved part where the band is attached. The watch will perfectly fit wrists from 6,5″ to 9″ (16,5cm – 22cm)

  • Haldor Watches

    To those who didn’t understand well…
    Our movements are ETA 2824-2 Standard adjusted to a Top Grade/COSC level of accuracy. This is our competitive advantage. The only difference is in decoration and materials used in the movement. But when you are able to adjust a Standard ETA 2824-2 movement to a Top/COSC specs, the efficiency over long haul will be the same. A Top Grade movement is already adjusted in 5 positions instead of the Standard which is not. We did a great work and our watches are accurate like COSC Chronometers!

  • Boogur T. Wang

    Good technology and Great first effort.
    As mentioned by Mr. Carson, your use of “ETA Top Grade” could be a slight bit misleading to some as it customarily refers to one of the grades offered by ETA for their calibers. But,’No Harm – No Foul’, in your case.
    Just a hint, you might better emphasize the anti-magnetic qualities you incorporate in your advertising.
    And also, as deep deep saturation diving is a very small % of clients, you might well consider either stopping with the HRV or offering it as a separate model.
    Just a suggestion. Good Fortune and a Merry Christmas to All of you.

  • Yojimbo

    I’m sure people are going to jump all over the mis-use of ‘top grade’ claim on all the forums. But sure we all guzzle on the horse caq of marketing speak nowdays right? Hey Haldor comment vulture, go google “Bill Hicks on Marketing and Advertising”.

    Perhaps this can become the watch industry’s “hypoallergenic” claim, it’s kind of catchy.

    I still might buy it, it’s kind of derivative design-wise but that’s just how watch design seems to work these days.

    As far as WHEN I’ll consider buying it, none of this heavily promo’d pre order b.s. Rather sit back and wait to see if it’s vaporware or plagued with problems.

    Price for me and anyone in NA (or simply not in the EU) won’t be quite so steep an increase, since there will be no VAT added which cuts a good hundred and change off of the retail price.

  • The consensus of advice being offered here is that you would be helping yourselves if you changed the text on Indiegogo that currently reads, “Equipped with a Top Grade Swiss Made ETA 2824-2 automatic movement”. The following disclaimer “By »top grade« we are referred to the accuracy of the movement.” is not the best way to handle your accuracy claims. And your Specifications section also says, “MOVEMENT: Swiss Made ETA 2824-2 TOP GRADE (28.800 vibrations per hour, 25 Jewels)”.

    I know rewording this may seem like a small matter to you, but the last thing you will want is for potential buyers to trust you less based on what they may see as misleading statements. Again, just some friendly advice.

  • It’s a lovely looking watch and appears to be quality crafted. But, (there’s always a but) there are hundreds of diving watches out there. Do we really need another one? Who buys all these bloody watches?

  • Spaceguitar

    Movement discussion aside, this is a very cool, burly diver.

    I’d hit it.

    • Boi1der


  • egznyc

    An attractive diver at a decent price. I totally agree, though, with the others who’ve noted that it’s misleading – whether intentional or not – to call it Top Grade. You don’t need to play games with a watch that should be able to sell itself.

  • minty xo
  • Astronuts

    For 490 euros I bought a 30bar dive watch with…you guessed it a 2824-2 Elabore movement – usual bells and whistles – dome saph w AR, 316L steel, great bezel…my point is if a company can not match bang for buck value, then you have to find a focal point that makes your watch different from the rest. I’m not sure positioning for accuracy will sway me more than just good design. It is priced right though, pre-order of course.

  • spiceballs

    Nice looking “diver” at an OK price with what appears to be a robust bracelet, but please refer to my other reply below re more info on the bracelet.

    • spiceballs

      PS – also more info on “lume”?

  • Dobriy Her

    I can list you a dozen micro brands out of my head with established REPUTATION, Swiss ETA movements and price tag below €800. If you will give me some 5mins I can lost you probabely 30 well known micro-brands with ETA, Soprod or Myota movements. I can’t see how Swiss wade watch below €800 is a “hard to find” thing today.

  • Jeng-han Yang

    Why are they ( Haldor and H2O ) look so similar ?

  • disqus_QU5DLzYCP6

    I received my Haldor Abissi today, and it is amazing, with the weight and overall quality for a less than 800 USD watch.

    BUT, the watch had some issues with the DATE. When the minute hands passes over the 12AM mark (the beginning of the next day) the DATE does not shift to the next day/date and just remains stuck in a in between yesterday and today DATE.

    The Second issue with regards to the DATE is while adjusting the minute hand via hand wind, I noticed that before the minute hand passes the 12AM mark to the next day (when the minute hand reaches 11:50-11:55PM), the DATE immediately switches to the next day/date BEFORE it even reaches 12AM.

    Just sent an email to them seeking amends.

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