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Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol Watch

Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol Watch Watch Releases

Ah, now here is a slide-rule bezel complication that I can use. I tend to make fun of these as I am not about to do long-division or calculate fuel consumption on a tiny slide-rule, if I need to figure that stuff out at all… But this one is actually handy. This new watch for 2012 from Hamilton is the Khaki X-Patrol and it has a metric to imperial conversion scale. That would prove useful as I often travel to Europe and having no idea how far things are and how much things weigh. I am such a proud American. It isn’t going to replace a calculator, but in comparison to most slide-rule bezels out there, you’ll probably use this one at least once in a while.

The name of the watch sounds like it was made for some make-believe military force, but it looks pretty cool. I like how standard Hamilton Khaki watches look like they are made for actual military personnel, and the Khaki models with some extra term after them look ripe for wrist time on GI Joe character. You can decide for yourself what the “X-Patrol” does. They say “no” to drugs though, you can be sure of that.

Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol Watch Watch Releases

Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol Watch Watch Releases

The watch contains Hamilton’s exclusive H21 automatic movement that is essentially an upgraded ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph. It has a power reserve that is bumped up to 60 hours, and according to Hamilton is specially regulated to be more accurate than standard 7750s (that can be COSC certified themselves). All the 7750 functions have been retained (12 hour chronograph, time, and day/date calendar).

You can see that Hamilton will offer the Khaki X-Patrol in two versions – with a black or silvered dial on a rubber strap, leather strap, or metal bracelet. I think I like the black dialed version a bit more – though they both look handsome. The dial design is interesting and very typical of modern Hamilton watches of this ilk. The hands might be a bit on the shorter side though, and from the images it looks like the hour and minute hands could probably be easier to differentiate. Hamilton also decided to go for a cool-looking hour counter, but one that lacks Arabic numeral markers – though all the indexes are there. All three of the subdials have interesting designs if you look closely.

Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol Watch Watch Releases

Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol Watch Watch Releases

The Khaki X-Patrol will come in a 42mm wide steel case that is really nicely shaped. I like the curvy structure and how the chronograph pushers sort of continue that case shape. It is actually elegant – something that you probably would not assume about a watch with this name. The case is further water resistant to 100 meters and has a sapphire crystal with AR coated on the inner side of it. Overall, quite nice and I look forward to seeing the rest of what Hamilton has to offer this year at Baselworld 2012. Prices are $1,295 on a leather strap or $1,345 for the watch on rubber or a metal bracelet.




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  • r_s_g

    “…the Khaki models with some extra term after them look ripe for wrist time on GI Joe character.” Precisely! Great line.

  • Kris C

    I like the black dial better too, but you know some “New Panda Hammy!!!111one1!” thread is going to start in WUS at some point soon for the other version.

    What’s the deets on the H21 – why is it exclusive? Is it Hamilton that has done the modifying? What did they do to increase the PR? Bigger barrel? Another barrel? Better spring? Talked nice to it and gave it some cookies if it stayed up late?

  • Ulysses31

    I think these look great. I’m normally not a fan of slide-rules on watches as they look too busy, but these models are slick, and seem well finished. I’d love to own either one, and being Hamilton i’d expect a fairly reasonable price-tag too.

  • JohnnyJohnnyJohnny

    Love Hamilton.

  • Jatlifefyre

    If only it was a GMT it would be the perfect travel watch.

  • AtSeaWatch

    As an American expat living in Europe and traveling a lot, this watch has a really appealing complication. I love that Hamilton is thinking about complications of use today and applying them. Give me a second timezone and an annual calendar while dropping the chronograph and it would be a perfect travel watch. As it is, it’s still awfully tempting. Way to go Hamilton.

  • CG

    OK so what Planetary system does the “X-Patrol” actually patrol? This Hamilton line needs a cartoon character, an adventure comic book and a posable action figure.

  • MichaelG

    At last Hamilton make something worth talking about. It seems an accomplished piece although I don’t know what use the x-patrol dial has. Quite nice, but could easily be mistaken for any other generic brand.

  • mitss

    Does Hamilton x-patrol has screw down crowns?  do the black markers and indexes luminate?

  • dido935

    Have it…excellent value for money, IMHO….(I payed it 1.000 euros, metal bracelet).