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Hublot Is Official Watch Maker & Timekeeper Of Ferrari

Hublot Is Official Watch Maker & Timekeeper Of Ferrari Watch Industry News

Hublot announced today that they have partnered with Ferrari to become (among other things) their official watch maker and official time keeper. This means that during their agreement only Hublot can produce Ferrari branded timepieces. Hublot will also be a branded partner during Ferrari events (and likely the Ferrari name will be displayed at many Hublot events). They refer to this as a “comprehensive agreement covering all the activities of Ferrari and Hublot…” I know, a bit vague, but I think we get the idea.

Hublot Is Official Watch Maker & Timekeeper Of Ferrari Watch Industry News

Ferrari has had an interesting history with watches. For a long time there were a range of lower-priced quartz watches. Then they worked with high-end brand Girard-Perregaux for some nice watches. After that they entered into what most people generally agree was a failed relationship with Panerai. After that Cabestan produced some very interesting highly limited Ferrari timepieces. There might be even more history that I am not considering. Starting today it is all about Ferrari and Hublot exclusively. With Hublot’s strong track record being the official watch maker for Formula 1, they were probably able to show Ferrari all the highly marketable high-end pieces that they can produce. I anticipate some cool watches and events moving forward.

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  • steve2

    Is there anything as cheap and vulgar as a watch with a Ferrari sticker on the dial?
    Ferrari baseball cap – maybe; watch – no…

  • Ulysses

    I’m sure the watches themselves will be great, as were those before them made by other manufacturers. The trouble I have with anything Ferrari-branded is that it has the subtlety of a brick to the face – that’s probably the intention come to think of it. A once handsome Panerai becomes rather gaudy, and as a result these watches remain sitting in shop windows gathering dust and will continue to do so for years to come no matter how much they’re discounted. Red white and yellow are great on sports cars, but less so on watches. Still, one has to commend Hublot for successfully repositioning themselves as the sport enthusiast watch maker.

    • Eric

      And yet they sell here in Tokyo. To whom? I have no idea as I have never seen one “in the wild” here, but they seem to appeal to people in Japan. Go figure! Heck, I see a Ferrari (the actual car) a day here, too, and I can’t imagine more of a waste than the hundred of thousands of dollars spent on a machine where the avg. speed limit is between 30-40 MPH. Guess Hublot wants to tap this market, too.

      • Eric

        Sorry – by “they” I am referring to Panerai watches with the Ferrari colors/logo.

        • Ulysses

          I don’t know the precise reason but from years of casual observation i’ve noticed that the Japanese tend to aspire to Western-inspired culture and art, and the strong brands we have therefore have a lot of power over them. Ferrari, Apple, the various French apparel brands to name but a few. It seems ironic when the Japanese have a long history of producing brilliant art and crafts themselves that they would reject that in favour of something foreign, but I guess we all find foreign things somewhat exotic and attractive. Nevertheless, it seems to be a trait of nations that have relatively recently had exposure to Western culture that see it as something special. It’s particularly prominent in the Middle-East, Africa and Asia, as well as Australia.

          It’s almost a cliché when someone says they want to “make it big in Japan” but it’s true that flagging Western popstars or what we see as mediocre products can almost certainly be a big hit in Japan on the strength of perception alone. Hublot will join the likes of Gwen Stefani and others in the race for greater profitability.

  • kris c

    Me, I’m not a ferrari guy, so those has little appeal to me in terms of the watches; I would never wear a ferrari branded anything. Unless I was getting paid handsomely, that is. Regardless, contracts to hublot for knocking out all these fairly prestigious partnerships.

    From the first picture, I see that hublot has downsized the king power somewhat. Ba dum dum. Couldn’t resist.

  • Dean Grant Baker

    yano, this giant sized watch craze must be stopped; just sayin’.

    • Dean Grant Baker

      “With Hublot’s strong track record being the official watch maker for Formula 1”

      They are? Since when, that’s interesting news as; Hublot “sponsors” the *pitlane* on F1 tracks.

      • Dean Grant Baker

        People that wear Ferrari branded clothing; can NOT afford to purchase a Hublot

  • Ovidiu

    Something is wrong with that Ariel, I am reading a watch site or a car one?
    Should have been “Ferrari is please to announce that Hublot accepted them as their official watch maker and official time keeper.”

    When can I see a Ferrari with the Hublot logo on the hood?!