Hublot King Power Miami Heat Chronograph Watch

Hublot King Power Miami Heat Chronograph Watch

OK come on, this watch is cool. I am not even a basketball or Miami Heat fan, but this watch is really cool. It doesn't take a lot of thought to understand why Hublot is doing well with the aspirational youth audience or wealthy individuals who wouldn't take a Patek out for a night on the town in fear that they might fall asleep at 9:30pm from a lack of visual excitement. This watch is really what Hublot is doing best. The designs we see might sometimes be redundant or predictable, but they are still cool.

I talked about Hublot and the Miami Heat a while go here in an enjoyable article. First they produced a limited edition watch for Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade, then announced that they would be the official watch maker and timer of the Miami Heat, and here is the first Miami Heat watch. It is called the Hublot King Power Miami Heat Chronograph and will be produced as a limited edition of 200 pieces.

The number 48 appears three times in the watch. The 18k King gold (red gold mixed with some platinum I believe) case is 48mm wide, the power reserve in the movement is 48 hours, and the special chronograph measures 48 minutes. Why 48? Not sure actually. The chronograph has two centrally mounted hands. One measures 60 seconds and the other measures up to 48 minutes. That is sorta cool and quirky. Hublot said it is to measure the "four quarters of a basketball game." I thought Basketball was two halves. Maybe I missed something... You also get the date on the dial. UPDATE: I feel silly as people keep telling me NBA games are four 12 minute quarters. Has it always been that way?

On the watch dial you see the Miami Heat logo, and a plate before the exposed movement that is supposed to look like a swoopy basketball net. On the rear of the watch located on the sapphire exhibition caseback is another Miami Heat logo. One of the nicest basketball themed feature is the texturing on the rubber strap that is meant to look like the surface of a basketball itself.

The case is further constructed of rubber, resin, and black ceramic (for the bezel). The black and gold crown with the Hublot logo appears particularly nice in this watch. Black and gold color combinations tend to look good in my opinion and with the Hublot style and hints of red this makes for a nice high-end sports watch. It is glitzy and loud, and just how many people like it.

Inside the watch is a Swiss automatic Hublot movement. The skeletonzied dial shows elements of the movement in action and the piece has a unique rotor for the King Power watches. Limited to 200 pieces each, the watch will come in a rather neat looking basketball style box and each piece will come with a Miami Heat team jersey signed by Udonis Haslem. Price is $42,400.

  • brandonskinner

    48 is the amount points Lebron gets for scoring a touchdown, times the amount of minutes for highsticking, plus 4 grand slams, and two field goals. Duh.

  • brandonskinner

    48 is the amount of points Lebron gets for scoring a touchdown, times the amount of minutes for high-sticking, plus three grand slams, and two field goals. …and now Hublot has a chronograph to measure this accomplishment.

  • fromagesfondus

    Personally this watch seems very tacky.

  • Neil C

    You know about as much about Baseball as I do, and I’m English!

  • Neil C

    Oops, Miami Heat, they’re Basketball, right?

  • DG Cayse

    mo bling…mo bling…

  • King Vidor

    I think the part that makes me laugh the most is they think a jersey autographed by the immortal Udonis Haslem is a selling point.  Nothing says awesome like a piece of memorabilia signed by a bench player.  Maybe I could pair that with my signed Tony Kukoc Bulls hat.  This is just another tacky and hideous watch by a company that always finds a way to set the bar lower.

  • Kris C

    I’ve never been a fan of 3rd party logos on watches, so I just won’t have much nice to say here. Love the 48 minute chronograph though – regardless of what it is supposed to represent, can’t say I’ve ever seen that before.

  • JoeWelke

    At last! Just the watch I need to go with my Timberlands with their solid gold eyelets!

  • Ulysses31

    Tacky, but that’s just stating the obvious.  Only a talent like Hublot could make $43,000 worth of watch look this bad.  The only guys who’d buy this watch have dollar signs for eyes and go by the names of Dayvon, G-Dawg and Dong-Juan.

  • DG Cayse

    “Only a talent like Hublot could make $43,000 worth of watch look this bad.”
    Well said. I look for their WWE model to arrive soon. Perhaps a ‘Randy Savage’ tribute watch.

    • Ulysses31

       @DG Cayse Not sure.  The Machoman is too mild-mannered for the likes of Hublot – I think it would be the Ultimate Warrior or nobody.  His belt would be a massively over-sized  King Power, because big watches are cool these days don’t ya know :D.  He’d claim that it gave him the power to see multiple quantum realities merged in to one, and that he could therefore predict any move Hulk Hogan might possibly make, before telepathically reaching out to him and trying to implant a suggestion in Hulk’s mind to drown himself in a urinal back-stage.

  • CG

    I’m assuming orange pants are a must have with this thing?

    • admin

      And orange shoe laces!

  • JohnnyJohnnyJohnny

    too easy

  • AliceHoffman

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  • jdiaz623

    isnt 48 for the military time?