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Introduction To Stranger Watch Company

Introduction To Stranger Watch Company Watch Releases Sponsored Post

The Stranger Watch Company Thoroughbred Collection dates back to the early ’80s, to the city of Taraz, Kazakhstan – a city with a 2000-year history, one of the main stops on The Great Silk Way, and the city where Stranger Watch Company founder Jahn Karsybaev grew up. Karsybaev’s uncle owned a horse ranch and his primary business was domesticating wild horses. He would turn wild animals into these beautiful galloping horses, most of which would later take part in Equestrian and Polo events. Growing up, Jahn visited his uncle’s ranch every summer and was truly amazed by these elegant yet powerful creatures.

Introduction To Stranger Watch Company Watch Releases

The most amazing part was seeing the transformation process of wild stallions turned into graceful horses. This was quite an inspiration, and he really wanted to pay tribute to that in some shape or form, and this watch collection was a perfect opportunity to do so. The Stranger Thoroughbred Collection includes 4 distinct models: Akhal Teke, Andalusian, Mangalarga, Oldenburg. These were the actual breeds that Jahn had a chance to encounter in person at his uncle’s ranch.

Introduction To Stranger Watch Company Watch Releases

Introduction To Stranger Watch Company Watch Releases

The formation of the Stranger Team dates back to 2003, and that is when a story was born of how passion for watches can break the barriers of culture, age, and status. It starts with Steven and Jahn. Steven was an executive at one the most prominent banks in the United States, ABN AMRO, while Jahn was just starting out as an intern fresh out of college. One at the top of the corporate ladder, the other, at the very bottom. The status gap does not get any wider, and very seldom is it that the two extreme ends can connect unless there is an unprecedented factor that brings them together. As you may have guessed, such a factor was their passion for watches. Fast forward 5 years, and the company is thriving.

Introduction To Stranger Watch Company Watch Releases

The Stranger Watches Team

The focus of the company is on developing successful micro-brands for specific cultures, such as Amir watches and Miami Watch Company, and they are the makers behind several successful brands (which cannot be named due to NDAs and confidentiality agreements). Their most recent creation is the Stranger Thoroughbred Collection which is manufactured from quality materials.

Introduction To Stranger Watch Company Watch Releases Introduction To Stranger Watch Company Watch Releases

The objective was to create an elegant yet minimalistic timepiece without too much sophistication and complexity in design and movement. The 42mm case features grain patterned designs on the side and sapphire crystal on both front and back. Full attention to detail comes to life on the dial. The etched dial with horizontal patterns highlights its grace. The absence of the seconds hand particularly compliments the simplicity, combined with the 3 subdials showing the week, month, and 24-hour time.


Introduction To Stranger Watch Company Watch Releases

Introduction To Stranger Watch Company Watch Releases

Stranger Thoroughbred Collection watches are powered by the Miyota 9120 movement. Although Stranger tends to agree that the 900 caliber movements have become somewhat “mainstream and rather usual,” they are still very reliable and affordable alternatives to comparable Swiss movements. The Stranger team has been working with Japanese movements on various collections and has had no issues thus far.

Introduction To Stranger Watch Company Watch Releases

Additional Specifications:
Case height: 11mm | Case Length: 51mm (incl. lugs) | Water resistance: 5ATM

Currently, the Stranger watches are available for pre-order via KickStarter, and Stranger is offering aggressive discounts (from $200 & up) off the retail price of $599 – $649 and attractive rewards for early backers.

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  • thornwood36

    Some nice touches, but nothing special. If you don’t know what month it is , then you really are special. 2 central circles in the middle would have been better

  • PhilR

    “…without too much sophistication…”
    Yeah, I hate when that happens. Nice touch using straps that don’t span the entire lug width to really bring it down a notch and make this pair well with a fine pair of jorts.

  • iamcalledryan

    There are many watches out there that shouldn’t have a date indicator, then there are some that would be silly without one! Without it on these watches is like having a running seconds hand and an hour hand but no minutes…

    Also I am not a fan that the bar for the strap doesn’t align with the screws on the outside of the lugs.

    But the price is great – should calm those ABTW readers that are constantly shocked at the prices of the high-end.

  • Sergio3169

    Boyy, there are so many things which simply doesn’t fit. Another one using Kickstarter to make a quick buck. 
    1. They claim that these are Enamel dials. This is anything but an enamel dial. What I see is a normal embossed dial. 
    2. The index quality is poor. The 9 position index is already falling apart.
    3. A triplecalendar movement without showing a date is like Driving a car with 3 wheels only.
    4. A fake screw on the lugs is something for cheap watches
    5. They claimed 304 to be surgical steel before. People didn’t eat that, now they changed to 316L. After this, I am not anymore so confident that the buyer is really getting that.
    Many more to complain but finally simply smile and walk on. It is just too funny. These guys cannot be serious with what they are doing. Nowadays everyone can become a watchmaker.

  • Empirecity

    Sergio3169 Brother did you say it.  I mean who’s going to re-embrace mechanical watch culture when the companies talk down to potential customers?   Too many ads just seem to be missing the plot.  It is just laughable!

  • Sarthak Sharma


  • Somewhereoutthere

    Who names their brand “Stranger”?

  • WimadS

    =_=”  Did they really not ask themselves why they put the month on the dial but not the date? And for the other details, well, let’s just refer to Sergio’s post. Sums it up pretty well…

    And  then there is the whole horse bullshit story… how does it even relate to the watches at all? If its a tribute, there should be some kind of relation right… it could have been a tribute to a grain of sand for that matter. You know, metal comes from ore, which is sort of sand right. Oh and horses walk on sand! Guess there’s a connection after all!

    I’m sorry ABTW… sure there is a place for sponsored marketing stories here, you need to make money, I get it. But at least try to keep up some kind of standard… This just saddens me a bit…

  • WimadS

    Somewhereoutthere They’re strange.

  • WimadS

    Empirecity Sergio3169 Are they really fake screws on the lugs?? If so… that’s just the silliest thing ever… I mean, actual screw bars are pretty nice to easily interchange straps (although i’m not sure this is the type of watch that would suit a dozen different straps). So if they like the screw design, then make it an actual screw bar…

  • DG Cayse

    IMO, it really needs a sweeping seconds hand.

    Needs pics of the free cuff-links.


  • WimadS Somewhereoutthere F-ing weird

  • Sergio3169 Allow me to tweak your comment slightly: “Nowadays everyone can become a watch marketer.”

  • MarcusMak

    The design seemed to have taken a leaf from various inspirations:
    Hours & sec hand taken from FPJ. 
    Lug’s design taken from Speake-Marin 
    Kerning on the watch case side borrow from Brement.

    Not criticizing it, it just so much borrowing of ideas to concoct this watch.

  • AK74

    The price is right, guys

  • Sergio3169

    WimadS Empirecity Sergio3169 I saw a photo where they been using a standard springbar. Not even at the same position as the screw is. So totally weird.

  • Sergio3169

    Chaz_Hen Very true. Weird stuff

  • 5803822

    The name kills it for me…………………………………..

  • Chiu Nelson

    how come there is gap between the strap and watch case (lug side)

  • DeltronZero

    I just can’t get Dave Chapelle saying “have you ever given yourself a stranger WHUUT” out of my mind

  • Thanatos42

    iamcalledryan Miyota 9120 has date and running seconds.  Not sure why they dropped them from the dial.

  • Thanatos42

    This reminds me… where’s my Cholex?

  • May I suggest a name change? You could simply call the brand “Horse”.

  • I_G

    MarcusMak That lug design is as generic as it gets,

  • I_G

    AK74 …with the $200 and up discount.

  • I_G

    Somewhereoutthere Who listens to too much Sinatra.

  • Jimxxx

    why not a Patek or Lange sponsored post for a change instead of this mall watch brand….?

  • milsub168

    If I set the month to May without setting the date, when is the month indicator going to jump to June?

  • Mark Hesketh


  • SwissMatic

    …”combined with the 3 subdials showing the week, month, and 24-hour time.” There’s a dial showing you what week it is? Where? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that complication. I also love the crooked 12 o’clock hour indicator. It’s an aptly named watch as there’s a lot of “strangeness” going on.

  • iamcalledryan

    Who knows!?

  • Ottokar3

    Ok, add a seconds hand, a date window and a night/day indicator (either for the current time Zone or for the second, which would mean switching to a 12h scale) and you might end up with a compelling offer… oh that is after you dramatically increased quality: how can the indicators not be straight on the official foto?? I believe I put more thought into this watch than the people who made i…

  • Their Kickstarter page says the watches shown are prototypes and the the date window is omitted on them (implying that there will be a date display on production watches). Hopefully the misalignment of some of the applied hour markers are also just prototype dial issues.

  • Dick Move

    milsub168 Jump?  You’re funny.

  • Sergio3169

    This becomes more and more strange. First they claim to be manufacturers of other brands but show a product which is anything but a complicated watch. Then they use feedback from Socialmedia and blogs to improve their product. Competence smells different than that. Let me guys ask you, how did you think the month should change at which date? If you have no date at all. The pusher on 2 position is meant to be a corrector. You guys know what is the difference between pusher and corrector? A corrector for usual is recessed into the case for reason. It should prevent the unintended use of it. With your pusher, you always run danger to stuck somewhere and change the months position unintended. With a corrector you don’t face such risk. But anyhow, if you don’t care the date when the months will be switching, you wouldn’t care when the month is switched unintentedly by the pusher. The indexes are a catastrophy. The dial is not enamel dial. I am almost sure, you have no clue about watchmaking at all. You can fool yourself with this but you can’t fool any watchenthusiasts. Hope the ABTW editors are more picky by the choice of the sponsored posts in the future. I mean you cannot the money that badly to have such watches on your blog.

  • AK74 Would you spend your hard earned money on utter, shameless crap? Just because the “price is right”?

  • OnPointFirearms

    From the looks of their team, they chose an appropriate name.

  • OnPointFirearms

    Odd (strange?) that the “Stranger Team” isn’t wearing a single watch in their group photo.  I see in a pen in a pocket sans protector, but no watch.

  • OnPointFirearms Looks like they could have been wearing the prototype watches as they can be seen in the background in the left side of the photo. Guess they did not want to crease the fake alligator straps by wearing them.

  • Chaz_Hen AK74 Chaz, are you attacking the ‘Merican system of value and consumption? How unpatriotic of ya! 
    In the words of Don Henley, “We all know that crap is king.” (from the lyrics of “Dirty Laundry”)

  • spiceballs

    Stranger than friction?  Seems it only goes to 2024?  Now where did I leave my darn horse – – – – ?

  • DG Cayse

    MarkCarson OnPointFirearms Heh Heh Heh…I see what you did there.

  • MarcusMak

    Sergio3169 As said, they are “STRANGE” hehehe

  • Sergio3169 They have said on the Kickstater project page that there will be a date window. Just that the prototype dial shown here does not have the opening. Otherwise, I have to concur with your assessment.

  • DG Cayse MarkCarson OnPointFirearms OK, busted I guess. One of my pet peeves is fake alligator or fake crocodile straps. As Yoda might say, “Gator or gator not, There is no faux”.
    I refuse to offer fake grain anything on any of my watch straps. If it looks like alligator it’s because it is real alligator (same with crocodile and lizard straps I offer). OK, end of rant…

  • spiceballs ??? I must be missing something, why only to 2024?
    On another note, unless this is an annual calender (and the Miyota tech sheet I have indicates it is not), I have a real problem with a month indicator since it has zero bearing on the date display and must be manually corrected along with the date on non-31 day months. Just because those sometimes crazy Asian movement makers offer a feature, it does not mean that you have to implement it in your watch design. And the Miyota tech sheet shows more of a corrector button than a pusher, so that choice was by the Strange(r) guys.

  • AK74

    Chaz_Hen AK74 It’s not crap. It has Ok movement, weird design and is priced reasonably.  You can’t compare it to Omega, of course, but it’s x10 cheaper.

  • spiceballs

    MarkCarson spiceballs  ‘cos that’s what the dial shows (I was being facetious) and agree that for me the whole “thing”really doesn’t all “gel”, but I wish them luck  – – .

  • DG Cayse

    MarkCarson DG Cayse OnPointFirearms I agree with t  the “faux gator” fallacy. One reason for this may be the customs restrictions on various animal bits.I do not know if this is revelant here, but maybe.

  • DG Cayse MarkCarson OnPointFirearms Yeah, exotic skins can require appropriate documentation for customs. But in the case of alligators, they are far from endangered (over 1 million gators in Louisiana and another million in Florida) but they may still require paperwork in some countries. My point being if you aren’t going to use real alligator (for whatever reason), then don’t fake it. Cheers.

  • AK74 Chaz_Hen I agree, Miyota movements are not crap. Maybe an odd feature set on some calibers. I was referring to the design decisions on how to implement (or not) some of the movement’s features. Cheers.

  • spiceballs MarkCarson Yeah, me too. I wish them luck. But I wish they had made a few other design decisions is all. The strap gap issues others have noted may also be taken care of in production if they use properly sized and curved (ends) straps.

  • Sergio3169

    MarkCarson Yeah very true. You need to read between the lines and not let anyone fool you. I really love the Comments feature. So readers can share their opinions

  • Sergio3169 MarkCarson Yeah, no what the post is about, the comments section is often the BS barometer (and calibrated by public opinion).

  • I_G

    Jimxxx They can’t pay A Blog to Watch’s prices.

  • I_G

    OnPointFirearms All the watches are on the dude in the black shirt.

  • PhilMaurer

    Congrats on pulling the picture out with the bad 9-oclock indicator and replacing it with one with a bent 12 hour indicator.

    So if your going to modify that, why not address the springbar/screw issue which is clearly in one of the pictures, as well as why no date complication which this watch needs like a car needs wheels…  Also fix the type where you say week indicator and mean day of the week indicator…

  • Ottokar3 Or rather, the disk at 6 should be the date indicator. Regardless, Stranger is fired.

  • somethingnottaken

    ABN AMRO are one of the most prominent banks in the US? Really? Have any American ABTW readers ever heard of them.

  • somethingnottaken I had not heard of ABN AMRO before, but then I’m not Dutch, ha ha. Looks like they have a whopping 3 points of presence in the U.S.

  • We did an interview with Jahn Karsybaev, CEO of Stranger Watch Company as well, there are so many nice things to say about Stranger Watch:

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