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Itay Noy Time Tone Watch

Itay Noy Time Tone Watch Watch Releases

Itay Noy is an Israeli watchmaker and his eponymous brand is known among fans of independent watchmaking for creating interesting watches at relatively reasonable prices. In addition, most of his watches are created in extremely limited numbers, which adds exclusivity to the deal. However, his newest watch aims to take the concept of exclusivity a step further in that only its owner, the brand says, will know how to read the time with it. Let me tell you how the Itay Noy Time Tone watch works.

Itay Noy Time Tone Watch Watch Releases

To begin, the Itay Noy Time Tone comes in a 44mm-wide stainless steel case that measures 12mm thick. From the press photos, it looks as if it has a very curvy and organic outline with few sharp edges or angles. It has a large signed crown at 4 o’clock, and its screwed lugs are something which is quite rare to see these days. In my opinion, screwed lugs make strap changing more convenient as I find spring bars to be a little fiddly to use at times. The case is water resistant to 50m, which is sufficient for daily wear.

Itay Noy Time Tone Watch Watch Releases

The Itay Noy Time Tone comes in two dial variants: one with a blue dial with gold-plating and another with a black dial and ruthenium-plating. In the center, there’s a large sub-dial with a red running seconds and a gold or white minute hand. Surrounding the sub-dial is a series of apertures under which are colored discs. On the blue dial model, the discs gradually change color from white to light blue and finally dark blue. On the black dial model, the discs begin with white and then gradually change to gray and end up being black. The owner gets to decide which colored disc is the hour hand, hence only the owner is able to fully tell time with the watch – though, I would recommend choosing either the lightest or darkest color, lest you get confused about which shade of blue or gray is the current hour. Each Time Tone watch also comes with a color matching, hand-made padded leather strap with a double-folding clasp.

Itay Noy Time Tone Watch Watch Releases

Itay Noy Time Tone Watch Watch Releases

Enabling all this is the Itay Noy Caliber IN.IP13, which is made upon order by IsoProg, a small independent movement manufacturer in Switzerland. Itay Noy then adds on a special module of his own design to enable the spinning discs. The Caliber IN.IP13 is a hand-wound movement that beats at 3Hz and has a power reserve of 42 hours. It is visible through the watch’s display caseback and looks to be quite decently finished with circular graining on the bridges and main plates and polished blued screws. Also notable is the relatively large balance wheel.

Itay Noy Time Tone Watch Watch Releases

Certainly, the Itay Noy does have a unique way of telling the time and I find it to be quite refreshing. Of course, some readers might think it is gimmicky, but I like to see it as offering watch lovers something different without necessarily being overly complicated. It helps also that the overall aesthetics of the watch do seem to be quite pleasant. The Itay Noy Time Tone is limited to 24 pieces in blue and 24 pieces in black and is priced at $5,600.

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  • Pete Pete
  • DanW94

    The time telling mechanism is interesting enough but the dial execution does nothing for me. It’s got a cheap kitschy vibe to it. It kinda looks like a circle of drink coasters. For 5k it’s a pass for me.

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these and send it along to Bamford to see which company can do a worse job finishing the dial.

    • Pete Pete

      or a better job finishing the dial off

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I’m at the quirky end of the spectrum.

  • Tea Hound

    Er… no.

  • John Stevens

    Yes it’s certainly something different all right, they look like play school watches.

  • awildermode


  • Yan Fin

    Yeah, a video would help

  • SuperStrapper

    This is just a dial change I think. This case an movement have shown up in other Itay Noy pieces. I have a friend that covets a Chinese celestial time by this brand, same case and movement gimmick as this I think.

    If it floats your boat,

  • Ayreonaut

    Interesting design. But that dial looks like hell.

  • Gokart Mozart

    They are really ugly looking hands. The minute and second hands are the same design as well.

    And that strap looks like spongy PVC.

    Why are there no pictures of the movement when they have described it. Why is there no details about the movement when it is not ok ne of the usual suspects?

    Raymond can you do the honours please.

  • Ranchracer

    The perfect answer to the question nobody asked.

  • This might be more interesting as a jumping hour mechanism. Less kaleidoscope (or flower) effect that way

  • 24810

    I love Itay. One of the kindest spirits in the industry. These are not for everyone, but they are not meant to be either. Thumbs up.

    • WatchNeophyte

      Definitely agree on your first three sentences. I’m a big fan of the Chrono Gears myself, but I just not a fan of this one.


    Look it is not you it is me, but you must understand, we just can’t be in the same watchbox ok.

  • WatchNeophyte

    I’m a fan of some of his other watches, but I was never a fan of the time tone. Like 24810 said a couple of comments below, these are not for everyone.

  • Andy Kollin

    I picked up an Itay Noy Identity (Hebrew) last year while on vacation in Laguna Beach. I had been wanting this watch for a long time – and it doesn’t disappoint. I think this Time Tone watch looks awesome – and look forward to trying it on when I visit Israel this Spring (my son is spending a year there working on a Masters in History).

  • Ulysses31

    OCD would kick in whenever they are out of alignment.

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