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Longines HydroConquest Dive Watch With Ceramic Bezel

Longines HydroConquest Dive Watch With Ceramic Bezel First Look

The HydroConquest line has been around for a little more than a decade now. It’s become a mainstay in Longines‘ lineup referencing both the brand’s sporty appeal and their attentiveness to an elegant design. Now for Baselworld 2018, Longines has introduced the Longines HydroConquest Dive watch with a ceramic bezel. This new updated version of the Longines HydroConquest will be available in Sunray Black, Grey, or Blue. It will also come in 43mm and 41mm case sizes, as well as a chronograph version that is exclusively 41mm.

Longines HydroConquest Dive Watch With Ceramic Bezel First Look


Brand: Longines
Model: HydroConquest
Dimensions: 43mm & 41mm
Water Resistance: 300m
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Crystal/Lens: Sapphire crystal with multiple layers of anti-reflective coating
Movement: L888.2 (based on the ETA 2892.2) and the L688.2 (Based on the ETA A08.L01) for the Chronograph
Frequency: 25,200vhp for the L888.2 and 28,800vhp for the L688.2
Power Reserve: 64 and 54 hours respectively
Strap/Bracelet: Stainless Steel bracelet or a Black/Grey/Blue Rubber strap to match the dial.
Price & Availability: TBD


This seems like a pretty expected move from Longines. The update of their watch’s bezel material to ceramic is pretty on-trend with other major Swiss manufacturers this year. In a way, I think it was a needed addition to modernize the line and keep it from getting lost in the shuffle with Longines’ other offerings. While, on paper, it does seem to be a pretty minor thing, I believe it will be very noticeable and bring great added value to the watches in person. While the price for the updated versions has not been announced yet, the current price for the previous version sits at just over $1,200. This seems like a good deal for a watch from an established Swiss watchmaker, featuring a great movement, and now ceramic accents.

Longines HydroConquest Dive Watch With Ceramic Bezel First Look


As I previously stated, it almost seems like this update for Longines was one that needed to be made, if only to not be left in the dust in comparison to other brands. Ceramic acts almost as a stamp of modernity on watches today, whereas aluminum or steel inserts feel a bit dated. It will also result in a watch that can stand up to a lot more actual wrist time without showing the wear. All-in-all I would say that this is a welcome upgrade to the Longines HydroConquest line. Pricing and availability for the new HydroConquest models has yet to be announced but we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

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  • Filip Vanura

    I was looking for an update, but the bezel is way to much “inspired” by the sub. That is a real turn-off for me, I hate it when brands can get their own identity.

  • babola

    Does anyone in the WIS world still get excited about these Longines divers?
    Apart form the attractive pricing, what’s the attraction with these watches, specifically?
    Honest questions, not the wind up.

    • Bozzor

      There was a time aeons ago (pre-1970s quartz) when Longines was in the same league as Breitling, Rolex and Omega. But sometimes you can drop the ball in public perception. Anyway, they are a great brand with true history, and this is a solid basic diver: if they price it realistically, they’ll have a winner…

      • babola

        I get what you’re saying, but Longines has been ‘few and far between’ for many years now, like poor cousin of the Swatch group making sure they don’t design something that would/could disturb the status of the more recognized leaders of the pack like Omega and the likes.
        I own the Longines Legend Diver and love it to bits, but as you say, this is more of a 60es and 70es Longines of the glorious past than the modern Longines.

        • Bozzor

          I think they may be trying to recapture some of the glory of old. Maybe they need to do a Rolex, and spend a marketing fortune (like they have been doing for the past ~5 years) and do so for decades, to build up an image with the public. Before most of us were born (say up to the late 1960s), Rolex was a fine tool watch for pilots, engineers, sea captains and adventurersa: it was truly accurate and tough by the standards of the day. But when quartz came, Rolex took a gamble and it paid off well: mechanical Rolex became a symbol of luxury attainment, built on old world performance standards and new world image. One of the greatest sustained marketing campaigns of the 20th century (and now the 21st). My bet is Longines is trying for similar long term results. We’ll see over time I guess…

  • SPQR

    I respectfully disagree that the bezel is a Submariner “rip off”. There are only so many ways to present a countdown dive bezel that complies with ISO 6425 (obviously there are a couple of other options so Longines could have used a decompression bezel like Eterna on the Kontiki or a count-up bezel such as those used in the 1950s and 1960s as seen on the Omega Seamaster 300 1957 Trilogy Limited Edition) if fact the bezel is very similar to the Planet Ocean and the brand new Seamaster Diver Master Chronometer as well. What sets Longines apart from the Submariner and the other dive watches mentioned is the dial layout being slightly different, Arabic numerals instead of markers or markers and numerals and (at least with the current HydroConquest) the fact that it is far less tall on the wrist than either Omega or Rolex equivalents and has a more low profile appeal (pun intended). as Bozzor states Longines is a great brand with a great history that lost its way a bit. As a first Swiss automatic they are a great starter watch. I gave both my nephews a HydroConquest as 21st birthday gifts. they loved them and it started their interest in watches. My eldest has already got his Speedmaster Professional and is still wearing his Hydroconquest on a diving holiday to Vietnam and Thailand.

    • IG

      They should use at least a different font for the bezel numerals…

  • GregV8

    Im a huge fan of the HydroConquest line. I used to own one a few years ago. (I currently own a regular Conquest.)
    The new style is a welcome addition.
    That said, has anyone noticed they turned down the base frequency from 28.8 to 25.2?
    I wonder what impact it will have on accuracy.

  • PollyO

    I like this range. But i dont understand the 41 & 43 sizes? Why have two so close to each other? I could get 38 and 43, or 41 and 45 maybe. It just seems weird.

  • IG

    Conquer the hydro by one Submariner at a time!

  • Yan Fin

    The main specs here are absent- ” Price & Availability: TBD”. Would be a solid deal for about $1000, or will be gathering dust at grey market warehouses if more than $1500. And really, with all this rich history is it so hard to have a date wheel with matching background?

  • Luke Deerstalker

    I like that hour hand. Very interesting.

  • R Ramki

    They should’ve updated the design a bit more to modernize it beyond a ceramic bezel. Still a good pick up for 1k but there is some serious competition in that price now

  • SuperStrapper

    Pricing is all that can save this because I don’t know who would want this if it were price similar to the BBs and otherwise of this world that are far ahead of Longines in terms of standard divers

  • Pete L

    Great value I think for a 300m diver with ceramic bezel. Interesting the Chrono is in the smaller size too but lets wait to see it.

    • SuperStrapper

      Great value?

      • Pete L

        Compared to many I think so. Longines is a good brand at the more affordable end and although I wouldn’t buy it myself I do think this offers a value proposition as an entry level swiss diver from a brand with history. 🙂

        • SuperStrapper

          I don’t disagree. I was just poking fun because the price isn’t available yet that I know of so it’s hard to determine value. I assume the same as you that they will come in at the more affordable end, but barely. This certainly won’t be a sub $1k watch.

          But for this particular style of diver, I think it is a very uphill climb for Longines. Their legends compressor is a better horse to bet on.

  • Juan-Antonio Garcia

    Not bad, wanted to like it, but sadly the position of the number 9 besides the dot and the Tudor like hour hand, makes me cringe.

    • Babayagah

      You make me cringe

      • Juan-Antonio Garcia

        …and you are?

  • Poor Longines. Subish bezel, Omegaish dial, Tudorish hour hand, Hamiltonish prices.

    Somebody do something with this brand already.

  • MaltLiquor45

    they should lose the date and put a big ol’ 3 on there.

  • fthis f

    Nice looking watch. I prefer the shade of blue on the original one. This is not so bad, it looks almost like the dial on some Mido watches I’ve seen, which are also made by swatch group. The ceramic bezel reminds me a lot of the one on the Tissot Seastar, also a swatch group brand.

    I don’t know if the proportions of the hands and markers as well as the font 6,9,12 numerals are ideal, it’s come from being a watch with one of the busiest dials to one with a lot of unused space. Hopefully live pics will come out soon.

  • Dimitrios Gkirlemis

    Looks like they finally made the seconds hand with lume!

  • Ulysses31

    Blandness is hip and trendy now – or so Longines hopes.

  • M’ Lord

    It draws elements from a lot of different watches and puts them together, along with its own original crown and guard, and somehow manages to come out as the most aesthetically perfect diver. It shouldn’t work, but it does. Contemporary, timeless, perfect.

  • Cory Rubino

    Does anyone know the case thickness of the chronograph?

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