Marvin Malton 160 Cushion Khaki Watch Review

Marvin Malton 160 Cushion Khaki Watch Review

Marvin Malton 160 Cushion Khaki Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Marvin is one of the most interesting brands out there that common people can afford. This is in large part due to the brand's leadership - a spunky and creative woman named Cecile Maye. Her view of design is highly emotional which lends to theme and philosophy being one of the main driving forces behind the design. Plus talent, of course. On Marvin's current list of designer credits are the famed Jean-Francois Ruchonnet and Sebastian Perret, both of whom worked on the newer Marvin Malton 160 collection.

Marvin Malton 160 Cushion Khaki Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

I first wrote about the Marvin Malton 160 collection of watches here. After that I went on to discuss the Malton 160 Cushion collection which includes this Marvin Malton 160 Cushion Khaki timepiece which is an automatic three-hander in green. Rather than take a military approach to advertising the khaki green colored watch, Marvin opted for a more fairy tale theme by suggesting that the watch was akin to a frog prince. Interesting, right?

A watch in the $1,000 range (give or take), this timepiece has a lot of style and character. The steel case is 42mm wide with both brushed and polished surfaces and is very comfortable on the wrist. It is actually thinner than you'd think by seeing images of the watch. I would say that for the cushion shape the watch is a really good size, especially with the short lugs helping it feel proper on most wrists. The underside of the case has a sapphire crystal exhibition window for seeing the automatic movement with the Marvin rotor.

Marvin Malton 160 Cushion Khaki Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Marvin Malton 160 Cushion Khaki Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The dial is quite fashionable with its metallic green hue and textured face. There are applied, polished hour markers that are a mix of Arabic numerals and baton markers. Note the small red mark for 8 o'clock which is a signature element in all Marvin watches. On the side of the case is a historic Marvin logo engraving. The angled, geometric crown is a nice touch with the Marvin crown logo in relief.

A white minute ring around the dial gives the watch a more purposeful sport look while the hands are totally retro inspired. However, the hands tend to blend into the face in some lighting situations. But, overall, the dial is a handsome and fashionable "green" look. In this instance, I don't even mind the "open" date window.

Marvin Malton 160 Cushion Khaki Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Marvin Malton 160 Cushion Khaki Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Marvin Malton 160 Cushion Khaki Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Inside the watch is a Swiss Sellita SW200 automatic movement which is basically the same as an ETA 2824. Marvin always tends to do straps rather well and the one on this Malton 160 Cushion is no different. It is a perforated leather, in green, with a red lining. When is a watch like this a good idea aside from St. Patrick's day? And when you want to be a frog prince? Green has been working its way back "in" and I think that you could pull this watch off in a number of casual occasions.

This timepiece is a bit of a hybrid as Marvin has taken the classic look it constructed with the Malton 160 Cushion and added a high style fashionable look with the green tones. You could even think of it as a military inspired watch once in a while. Overall, a timepiece with a lot of character that you'll want to revisit on your wrist from time to time. Priced at $1,260, you can buy them online directly from Marvin right here.

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  • Thanks for the kind and informative writeup Ariel! “Spunky & Creative” – I think I’ll use that line from now on 😉

  • R. Nooij

    Hmm, I always like Marvin and this is no exception. Although I like my watches a little bit bigger in casesize, this has a certain apeal to me. I like the shade of green they have used and I like the little details like the red 8 hour marking, the engraving on the side of the case and the perforations on the strap, although that reminds me of a Tag Heuer Monza. What I would like to see is a folding or butterfly clasp on a watch like this. I believe it keeps the leather straps in better condition over the years and It adds to the comfort in my opinion. All my watches come with a folding or butterfly clasp and I wouldn’t want anything else.

  • Ulysses

    That is a niiiiice watch, like a lot of Marvin models. Hoping this comes in a blue variant too, since i’m not a huge fan of green.

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  • Dangeruss

    Nice hands – love the length of them. I’m also not fond of the green scheme. However, it come in black dialed variants in SS, PVD and on a bracelet. PVD and bracelet models are a few hundred dollars more.


    This is a very smooth watch. With a bit more moxie, Marvin could have reversed the inner flanges, provided a second locking crown controlling the inner military bezel, & ended up with a bonus GMT watch. Or, simply have added another locking pointer for a second time zone. Not a big problem, but including that flange suggests GMT.

  • german

    myy bonito ahumque algo robusto

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  • kris c

    I like the green scheme – very unique. The shade picked is further unique, and I’d certainly find a spot for this as is in my rotation, although I’m not a huge fan of perforated straps.
    I also agree that a deployment would have added another touch of class here.

  • Chris

    Nice design. Really like color in watches and pleased when it’s done without resorting to candy colors every time. I would seriously consider getting one of these, but right now I’m working on trying to convince my wife I need a JLC Master Control Chrono.

  • Ralph Lopez

    Cheap looking custome watch that will be worthless soon. Poor Design, hasbeen looking.

  • bookemdanno

    I like it very much. Gotta see one in the flesh
    before I pull the trigger on one. If I get tired of too
    much green I can always throw a black strap on her.

  • AndreBraz

    I prefer the mix of brushed and polished like in this Marvin.

  • whythehack

    The green feels more to me like an old English Royal racing green, just adds a good sense of class. Just find the watch interesting and appealing than others just because of its green colour. Would add as a unique piece to anyone’s watch collection 🙂

  • AronL

    I like the brushed black over the blue face.

    Very slick.

  • StanOster

    Nice watch to win!:)

  • I prefer a mix of brushed  & polished but that’s not to say that the Black IP is not cool on some watches. I guess it can depend on the Watch itself. Thanks for the Chance to Win. P.S. I have a Selitta SW 200 mov’t & it is accurate & smooth.

  • lucius

    Good looking watches, When it comes to finishing, I don’ t have a preference; it depends on the style of the watch. I do prefer watches that are scratch resistant however, or that show minimal signs of scratching. Therefore I like ceramic over PVD. One thing I’ve really liked lately is the watches that have a saphire over the bezel: that’s smart.

  • Raymo407

    I like certain looks for certain styles of watch. They have there pros and cons. I def like the diffeenet styles of the Marvin brand. Never heard of them until now. I would love to own a marvin to add to my collection.

  • raspringer

    Nice watch.  Love the perforated band.  I like watches in brush steel and PVD coated

  • jccookjr

    Nice new model to a line of watches I have only recently discovered. I, too, tend to favorite the brushed steel or PVD coated models. PVD has come a long way and doesn’t flake off like my early Heuer models. Would love to own a “open heart” version too. Thanks!

  • Glennteng

    Marvin, never heard of them before but the watch looks awesome. Love how they added the touch of red under the strap (reminds me of The fashion brand Louboutin!!) Would love to own the black coate steel alon with the splash of red on the dial and the stich on the strap! 🙂 thanks for this opportunity


    looks like a real comfortable watch.

  • KennethCusse

    I like the brushed steel look as well as the black look.  Very classy looking watch brand and doesnt break the bank price wise.  A diamond in the rough!

  • Rev Fred

    This is another great looking watch from Marvin. Its so refreshing to find a brand willing to push the boundaries of design within a price range which is accessible. I like this green version, but I prefer the black coated one, and in particular the black with the white numbers. It makes a great statement.

  • surfndream

    The case detail is intriguing, makes this piece stand out a bit from the crowd which is nice.  All in all a nice watch with a solid engine.

  • cilfinco

    The Marvin watch appears to be a pretty good value.  I like the dials as they are easy to read especially for those of us
    in the “senior” grouping.

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