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MCT Sequential One S110 Watches

MCT Sequential One S110 Watches Watch Releases

Unique Swiss watch maker MCT is sort of back on the scene after being quiet for a few years. The brand’s famous Sequential One timepiece was developed by movement designer Denis Giguet, who later left the brand. When I last spoke to him he told me that he would be working full time at Van Cleef & Arpels of all places. MCT was recently scooped up by a new guy I believe and has been trying to get it back on track. The first step is to revitalize the Sequential One with some design variations. Here are the two new MCT Sequential One S110 watches.

Each has the same wonderfully original manually wound movement that has a revolving retrograde minute hand and hour markers on triangular shutters. We first wrote about MCT here back in 2009 and there is a video there showing how the watch works – it is super cool. The minute counter moves sequentially in a clockwise manner as the hours change. There are four points on the dial that each can display three of the 12 hours of the day.

MCT Sequential One S110 Watches Watch Releases

MCT Sequential One S110 Watches Watch Releases

Designer Fabrice Gonet revisits the Sequential One in the new S110 series adapting the core design of the 45mm wide cushion-shaped case to frame a more modern and skeletonized movement. The S110 cases are either naked titanium or DLC black coated. We hope to get some hands-on time with the new MCT watches soon to see if the concept is still interesting after its debut about four years ago. Price of these new MCT Sequential One S110 watches will hover around $100,000.

MCT Sequential One S110 Watches Watch Releases

Movement: Mechanical hand-wound, 471 parts, 81 jewels, 18,000 vib/h, 40-hour power reserve, patent for the minute disc rotation with energy accumulation

Functions: Sequential indication of the hours, jumping minutes and small seconds

Case: Grade 5 titanium with or without black DLC coating, 44 parts, 45 mm. Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides, and sapphire back with anti-reflective coating on the inside. Water-resistant to 30 m (3 ATM/100 ft)

Dial: Hours indicated by 4 assemblies of 5 triangular prisms. Minutes indication by a 2 three-part 270° rotating disc. Central sapphire crystal dividing the dial into two separate parts

Bracelet/Strap: Hand-sewn calfskin lined with hypoallergenic leather, safety folding clasp



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  • adisoon

    I hope for the day when watches like these make their way into the hands of mere mortals such as myself. When unique mechanical ways of telling time become more common. This watch is cool, really cool, but I must shut my mind away, and treat this as a mere curiosity, 
    Still,  there are only so many ETA powered watches that I can stand/ before I realize that they are all the same, differing in minute details.

    • EranR

      adisoon watches like this are absolutely on their way to us mortals! made in China, of course, but still … 🙂

  • Ulysses31

    The silver model looks cool but damn, I simply wouldn’t be able to read it.  I’m just not decadent enough to want to fork over $100,000 for a watch with no clear hour markers (apart from 12, 3, 6 and 9 obviously).  The four-spoked theme really throws my eye off deciding where the missing markers are.

  • Scott A

    Just a point of interest that got my attention is the 12,3,6 and 9 have 3 sides to them, so all numbers 1-12 are accounted for. Very cool and now if I could just win the lotto! Both versions are amazing.
    Oh, and the seconds disc rotates too.
    Maybe if we each buy one we can get a deal!!

    • Ulysses31

      Scott A Ulysses31 Well spotted!  I’m so used to seeing egregious compromises for the sake of design in Swiss watches that I just expected the same thing to have happened here.  Good to know ECT still care about these details.

    • nateb123

      Scott A Ulysses31 You guys need to click the link to the original review that has a video.  You’re really not getting how legible, technically impressive and just cool this watch is.

      • Ulysses31

        nateb123 Scott A Ulysses31 I see.  I had no idea those parts all moved around.  It is much more impressive than it appears in a static photograph.

  • Scott A

    nateb123 Ulysses31
    I recall the original post in 2009 and remembered this is a extremely legible and a technical wonder! Good call, to watch the video again. And I agree with you (both) the watch is just so cool, and in my opinion very desirable! I actualy like the style of the previous model better…just personal taste really.
    A picture is worth a thousand words! Can see the number changing:)

    • nateb123

      Scott A nateb123 Ulysses31 The original aesthetic conflicts with the movement design in my mind.  Too classical for what really competes with Hautlence, MB&F and Urwerk.  I feel the new design matches it much more closely.  It clearly places it in that realm of watch brands while still looking unique.  Customers must have agreed because it didn’t sell well enough in it’s previous form.

  • Scott A

    Just doing some reading as you mentioned that the 2009 or previous model did not sell well and found this that I thought I’d share with you.  Look under subtitle “Don’t believe us?”
    According to this article 2010 watches were sold out. Not sure what sells where like after that. Internal changes to a company or restructuring management I feel may have been the cause for sells to decline more than customs not liking the design. Just my opinion!

  • Scott A

    Do you know if MCT made watches in 2011 or 2012? The S110 is a 2013 model, correct?

  • Fraser Petrick

    I know I put that cookie jar with the hundred thousand in it somewheres. Soon as I find it, I’m getting me one of them MCTs.

  • Kucevic

    Very expencive 🙂 :O 
    How much they produce per year

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