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Miki Eleta Timeburner Watch Inspired By Motorcycle Engine

Miki Eleta Timeburner Watch Inspired By Motorcycle Engine Watch Releases

Clock and mechanical artist, Mr. Miki Eleta, is a person we very much admire and whose work has really inspired and amazed us. We last discussed Miki Eleta when his work was featured at the MB&F MAD Gallery in Geneva, and as a surprise for 2015, he has introduced his first watches. The Miki Eleta Timeburner is a new type of exotic timepiece, with a movement dial, and heavily inspired by engines – namely motorcycle engines. At launch, there will be three versions of the Timeburner watch and even though it is a limited production timepiece I don’t believe it will be stratospherically priced.

Miki Eleta Timeburner Watch Inspired By Motorcycle Engine Watch Releases

Miki Eleta worked with AHCI member Marc Jenni on the production of the movement for the Timeburner. The movement works off of a base Swiss ETA 6497 manually wound movement, which has a special system on it that uses a piston rod-style hand to indicate the minutes along a sort of linear scale to the left of the dial. The right side of the dial has a disc which indicates the hour. It is, of course, extremely “automotive,” directly inspired by the combustion engine. While I want to reserve any final thoughts until I have been able to check out the watch in person, I find the concept intriguing to say the least, and I like the steampunk elements as well.

For 2015, Miki Eleta and Marc Jenni will produce three limited edition versions of the Timeburner watch as the Silverlight ME1, Chrome-Rider ME2, and the All-Black ME3. The models have some different dial or finishing options, but share the same steel and unfinished bronze cases that are 48mm wide. The All-Black ME3 has some black rhodium-coated black elements as well.

Miki Eleta Timeburner Watch Inspired By Motorcycle Engine Watch Releases

Miki Eleta Timeburner Watch Inspired By Motorcycle Engine Watch Releases

The base 6497 Unitas movement in the Timeburner operates at 18,000 bph with a power reserve of about 46 hours. Like I said above, I have the feeling the Timeburner’s time-telling system will be pleasant to use for this very interesting watch that I never saw coming from Mr. Eleta. Also, and while I am not yet quite sure what this means, Miki Eleta claims that some of the coatings are actually chrome-finished.

Each of the three Miki Eleta Timeburber ME1, ME2, and ME3 watch will be limited to just 99 pieces each for 99 and I look forward to seeing more of these hands-on soon. Price is a reasonable 7,750 Swiss Francs.


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  • egznyc

    Very creative, if bizarre. I wonder how one knows whether to read from the 0-30 or the 30-60 minutes scale. It’d be clear if one were paying close attention but otherwise … What am I missing? The all-black is pretty sharp. Can’t imagine this would be too comfortable on the wrist.

  • bdekok

    egznyc Check the position of the crankshaft.  I’d wager that if it on the left of the dial it will be 30-60, If on the right it will be 0-30.

  • bdekok

    I agree with egznyc, very creative.  Useful only as a curio though.

  • DG Cayse

    The ‘date’ appears very legible….I guess.

  • DG Cayse

    Never mind. I guess those large numbers at the bottom of the dial are not the date.

  • I appreciate all the effort going into horological innovation the past several years. Though most aren’t my cuppa, it is nice to see there are guys out there trying to “think outside the box”.

  • I_G

    I’d like to get from the stuff Mr. Eleta is smoking ;D

  • AHCI_Updates

    aBlogtoWatch, congratulations Miki Eleta and jenniwatch. What a remarkable timepiece.

  • SwissMatic

    I’m usually not one for bonkers watches like this, but this looks really interesting. I love the non-traditional way of displaying time (I’m guessing the piston rod indicates the top or bottom of the hour)? The “dial” is uncluttered, and though I usually don’t like triple date windows, I think it works here; maybe because it indicates the hour in this case?

  • cshepley

    egznyc There is no reason to think that the hour wheel jumps, so it should be pretty easy to figure out which part of the hour one is looking at. Not so sure about threading the crown through the piston and minute tracks. Would make more sense on the othetr side I think.

  • It’s unique, I’ll give him that.

  • I hoon

    Ariel, you owe it to yourself to pick up one of these as your personal transport.

  • JonathanDavis4

    There’s more than a bit of disconnect between the piston/crankshaft on the watch and the flat-twin engine in the BMW motorcycle shown in the photograph.

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