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MMT ‘Horological Smartwatch’ Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

Ever since the smartwatch became a thing, I have been preaching that companies need to pool their resources and talents to create something that consumers want. A new type of smartwatch platform called MMT (Manufacture Modules Technologies) was just announced out of partnership between a series of companies both in Switzerland and in Silicon Valley. This isn’t a big deal just because it means the small but crowded smartwatch market has a new face, but because, in my opinion, it represents a wise step in the right direction of how the Swiss luxury watch industry needs to integrate itself into the smartwatch world. Welcome to the MMT electronic watch movement family and the Horological Smartwatch.

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

Peter Stas, CEO of Frédérique Constant / Alpina, wearing the Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch Reference FC-285V5B4

Who is behind MMT? It is Peter Stas of Frederique Constant/Alpina and Philippe Khan of Fullpower and MotionX technology which has been an innovator in activity and sleep tracking solutions for wearable devices. Think of it this way, MotionX will be responsible for producing a modular smartwatch system that can be placed in any watch, and companies like Frédérique Constant will have the responsibility to design a pretty timepiece around it that consumers want.

What people really want to know is what MMT is and what it offers. The initial Horological Smartwatch products share a lot in common with other minimalist smartwatch platforms with mostly, or all-analog dials. Withings watches will come to mind for most people. MMT watches will have no digital screens and no charging ports. For most people seeing them, they will look identical to traditional analog timepieces.

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

Let’s get the battery life question out of the way. How long does the battery last? About two years. That’s right, the MMT movement is designed to be like traditional quartz battery-operated watches that require a new battery each few years. Frédérique Constant and MotionX determined that their target demographic doesn’t want to charge things on a regular basis, and from the start, having a “reasonable amount of battery life” was a priority.

The Horological Smartwatch with an MMT movement will connect to a host phone via Bluetooth and there will, of course, be a companion app that is vital to the experience. The watch itself only displays the time (without seconds), date, and a progress indicator meant to help the wearer know whether or not they have reached their daily activity goals. The sole input device on the watch is the crown which is just a pusher. That means you cannot even set the time unless you go into the app. I am a bit concerned about the necessary level of connectivity the watch has to your phone (iPhone or Android), but that is likely due to the fact that I simply have yet to live with such a device.

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

The MMT Horological Smartwatch also has a “night mode” so that it can track your sleep activity and help measure your sleep quality and “efficiency.” This is something that MotionX has a lot of experience with, as it provides the technology to a lot fitness tracking wearable devices. Press in the crown of the Horological Smartwatch, and the date indicator hand moves to the small moon symbol on the dial, which means you are in sleep mode. You can either wear the watch while sleeping, or put it under your pillow.

The data from the combined fitness tracking features of the watch are displayed graphically, and with customizable goals, in an attractive app that uses the now popular graphical styles many people are becoming used to. It isn’t clear what people are doing with all this activity data, but people sure seem to be interested in it. I do however believe in the power of “suggestive alerts” that help people know they have been too sedentary or that they haven’t completed their daily goals. The managements at Frédérique Constant and Alpina both expressed a lot of surprise at just how much this type of information has impacted their lives.

This goes along with what I have predicted are a series of “wow” moments that consumers will experience in various ways as they understand how a smartwatch can have a valued place in their already technologically crowded lives. The question MMT is trying to answer is how the traditional watch industry will react to timepieces no longer being about only tradition, luxury, and style, but also (once again), functionality.

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

What I really like about the MMT platform is that it isn’t about phone notifications on your wrist. I’ve played with devices that tell me I have new e-mail and unread text messages or if a call is coming in. I’ve just found them by-and-large to be rather useless. What I am looking for, is a smartwatch that acts smart and looks smart.

aBlogtoWatch has been covering smartwatches extensively, and in my article, “How Screwed Is The Watch Industry Thanks To The Apple Watch?”, a topic we explored is how Switzerland will adapt to how smartwatches are likely to be a major disrupting force. That article fired up debates and currently has over 270 comments already, which indicates just how important this issue is to watch enthusiasts around the world. What is, however, much more scarcely – if ever – discussed, is a possible bridge between traditional watchmaking and the smart watch era; possibly because it did, for long, seem unlikely to happen anytime soon. What Frédérique Constant is doing is being just disruptive enough to show that the Swiss watch industry can do something out of the box, but not so different that it alienates that traditional sense of European style and class. The Frédérique Constant and Alpina Horological smartwatches are not bad-looking.

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

There are other benefits to the concept, above-and-beyond simply tracking your fitness and sleep data. On a simple level, the watch will connect to your phone and always have the correct time, dates, and will change times fluidly as you travel between time zones. You don’t need to activate a screen to read the watch, and most importantly, they look totally appropriate with a suit, or on a date. Is this the beginning of the “stealth smartwatch?” “You know it is smart, and all they need to know is that it looks sharp.”

What about women? Ah yes, female consumers have not been left out. In addition to a collection of Horological Smartwatches for men, Alpina (at first) is releasing an entire range of women’s Horological Smartwatches (even with diamonds). They have found women to be very interested in fitness tracking technology, but have little interest in wearing a gadget. The MMT solution solves that. Fullpower CEO Philippe Kahn put it best when he told me that it was his job to make the technology work and be useful, and the Swiss’ job to make it look good and be wearable. I’ve always suggested that just such an approach was the wisest way of making a smartwatch that consumers are ready to wear sooner, rather than later.

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

Another important point to make, is that while Peter Stas of Frederique Constant and Alpina is the CEO of MMT, the technology is not at all destined to be exclusively for those brands. In a sense, I think MMT wants to be the ETA of smartwatch modules for Swiss watches. ETA is a large traditional Swiss watch movement maker (owned by the Swatch Group) that produced movements for a range of brands. MMT wants to be the hardware and software back-end for a lot of other brands who want to create smartwatch designs of their own but lack the desire or skills to create the technology. One of the most difficult elements of a modern smartwatch isn’t the on-board technology, but the cloud-based computing solution behind-the-scenes that makes so much of the “platform” work.

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

What about the future and upgrades? Will Horological Smartwatches be just another gadget you discard in a year? MMT is trying to avoid that with a few interesting ideas that have yet to be put into practice. In a basic sense, the on-board firmware will be automatically updated all the time. That is simple, and a given. What is more interesting is that brands like Frederique Constant and Alpina want to maintain long-term relationships with their customers and actually upgrade the hardware in the Horological Smartwatch products. Again, this has yet to be proven in the real world but does have potential and is an important part of the Swiss watch buying core experience – that is, to have something you feel as though you can either pass down to an heir or that will at least last you many years.

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

If you currently own a dressy or sport watch with a quartz movement, upgrading to something like a Horological Smartwatch will have no real drawbacks and it will be an upgrade. If you are used to mechanical watches, then anything electronic will force you to make a difficult decision. I don’t actually think Frederique Constant or Alpina are trying to convert traditional watch lovers actively. If people are curious, they will get one, but I think there is a much larger pool of quartz watch owners that will be more tempted by these early MMT movement-based timepieces.

The first “other” watch brand to be part of the MMT movement launch is Swiss Mondaine. Known for their Swiss Railways watches, Mondaine will launch The Mondaine Helvetica Smart Swiss Watch later this year in the $700 – $1,000 price point. It will be interesting to see what other companies decide to experiment with MMT modules in the near future.

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

We don’t have too many technical specs for the watches, but having seen them hands-on, I can say that they are on-par with the quality of other Frederique Constant and Alpina watches. Frederique Constant will produce the “business” Horological Smartwatch, and Alpina will produce the sporty models and the first women’s watches. For men, the timepieces are about 44mm wide and perhaps 12mm or so thick. The ladies’ versions are smaller at perhaps 36mm wide, with a pleasantly modern feminine style (very much like a boyfriend watch – but with available diamonds). Prices for the watches will start at about $500 or so and go up to about $1,500 – $2,000 for the top-end models with diamonds. I would say that the average price of a Horological Smartwatch will be about $1,200 when they start to become available for sale in May or June 2015.

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

Both brands debut the technology with one new model each, with Frédérique Constant offering the Horological Smartwatch Reference FC-285V5B4 in a 42 millimeter wide, rose gold plated stainless steel case. Inside the watch is the FC-285 quartz caliber that allows all functions to be adjusted via the crown and which handles all functions MotionX delivers: the watch will be always on time, will have MotionX activity and sleep tracking, will provide sleep cycle and get-active alarms as well as adaptive coaching, plus you get MotionX cloud backup and restore of your data, probably for the time when you switch phones or watches. It is, nonetheless, fascinating to think that all this happens under a highly legible silver dial that sports hand-applied indices and hand-polished, rose-gold plated hands.

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

The watch Alpina debuts its Swiss Horological Smartwatch line actually has two variations: one is a ladies’ watch, the Alpina Reference AL-285BTD3C6B, which is a 39mm wide stainless steel watch, with 100 meters of water resistance (double that of the Frédérique Constant). The Alpina features the same AL-285 quartz movement and the same functionality, indicating that the technology can be fitted into a relatively small, 39mm case – which is very impressive. This Alpina model is available with a few different versions, depending on the diamond setting of the dial – we have seen versions that were more masculine with no diamonds, as well as one with diamond-set indices and bezel.

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases

In essence, the MMT “Horological Smartwatch” by Frédérique Constant, Alpina and Mondaine has arrived and it promises to serve as a bridge between high-tech smart watches and traditional timepieces. We are looking forward to testing out how the claimed services of the watch and the apps function in real life, but, until then, we can say that the MMT seems to have the potential to strike the right balance between traditional watch design elements and modern fitness tracking smart watch functionalities.



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  • nickyb66

    1000x better than the Apple Watch, well done FC. Thanks for the review Ariel.

  • dirtdiver99

    nickyb66 Not comparable to the Apple Watch. This is something different, with far less functionality than the Apple Watch. While this is a neat idea, it’s not the same as a “smart watch.”

  • dirtdiver99

    When marketing departments put fake screenshots from an Android device on an iPhone 6, you know it’ll be a good product. Sigh.

  • deuxani

    I don’t understand this product, especially the Frederique Constant variant. They used a dress watch! That’s nice to make a point but totally not practical. Who is going to the gym and workout (and sweat) or sleep with a dress watch which has a leather band? I know you can change straps, but it doesn’t make any sense.

    Other then that, I like the idea of having a good looking real watch with these activity trackers. I don’t need notifications on my wrist, so this functionality is more than enough.

  • SantiagoT

    Hey Ariel, “What I really like about the MMT platform is that it isn’t about phone notifications on your wrist. I’ve played with devices that tell me I have new e-mail and unread text messages or if a call is coming in. I’ve just found them by-and-large to be rather useless.” Isn’t this what the Apple watch is offering, for the most part?

    Other than that, with stuff like this -which I find brilliant in its concept- I believe the the “Quartz crisis” is going to have a deep impact… on Quartz watches: why on Earth would I buy a -say- Longines quartz watch when I can buy this.

    But also, like I always said, brands like for instance Bell & Ross, JeanRichard Baume & Mercier…. Frederique Constant, Alpina, etc are going to have a hard time selling their low entry mechanical watches because they are mostly bought because of looks, not mechanical goodnees. You read their technical data and they just say “Swiss automatic movement”; sometimes not even the power reserve. So when they confront a “Swiss smart watch movement” they will have little chance to win.

    In fact I am going to register the name “Superlative Smart Watch”, in case someone wants to use it…

  • SantiagoT That would be the “Oyster Superlative SmartWatch” from you know who, ha ha.
    The only point I question is the “mechanical goodness” not being enough win a sale for “Swiss Automatic” watches. As is, even generic Swiss automatics (ETA, Selitta, etc.) generally cost more than a comparable quartz watch. So I expect mechanical to continue to sell at a premium all other things being equal. With a fitness tracker being a $100 item, why pay much more than that for what is essentially a traditional quartz watch with a fitness sensor? And still not a mechanical toy that we all love.

  • seal62

    same functionality as the Withings Activité but dressier… also a lot more expensive..

  • SantiagoT

    MarkCarson SantiagoT No I know what you mean and I think I didn’t express myself properly. Certainly an automatic watch is usually more expensive than a quartz watch. But many of them are bought for the looks and as an alternative to not buying “a Casio” watch, if you know what I mean.

    “My son is graduating this year and I want to give him a watch as a present” kinda thing. My mother would most likely buy the FC portrayed here than the Bell & Ross WW1-90. It arguably looks as good and it is cheaper. 

    Don’t know if I made mysel clearer or I’m still talking out of my culo lol

  • DG Cayse

    It appears that I am approaching “Luddite” status on this topic.

  • DG Cayse I laser engraved a wooden plaque for one of my watchmakers a couple of years ago (for his shop). It looks this (and the dude is ALB of course).

  • SantiagoT MarkCarson Yeah, I know what you mean. And if you are not a watch geek, then looks are all that matters. In fact “normal people” think a battery powered watch (multi-year that is) is better than anything that can wind down.

  • notech47

    With rapidly changing technology any smart watch will loose it’s owner’s interest in a short time. People upgrade their smart p

  • socrates35

    dirtdiver99 nickyb66 A ‘slightly-above-average-intelligence’ watch maybe?

  • ScubaPro

    I think this is a pretty simple situation. People who have worn a mechanical watch all their lives know the benefits of the devices, and what they’re for. Smartwatches are going to put watches on the wrists of people that currently don’t wear a watch, but love the latest gadget. When I read about the functionality of the Smartwatch, I see a device that is more marketing than anything else that will provide solutions to problems that don’t exist. Open your front door or hotel room with your watch? I so need that! Pay for stuff by just waving my watch? I have real difficulty paying for things now and this will solve that “get the wallet out of my pocket” problem. And all the fitness stuff? I definitely need a watch to tell me I need to exercise. 

    I think there is a gorilla in the room in that in the desperate need to come up with the next big electronic thing, the tech industry is in the process of jumping the shark after a few decades of extraordinary growth. With more and more dependence on smart technology, the more vulnerable we are to system failure as there are so many things that have to be working properly for the miracles to take place. Compare the new Smart Key to a conventional key. The old technology is non-battery/internet/bluetooth dependent, which is why it’s worked for centuries. The electronic tech introduces all kinds of new avenues for failure. 

    The smart watch is just an auxiliary screen to your phone, and when the watch is finally independent from the phone are you actually going to use that tiny screen for what you now use your phone for? Really? I’m sure they will be very popular, but there will always be a market for a self-contained automatic watch that is worn for decades and has ONE JOB to do. I am not firing my “old school” watch just because a Smart Watch can help me find where I parked the car in the mall parking lot (because apparently humans can’t find their butt with both hands these days without a GPS interface). So here we have a hybrid design in theory, that will combine smart and dumb in one package. Whatever. As long as these companies still make conventional timepieces, I think they will retain what made them desirable in the first place. Do you really think the Swiss are sweating bullets over the Apple Watch? I don’t. They’re just going to soldier on, as they always do. I test cars and motorcycles for a living. The integration of touch screens, full phone integration, etc. has been number one complaint for more and more cars buyers, as they discover these systems make life more complicated, not simpler. They also make drivers more distracted, when they are supposed to be doing the opposite. So a new hybrid watch will be able to fail on two fronts now: the mechanical and the electronic while being able to do all kinds of things I really don’t need it to do. Enjoy.

  • MarkCarson DG Cayse

  • sunilc81

    I am both a Swiss watch collector and a tech enthusiast, particularly Apple.

    I will not be buying an Apple Watch, nor will I be buying an MMT watch.

    For my fitness/sleep tracking I simply use a Jawbone UP24 band, on my non-watch wrist; it has no screen and is inconspicuous.

    I have no desire to have fitness functionality built into one of my $10,000+ watches, as there is no way I will wear one of those to the gym, to bed, or while I’m doing DIY around the house etc.

    Having a separate fitness band allows me to always have my fitness tracking on, and it allows me to have more choice when purchasing a watch; it does not need to have fitness tracking abilities. Moreover, I only buy watches with mechanical movements, which I suspect most of the reading this also do.

    The MMT watches sit in the middle ground between true smart watches which give lots of functionality and Swiss watches with mechanical movements. I can see people buying true smart watches, and I can see people continuing to buy mechanical watches. I cannot see who will be buying these middle ground watches, however.

  • DangerussArt

    Zounds! How on Earth did people know when they were moving or sleeping before this?! Life changing, this is not.

  • Evitzee

    So, we’re back to the Swiss wanting to compete in the quartz watch game.  It didn’t work 30 years a go and it won’t work now.  Companies like FC are just confusing their customers to their long term detriment.  A shame that they didn’t learn their lesson back then.

  • dianafoi

    Switzerland is already well known for their quality watches, and incorporating MMT is a very smart decision to keep them on the top of their watch game. With all the new smart watches coming out, traditional watches need to step up. Nothing beats the classic look and top notch quality of a Swiss watch, and the new MMT will be just another reason people will gravitate towards Swiss watches. I thinks it’s nice that they can incorporate this kind of technology into such a classic design.

  • MarcusCBSoori

    I like the idea, but only when they can miniaturize the electronic component enough or enlarge the case thickness enough (or both) to also integrate a traditional mechanical/automatic movement, like the Hyetis idea. Without a traditional movement, these watches are fully disposable.

  • Evitzee Swatch will be very unhappy with your comment as they will find out that they are not actually selling a lot of quartz watches. Seriously, while the Swiss make more money with mechanical watches, in terms of units sold, Swiss Quartz is still their top export. But I agree it will be a tough fight for them and who knows how well they will do (or not). Cheers.

  • NVJim I agree except the that patent issue will be solved via the Swiss using licensed tech from the players you mentioned (except Apple of course). 
    I’m surprised you found time to use your Lisa and Newton. I assumed you were watching Apple TV and have everything connected via AppleTalk. Or did you draft your comment using MacWrite while gaming on your Apple Pippin? Or as Billy Bob Thornton said in “Bad Santa”, “The can’t all be winners kid”.

  • bichondaddy

    Let me see if I can figure this out…..

    I am being told on commercials all the time I need a Smart phone…so I can Snap, Twitch, Tweet, Post, Twerk……( oops…sorry that’s what Miley Cyrus does to make herself look stupid ) take “Selfies,” take pics of my food I am eating and keep in touch with all that social media junk.    
    Now…I am supposed to buy an expensive watch that will tell me the time of day…..oh wait…I have that covered already…and it will link up to my Smart Phone to tell me what I have done all day long????   Uhhhhh…I am disabled and am home most days….I take enough pain medication every day to put a horse down….and I need this watch to tell me what I’m doing????  Don’t those Fitbit watches do that already??????  Yeah..these will do the same thing with a little more style…..and a lot more money… I guess some folks with a lot more money than I have access to will decide they have to have one… I guess they’ll sell a few.  So why even bother….????    
    Thanks but no thanks….

  • spiceballs

    Interesting and reasonable execution but I’ll wait for the eco/solar version with some more useful features.  MMT – you have some catching up if you really want to compete.

  • NVJim MarkCarson Visi-Cals => Lotus 1-2-3 => MS-Excel

  • Ulysses31

    Sleep trackers based on motion alone have been shown time and again to be wildly inaccurate.  Unless these watches come with a tiny EEG and cables, they’re not gonna tell you much useful information.  It bothers me because like most of you and the majority of ordinary folk, I see a specialist to get a professional sleep analysis performed on me every month or so, but as a hypochondriac, i’d like to have one every night if I could.  There’s a pressing need for this kind of technology to become available to the masses.  Oh wait… how many of you have EVER had a sleep analysis performed?  If you suspect you have sleep apnoea, perhaps you might have done, but i’m willing to bet most people don’t need this “feature” at all.  As for the other feature – if you need to be reminded by a gadget to get off your ass and move a little bit, I worry about your sanity.  Step-counting may be useful, but i’ve seen purely mechanical versions of those that are a century old.  Maybe they could build that into a traditional mechanism and stuff it in there without replacing everything we love about mechanicals.

    If you want to pay top-dollar for a watch that looks like a classically beautiful mechanical timepiece but with the heart and lungs ripped out and replaced with a quartz module of questionable utility, these are for you.  If you want a genuinely useful wrist device, it is going to have to be shamelessly computerised.  Shoe-horning technology into classic designs may be a way to break the ice and may initially seem appealing to traditionalists, but if MMT is all they can come up with, i’d rather go for a balls-out soulless electronic device.  At least it won’t be as much of a compromise.  Of course, I am yet to be convinced they are of any real use either.

  • Finally smart watches that I’d wear, even if I still wouldn’t buy them. After all, I’m proudly sedentary!
    Jokes aside, I think that the best characteristic of these watches is that they are for adults, for people who have grown up beyond comic books, perhaps even into Ariel’s coffee table book! Sorry, it seems that it’s one of those days that I’m just insufferable.
    Beautiful watches. Love how discretely the smart info is integrated into the dial. Very classy and elegant overall.
    But, since it requires so little power, I wonder if the Swiss miniaturists couldn’t replicate the Japanese kinetic drive to recharge a battery.

  • Ulysses31

    Quijote It’s called “Swatch Auto Quartz”

  • I don’t know why niche companies have been getting into generalist products, in a drive to cover all bases. While Ford makes cars from the Ka to the F350HD, premium makers have been trying to do the same. Like Jaguar making an SUV, though it’s part of the same group as Land Rover. Like Mercedes making cars between the A and the G classes, when until not to long ago it had nothing between A and C. Then again, it’s all about more revenue, of course.
    But methinks that the brand suffers. Niche consumers lose too, because, as the products of a particular brand become more generalist, they shed the traits that made them unique too, in order to cater to the minimum common denominator.
    I’m afraid that the same push down market would doom many Swiss watch brands. How would a quartz smart watch from JLC be different from one from apple? It would be more different from a mechanical watch from JLC itself.
    So I agree that it’s better for many Swiss watchmakers to leave this market for others, for it’s not the same market.
    I also apologize for my rant.

  • Ulysses31

    Quijote Agreed.  This is exactly the problem with the German automakers.  They’ve diluted their brands with “fun” and “cheap” vehicles, and the drop in reliability hasn’t helped.  Funnily enough, this is exactly what Apple tends not to do, with very few variants of a product.  The Swiss may be shooting themselves in the foot by trying too hard to compete with mass-produced, relatively cheap electronics.  That isn’t their “thing” and isn’t what most lovers of horology are looking for anyway.

  • DanGordon

    .tomemrich aBlogtoWatch love your thoughts on this one, Tom.

  • tomemrich

    DanGordon aBlogtoWatch I like this approach and think it will appeal to those that love traditional watches and want a fitness tracker

  • tomemrich

    DanGordon aBlogtoWatch but it doesn’t entirely cater to the communication side of smartwatches which speaks to me stronger

  • DanGordon

    tomemrich aBlogtoWatch agreed. To me, this hybrid approach is going to cater to a much smaller niche.

  • tomemrich

    DanGordon aBlogtoWatch it’s like a better Martian or withings because it’s spearheaded by the watchmaker.

  • DanGordon

    tomemrich aBlogtoWatch absolutely. The entire platform approach is definitely innovative and interesting. Will be excited to see if others

  • DanGordon

    tomemrich aBlogtoWatch adapt

  • tomemrich

    DanGordon aBlogtoWatch I’m still waiting for Tag Heuer powered by android or Apple. That would be awesome to see

  • DanGordon

    tomemrich aBlogtoWatch agreed. & such an exclusive segmented closed industry to think everyone will be using the same thing.

  • DanGordon

    tomemrich aBlogtoWatch do you think apple will open its platform for other hardware/watch makers? That’d be huge.

  • tomemrich

    DanGordon aBlogtoWatch not a first. But I’d love to see it open/partnerships to form in the near future. Fashion is different than phones

  • DanGordon

    tomemrich aBlogtoWatch totally. I know Apple car exist but I haven’t seen it once yet. Have you?

  • tomemrich

    DanGordon aBlogtoWatch no not yet

  • kapurkk

    What the swiss need to do is present a round OLED display with sapphire in their beautiful cases and straps.
    It need not be a touchscreen,  but the timekeeping function must never die ( even if the main power is depleted.)
    The user should alway be able to view the time until the lithium aux battery is dead
    Smartphone Connectivity while useful is not mandatory.
    The niche is for slim , beautifully crafted round displays in cases and brands reknowned for their horological history.
    Exempt are the brands that never have and never will make anything other than a mechanical timepiece.
    Controlling an analog watch with a smartphone feels a bit absurd, but there is a market for everything.
    After all the ghastly Pebble watch also found buyers in the hundreds of thousands !

  • Geff99

    I own a Frederique Constant smart watch. I have the stainless body with the black background. In terms of features, it is easy to use and a great watch.

    In the past, I have tried fitbit wrist band, jawbone up2, and bodymedia fit arm band. All of these devices do basically the same thing. I found the fitbit and the jawbone to be inaccurate. The bodymedia was the most accurate. All three are ugly to wear. Also, all three have battery issues. They need to be recharged after 1 week. I considered an apple watch, but the constant recharging every night was not appealing.

    My Frederique Constant watch seems to be the perfect watch for me. However, there are 2 problems with I have found with my watch. Because of the black background it is very difficult to read the time in the dark. I wish I had chosen the white one.

    The other issue is in having to switch to sleep mode before going to bed. A couple of times I was so exhausted when I went to bed and did not switch that the watch and the app registered that I did not sleep at all that night. This is a flaw that this watch shares with he fitbit and the jawbone. I wish the watch automatically sensed that I was sleeping the way the bodymedia fit band does.

    Overall I love my watch. It has the health monitoring features and it looks really great on my arm.

  • Tomasina Covell

    The last thing we need is for fascist little Swiss gnomes to become even more infused by the other oligopolies, it’s getting worse every year now.

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