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Muhle Glashutte M 29 Classic Small Second Watch

Muhle Glashutte M 29 Classic Small Second Watch Watch Releases

Ready for some new “Glashutte crack?” That is the term I just came up with to describe a fresh, difficult-to-resist, German tool watch from Glashutte. This one is from Muhle Glashutte is the new Small Second version of their popular M 29 Classic watch. Inspired by a historic Robert Muhle instrument, the M 29 Classic is really just that, an instrumental-inspired wrist watch that is elegant, yet satisfies your utility hunger.

When looking for something simple, clean, and Germanic, I have to say that I am much more drawn to designs such as this than say, the popular Bauhaus look that people look for at Nomos. The neighborhood competitors make a fine watch, but it is difficult to beat the sheer functional DNA that a piece like the M 29 Small Second watch has. I don’t even think pieces were ready by the time these pictures were released. Look closely and it appears that someone took an image of the standard M 29 with a central seconds hand and digitally changed it to make space for the subsidiary seconds (small second) hand.

Muhle Glashutte M 29 Classic Small Second Watch Watch Releases

The dial will likely be available in a few colors and here is shown in off-white with red accents and those clean black hands. I love the very straight-forward dial with the inner hour markers and outer minute markers. The small seconds dial balances with the date window and even though the M 29 Small Second is similar to the standard M 29, it offers a welcome additional flavor. Size on the wrist is a generous 42.4mm in width for the polished and brushed steel case. The substantial lugs and crown protectors give the watch a serious feel that allows it to look like a serious tool versus some skinny dress watch.

Inside is a base Swiss Sellita SW290 (built on the SW200) automatic movement with some Muhle Glashutte enhancements. These include their “woodpecker neck regulation, and special automatic rotor. The M 29 isn’t a sport watch, but isn’t a dress watch. Rather, it has a more “academic” feel and we appreciate its sincere utilitarian purpose for existing. Price is about $2,250 – $2,400 depending on whether the Muhle Glashutte M 29 Classic Small Second comes on a leather strap or metal bracelet.

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  • It has a vintage tool watch vibe to my mind. I’m eager to see what other dials will be offered. Not very aggressively priced either. At about $500 less I think it would find a larger customer base.

  • marbstiu

    im bothered by the bleach white date window isnt the same as the cream dial

  • marbstiu Yeah,that would be nice in cream also. But then they would have to print their own date disks (stock parts usually come with black or white backgrounds).

  • marbstiu

    MarkCarson marbstiu  Yeah I thought so too.
    Why not just put no date at all? Maybe this is one of those marketing statistic based decisions in which they think removing the date would cut the customer base by half.

    How long shall we standeth ye tyranny of ye olde date function??!?!?

  • marbstiu Yep, a new form of perpetual – no date so be wrong at the end of any month. No February leap year problems, etc. While we are at it, do a single hand watch with a difference – let’s remove the hour hand (kidding with that one).


    Day/date watches are outdated. Create a watch with a micro defibrillator, or a built-in Epi pen to treat anaphylaxis.

  • BJS314

    I guess if I needed a casual $2,000+ watch to wear to book readings, I’d pick this one?

  • BIGCHRONO ZAP – “Hey I’m not dead yet, stop with the shocks you freaking watch”.
    Seriously though – some metal bracelets double was wrist hair removal instruments.


    MarkCarson BIGCHRONOWatches & their asinine prices are “running” amok. I see no end, nor solutions to greed, other than a much needed/overdue vaccine.

  • DG Cayse

    The first two (2) paragraphs of this review fit precisely my opinions of this elegant watch.
    Well said.
    Is that “woodpecker neck regulation”  also known as a “swans neck” item?
    Just curious…cuckoo…cuckoo…

  • spiceballs

    Not bad but not outstanding?  Might appeal to some?

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