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Nomos Lambda Watch Is New Higher-End Offering From German Brand

Nomos Lambda Watch Is New Higher-End Offering From German Brand Watch Releases

Today, Glashutte-based Nomos is introducing two new higher-end watches; the “Lambda” and the “Lux (discussed here)” We chose to cover each of them in a separate article. This is the Lambda, and with it is the Lux we will cover in another post. Both are similar timepieces that are offered in different case shapes – each with questionable names… Available in either 18k rose or white gold, these Teutonic timepieces take what we already love about Nomos to a new, more “luxury” playing ground. Each of course contains a totally in-house made Nomos mechanical movement and a minimalist Bauhaus style.

The announcement of these more luxury watches is a bit strange because it goes against what the brand is for many people. Nomos is where you go when you want a well-made mechanical watch without the typical luxury pricing premium. Most will agree that the Lambda could be more expensive for sure, but it is certainly a much more expensive product compared to what we are used to seeing from the fine German watchmaker. In fact, when you visit many of the other more high-end watchmakers in Glashutte (say for instance A. Lange & Sohne), you’ll see their rank and file production workers often wearing Nomos timepieces. It’s like watch snob’s blue collar watch.

Nomos Lambda Watch Is New Higher-End Offering From German Brand Watch Releases

Nomos Lambda Watch Is New Higher-End Offering From German Brand Watch Releases

Between the Lambda and Lux (just really odd names in my opinion), the Lambda is my pick. I like the round case and needle thin hands as well as indicators on the dial. Aside from referencing the Greek letter, Nomos doesn’t quite explain the influence of the watch’s name. Though you don’t really need to know the name of the watch to enjoy it. Design-wise the Lambda is very pretty. The thin bezel emphasizes the open nature of the dial, and the face is dominated by a very large power reserve indicator. Personally I am very happy about the size of the watch as it is 42mm wide. That is among the larger Nomos timepieces available, and I think it suits this design very well. Also, the case is beautifully slim at just 8.9mm.

I typically don’t prefer manually wound watches, but for interesting and beautiful creations like the Lambda I can make an exception – especially when they are designed with a long power reserve and easy to read power reserve indicator. Germans understand very well how to extract a lot of function from a pretty design, and that is one of the reasons people appreciate Nomos as much as they do. The Lambda is also very much a dress watch, but certainly not in a stubbornly traditional manner. That often means no lume (which is true in this case), but the trade-off is a bit of extra style.

Nomos Lambda Watch Is New Higher-End Offering From German Brand Watch Releases

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  • Zeitblom

    “White” gold is one of those great mysteries. You take gold, and then pollute it with some junk which turns it a very nasty shade of grey. So you plate that with rhodium, which in short order develops holes so you can see the nasty grey underneath, requiring periodic re-plating. And all this bother achieves what? Something that looks very much like polished stainless steel.
    If you don’t like gold [you know… that stuff with the.. umm… gold color] then why not make watches in platinum? Yes, platinum costs about the same as gold, sometimes even less, a few percent either way. Oh yeah, I was forgetting that it is a fixed item of watchmaking superstition that platinum must always be vastly more expensive than gold.

  • cptodd

    I’ll love will remain with their less expensive offerings . . . specifically their world timer (Zürich Weltzeit). That said, the brown strap on the rose gold offering seems quite beautiful to me.

  • Ulysses31

    I’ve often felt that most implementations of a PR indicator are half-assed at best.  They’re either too small, utterly abstract or have no scale.  This watch puts the PR front and centre but perhaps it is a bit over-emphasised.  I love the minimalistic look, though it lacks any masculine touches.  Part of me loves the look but another part would be wondering how to weigh some flour with it – the dial does look a bit like a kitchen implement.

  • Kris C

    Those hands are just way too fine. Especially when colour-matched to the case. They almost disappear, or look like a wayward hair has fallen onto your watch dial. Ew! Who’s friggin hair is this?!? Oh, never mind, it’s actually just 2:30.

  • carolyn h

    A beautiful watch (though I agree about the blued hands) but wo! That is expensive for a Nomos! Sorry but I’ll stick to the Orion rose as my Nomos.

  • jmsherer21

    Absolutely Beautiful. Ariel, when is this one on the give-away!?

  • I’m surprised that James Stacy did not wrestle Ariel to the ground (maybe he did) to see who would write this post (as James is a noted Nomos fan). I like it, but I agree that blued hands are better than hair thin gold ones.

  • witchwatch

    Platinum will always be more expensive than gold due to it being much rarer. Do realise that alloyed platinum(95%, 5% alloy) is actually SOFTER than alloyed 18k white gold? So white gold has that ‘stealth factor’ that yellow lacks & is harder wearing & cheaper than platinum.

  • TheSkeptic

    My first impression looking at the watch was wow! Then I took a more dispassionate inspection and came away with a very mixed feeling. For me, the power reserve indicator is over-the-top. It’s like the watch is about power reserve and actual time is secondary. The design of the power reserve indicator is elegant and that is what unconsciously caught my eye. And it it is absolutely integral to ones impression of this watch. I took a copy of the watch into Photoshop and erased the pr indicator and the unique beauty of the watch disappears. I’m left feeling the pr indicator is a marketing gimmick. Now if that pr indicator was a date indicator then we’re talking!!

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