Ochs Und Junior New Colors And Names For Watches

Ochs Und Junior New Colors And Names For Watches
ochs und junior moonphase
New patinated dial and hands

Two news items from watch maker ochs und junior - a new moonphase look and a sweeping rename of the models. Since it's brief, we will deal with the rename first. Previously, their watches had evocative names like 'Selene' for moon phase, which probably caused confusion. The line is now renamed according to what they're calling 'time horizons.'

ochs und junior models

Very prosaic and practical. Should make it easier to shop their collection.

The other news is the new dial on the moon phase, seen above. The new dial is brass, patinated using a sculpture restoration technique that turns it dark grey. Once that's done, they mill out the indices, moon and date dot to reveal the brass beneath.

The hands are also brass, satinized instead of patina finsihed, with a hand-painted second hand. Gotta love that attention to detail.

ochs und junior dial closeup

And of course, part of the appeal of the moon phase is the mechanism. Only five parts, and the most accurate in a watch. You can get the full details in my review here. The dial itself is an integral part of the mechanism, not just a display canvas:

ochs und junior moonphase mechanism

As a watch geek, that makes my heart flutter.

By way of comparison, here's the underside of the annual calendar dial:

ochs und junior annual calendar dial underside

That's a bit of a teaser, as we hope to have a full review of the new annual calendar as soon as they're available. Should be a treat.

In terms of the new names, all ochs und junior pieces are in the "time horizons" collection and have new simple names such as "date, moonphase, annual calendar," etc... And yes, they are all lower-cased. Press releases (PDF) are here (moon phase) and here (rename). ochsundjunior.ch

  • MarkCarson

    The moonphase, annual calendar and date have a clean aesthetic (almost a bauhaus variation) but still require counting tiny dots to know anything more than the time (or moonphase). 
    From a use standpoint this bugs me and puts them right up there with impossible to read scales on watches at the other extreme (having overly busy dials and scads of microscopic printing).
    I wish the two time zones had an AM/PM indication.  While I like the concept of the hours moving to select another time zone, the execution is still unattractive to me. I want to like these watches, but they are just too ugly or non-functional (depending on the model) for me. 

    I really admire Ludwig Oechslin for his engineering, but his sense of style doesn’t do a thing for me.

    • nateb123

      MarkCarson Agreed that his style sense is lacking.  However, these are more functional than you think.  The reason the dials only have 6 hour markers is to ease readability of the date.  Every 5 date dots, there’s an hour marker so it doesn’t require “counting dots” anymore than reading the time requires counting hour or minute markers.  My main complaint is the annual calendar’s day and month “subdials”(?) move counter-clockwise, which is mechanically simple but visually defeats the purpose.  Or, heaven forbid, they just label the openings.

      • MarkCarson

        Thanks Nate, I did not pick up on that until you pointed it out (5 dots per hour maker).

  • Kris C

    I’m cool with the style, I just think this brand is way out to lunch on pricing.  They preach such simplicity, from the mechanics of the complications to the corrugated cardboard flats the watches are stapled to instead of packaging, but for what they are, they are priced like each one is personally delivered by a unicorn from the moon.

    • P Oktori

      Kris C Well said.

  • AlbertoPerez

    Love them, but prices are crazy, even in this industry….

  • Livefyre

    Love them, but prices are crazy, even in this industry….