Omega Seamaster 300M Co-Axial Chronograph ETNZ Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

Omega Seamaster 300M Co-Axial Chronograph ETNZ Limited Edition Watch Hands-On


Here in San Francisco, Omega watches has just announced a new limited edition watch to celebrate their continued relationship with the Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) for the 2013 edition of the America's Cup boat race. We are here on-scene at the ETNZ local HQ days before the preliminary Louis Vuitton Cup races that will lead up to the America's Cup in September 2013. The wild thing about this America's Cup is just how insane it is - price wise. Oracle leader Larry Ellison has been the biggest US proponent of the race and has made it so expensive only three teams will compete this time around. At least one expert has estimated that Ellison poured about $250 million into Team Oracle for the upcoming boat race.


With an entry level price to produce a racing yacht of over 100 millions dollars, it is a feat for the ultra-wealthy. Countries and corporations work together to produce the team and boat for the nations that participate. Omega is among the supporting companies that helps the extremely tall catamarans race each other as they glide over the water trying to beat each other out. The new boat can apparently reach speeds of 50 knots. New Zealand is a long standing underdog who has some well-deserved victories under their belt. This year they also get a new Omega watch. Limited to 2,013 watches, the new timepiece is also a fantastic mid-ranged Omega chronograph.

Omega ETNZ watch launch 4

Omega ETNZ watch launch 2

Produced as part of the 44mm wide Omega Seamaster 300M case collection, the steel watch is fantastically sized with its classic Seamaster looks that brought the famous family into the modern era. A blue three-hand Omega Seamaster 300M was the James Bond watch for a while. Several years ago Omega decided that this watch would also serve as their boating chronograph (regatta timer). Omega designed the minutes sub dial counter to easily count out the important minutes before a race. Those classic Omega Seamaster-style hands read true against the matte black dial, as the chronograph sub dials are slightly recessed. Red and black are the dominant colors of the watch, coincidently being not only strong Omega colors, but also the colors of the ETNZ team boats.

On the rear of the case is an engraving of the ETNZ team logo and a mark that the watch is to help celebrate the 34th anniversary of the games. Omega has been an American's Cup team sponsor since the mid 1990s. How do the Swiss at Omega get along with the Kiwis on the team? Rather well it seems. You can tell that ETNZ genuinely appreciates Omega's support and long-term dedication. Omega CEO speaks with pride and awe when discussing the achievements of the team's engineers as well as the scale of the ships and the hard work of the sailors.

Omega Seamaster Chronograph ETNZ watch 8

  • PhilMaurer

    Love it!  I wonder why they based it on the older movement, but moved the date window…  Sure it is just a wheel and can be anywhere on the dial with only a change to the face.  Personally I like the date window at the 4:30 position as it makes the lower subdial (hour chrono) easier to read.  In fact on this watch placing it at the 7:30 posit might balance it nicely.  Maybe at &;#) with red numbers on a black wheel? 
    If I already didn’t have the Planet Ocean in Orange with this movement I would be very tempted.  The minimal branding limited to the caseback is something I really like.

  • MarkCarson

    Nice to see a limited edition Seamaster at a (for Omega) reasonable price point. Sporty looking I guess but too overtly branded for my tastes with the red ‘Omega’ on the rubber strap.

  • Ulysses31

    An Omega that doesn’t quite look like one.  An improvement.  The dial makes it look fresh.  I think the branding on the strap is a little much though, it doesn’t look very high-end.  I’m reminded of certain Longines models when I look at this thing – again, not quite a super high-end look but still very nice and much preferred over the usual boring designs.  You’d actually need a pulse to wear this.

  • Kris C

    It’s not bad, but as always, the co-branding is corny and dismissable. I’d rather get a look at it on the bracelet, that rubber is downright childish.

  • Ryan B

    I must agree with everybody else that there’s no need to display the name on the strap like an attention whore.

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  • Oelholm

    “34th anniversary”… Really?

    • MarkCarson

      Oelholm Yeah, that makes no sense to me either. The America’s Cup has been around since 1851 and the Louis Vuitton Cup started in 1983 (30 years ago), so I don’t see the 34 anniversary connection either.
      The good news is that in just 6 months they can offer a 34 and a half anniversary edition watch. That might be the one to wait for!!!
      (tongue now removed from cheek)

    • PhilMaurer

      Oelholm  34th running of the America’s cup…

      • Oelholm

        PhilMaurer Oelholm I know – doesn’t really make it an anniversary, though!

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  • slimshady359

    what is the  luminescence in the dark green or blue ?

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