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Omega Speedmaster Mark II Reissue Watch For 2014

Omega Speedmaster Mark II Reissue Watch For 2014 Watch Releases

In 1969 Omega introduced the Speedmaster Mark (Mk) II as an updated version of the outgoing Speedmaster. It happened to be in the same year that Omega also had a few of its older generation Speedmasters make their way to the moon in the NASA Apollo 11 mission, but that of course is another story. With a newly formed case that would become an iconic symbol of the brand as well as the era, the Omega Speedmaster Mark II will be re-introduced by Omega this year in 2014 with a modern movement but a design that is very true to the original. We even have the price below – which is lucky given how early this is being announced.

As a pre-Baselworld 2014 release, Omega has given aBlogtoWatch a glimpse of the upcoming “mid-range” priced Omega Speedmaster Mark II models that will arrive in at least two forms. Those with a love of the more colorful Speedmasters will enjoy the Omega Speedmaster Mark II with a red/orange and gray dial that is an homage to the vintage ref. 145.014 Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II. There is also a more monochromatic version in black and white accented with the green of luminant.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II Reissue Watch For 2014 Watch Releases

Omega Speedmaster Mark II Reissue Watch For 2014 Watch Releases

In fact luminant is a big part of the design. The original models had tachymeter scales printed on the inside of the crystal. It isn’t totally clear if the new models have scales on the precise reverse of the sapphire crystal or if there is some space between, but they are raised up a bit from the dial. However, the aluminum scales for the tachymeter ring are filled with a lot of SuperLumiNova to allow for bright illumination of the tachymeter scale. This is admittedly very cool, and the next step is to actually get people to use their tachymeter scales.

Omega has not yet announced the precise size of the Omega Speedmaster Mark II case. I have a feeling it will be at least 42-44mm wide. There is a good chance the 2014 models will be the same size as the original which was about 42mm wide – a great size for 1970s as well as today. The case is water resistant to 100 meters and done in brushed steel with a finish that warmly emulates the originals. They come with a matching bracelet that should make original Mk II owners proud. Those that know these models are aware of how comfortable they are and how good they look on the wrist. If there was ever an Omega that really lived up the “Professional” part of the Speedmaster name it was the Mark II.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II Reissue Watch For 2014 Watch Releases



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  • Oelholm

    Like it a lot. Faithful to the original, but updated in a lot of ways that are not only practical, but also adds some fun elements to the watch. Not that expensive, either.

  • Ulysses31

    Oh.  My.  God.  So beautiful, all of them, but the black one really hits the spot.  Retro masculine style at its finest.  Glad they decided to come up with something a lot less yawn-inducing than the usual stuff, even if it is essentially a reissue.

  • XuanLiu

    Getting one for sure.

  • Kris C

    Love the colourful one. Not a fan of the lugless case, as I’m not of the original, but this would find a spot in the rotation without too much trouble.

  • MikeinFrankfurt

    It’s cool overall, but I do wish that Omega had gone the direction of Tudor and differentiated this a touch more vs the original version.  What’s more is that the vintage versions sell for less than 1/3 of these!  I’d definitely go that route and could buy both dials in vintage and still have enough $$ leftover.

    Still, I realize that there are a lot of folks who like the reliability, warranty and guaranteed waterproof features of  a new watch.  At the end of the day, along with the Bullhead, I’m happy to see Omega embracing some of its interesting past models.

  • With such an arsenal of great past designs, it baffles the mind why’ve they’ve been playing it so safe all these years.

  • spiceballs

    Very nicely done Omega.  Should be on your list, if you like chromos?  Prefer the grey/orange but would like to see “in the metal” first.

  • nateb123

    MikeinFrankfurt While I generally agree that vintage is better value, with this you do get a HELL of a lot more features that will help accuracy and durability, the bracelet is solid which makes it feel like the original always should have, and the finishing of the case is miles beyond the original.

    This is how a retro design should be reissued.

  • mirwais

    My Omega Mark 2 watch had problem with its chrono, it was not reseting correctly.

    I left my watch to service and informed that it will be fixed under warranty.

    After waiting more that 2 months for my watch to get fixed I went to service to pick up my watch. In the invoice most parts were changed and the test results were passed. But when I got the watch I had exactly the same problem!! Its either a funny joke from Omega or your service results and your service are a complete failure!!

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