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Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Watch

Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Watch Watch Releases

Omega X-33 watch lovers will rejoice to know that for 2014, Omega is releasing a brand new version of the X-33 called the Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33. You can now insert relevant Luke Skywalker and other related Star Wars references. This is an interesting move as just two years ago in 2012 Omega released what was supposed to be the modern X-33 with the Speedmaster Z-33 (reviewed here). Nevertheless, the cult favorite X-33 is back with a new and updated model.

Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Watch Watch Releases

Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Watch Watch Releases

Omega’s CEO quietly admitted to us that it was probably not the best idea to give the Z-33–which was technically great–the historic Flightmaster-style case. So while the Z-33 isn’t going away (at least for now), the essence of the X-33 is back with the Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33. This was a very quiet release, so more information will come in the future for sure. Further, we are excited to see that Omega is focused on this more niche high-end quartz community, and more importantly the needs and desires of today’s astronauts, who are going to be the focused professional user of the Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 timepieces.

Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Watch Watch Releases

At 45mm, the Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 is a bit larger than the original models that first came out in the 1990s (more on the original Omega X-33 by our friends at Fratello here). Of course the case is in solid titanium and the style is not only very closely related to the original X-33, but also of the Speedmaster range as well. The Z-33 was technically a Speedmaster, but really didn’t look like one. Around the X-33 dial is a rotating bezel with a ceramic insert, and the dial design is a mixture of the classic Speedmaster Professional and the Z-33. The real departure here from the original X-33 is the use of a horizontal line, versus circular line LCD screen. Of course the screen can be turned off for a more traditional dial style with just analog hands.

Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Watch Watch Releases

The movement is produced by ETA exclusively for Omega and I believe will be thermo-compensated, even though we aren’t sure yet. Analog/digital in format, the movement will have four pushers on the case in addition to the crown to operate–just like the Z-33. Features will again be focused on the needs of astronauts and include multiple timezones (three of them), three alarms, chronograph, countdown timer, mission timers such as mission elapsed time (MET) and phase elapsed time (PET), as well as a backlight.

Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Watch Watch Releases

Personally, I am rather excited by this because I’ve been waiting for a new X-33 for years. Omega has a need to work with current astronauts as well as historic ones to retain its image as the “space watch,” and this is a way to do it. Omega claims that the watch will be certified by NASA to be used in their space missions in the near future, and that the Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 has already been approved by the ESA (European Space Agency) for use in space and on the ISS. Further, Omega is said to have worked with astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy on the design of this watch.


We look forward to offering a hands-on review of the Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 in the near future but until then are happy to report its release. We know that from a commercial perspective, this will be a niche product, but it is a good sign to show that Omega is focused both on mainstream watch products as well as catering to their many dedicated hardcore fans. It is an interesting tactic and one that most brands of this size do not do. Price for the Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 will be 4,900 Swiss Francs.



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  • Oelholm

    Looking very much forward to seeing this in real life. Hopefully, the “Hello Kitty” dail will have less pronounced “ears” than when seeing it on the screen…

  • BillPadget

    Nice but pricey for a quartz movement. Understand that it fills a niche need but 4,900 Swiss Francs for quartz?

  • Speedmaster DNA is quite strong in this one! Anyone noticing that the astronaut on the right’s name… it’s Piccard? He he. Space geekery abounding in this post. I like it, not for 6000 american smackers, but I like it nonetheless.

  • Oelholm

    BillPadget It isn’t just some Japanese 3-hander in a steel case – it’s an Omega in titanium with a huge number of different functions, certified to go into space. Do you really think that 5600 USD, before discounts, is a lot for that?

  • BillPadget

    Oelholm BillPadget  Yes

  • BillPadget

    Oelholm BillPadget  Titanium is relatively inexpensive compared to precious metals and electronics are always less expensive than mechanical movements. maybe I’m a watch snob and a purist but electronic movements are cheap and reliable regardless the country of origin.

  • Oelholm

    BillPadget It has more to do with the level of finishing than anything else, that I mention the country of origin (a bit ironic, since much of the watch is probably made in China…). The Speedmaster bracelet is exceptionally nice to wear and the overall finishing of the product is much better than your run of mill quartz. Breitling quartz watches are a bit cheaper, but, IMO, not as “nice looking” or as well produced. I’m, mostly, into mechanical watches too, but I think that this one shows promise (shame about the forty-bloody-five milimeter size!).

  • BillPadget

    Oelholm BillPadget  I understand your thoughts but unless the watch has intrinsic, measurable value (gold, platinum, gemstones) I wouldn’t pay $6K for a titanium cased quartz movement watch even if it said Patek on the dial.  But it’s nice to debate these issues with a fellow watch guy!

  • smartbot

    BillPadget Oelholm  Along with the titanium case / bracelet it also has a ceramic bezel which adds to the cost.  You won’t see many Japanese watches using these materials (except maybe the Seiko Astron which sells for 2K+).  I think with a discount you will see this watch under 5K.  Not a bad deal considering it’s a Swiss watch.

  • chabusch

    BillPadget I agree. If this thermo movement was powered by both light and kinetic energy with a power reserve 1 year, I would say that this watch had some unique technology in it, which could justify the price.

  • Ulysses31

    It’s a good looking watch with a nice display – certainly the match of any $600 Citizen in terms of looks.  It always amuses me when people talk up how robust and reliable electronic movements are, as if those aren’t already inherent traits in that class of devices.  Throw in a plastic shield to catch the cosmic rays and you’re done.  Yes, it is built better than most and has a variety of functions (none of them novel based on the above description), but the price is more a reflection of how Omega customers wish to feel reassured that their purchase is somehow far better than what’s already on offer.  It’s a fact confirmed from multiple studies that the consumer is more likely to perceive a product as being superior based purely on a higher sticker price, something that is demonstrated when consumers are shown the same (unbranded) product with a different price tag attached.  The higher the price, the more favourable the opinion.  The profit margin on this piece must be quite juicy.

  • skippymyman

    smartbot BillPadget Oelholm  You are either drunk or dead if you haven’t seen Japanese watches using Titanium and ceramic.

  • skippymyman

    Gorgeous watch. I understand that they have to charge price X because it is an Omega and every other excuse in the book. But I think 3K is a fair enough price. I would like to start seeing the x-33 watches in the 3k category

  • stefanv

    Very nice watch. I’ve always really liked the X-33 (and in fact built my own X-33 homage), but Omega has taken a slightly-too-big super cool watch, and made it too-bigger and far less cool, at only twice the price. The round display, positive LCD, broad-arrow hour hand, and “airplane” second hand were defining characteristics of the X-33, and these are now gone. My homage looks more like an X-33 than this new Omega does (and it’s only 39mm, an ideal size).

  • Spaceguitar

    The inner geek in me is absolutely crazy about this watch. This ratchets up to three different Omegas on my “eventually” list.
    $6K aside of course…yikes.

  • GBD

    I love a well done ani-digi, but at this price I wish we could see some additional technology like solar power or atomic reception. I realize those things are not Omega’s forte (and are available from Citizen and Seiko for far less), but the idea of swapping battery after battery is not appealing. Also, can we please stop pretending that ceramic and titanium are somehow exotic and justify the eye-gouging prices we see from Omega and other Swiss brands? Ceramic and titanium have been around a long time now, and are widely available on other watches costing a fraction of the X-33. And finally, I get that it’s a sports watch, but yet *another* 45mm hockey puck from Omega? Ugh…

  • Thanatos42

    skippymyman  Word.  It’s not $3k nicer than a Breitling Aerospace.

  • LapYoda

    I find the lack of Star Wars references disturbing.  While I’m sure some decry this model, saying “That’s no moon(watch),” or are upset about Swatch group being a wretched hive of scum and villainy, the Force is strong with this one.  Quartz accuracy should come in handy when timing the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, or bullseyeing womp rats in your T-16.  However, given the size, this is not an elegant wristwatch, for a more civilized age.

  • rwag1

    Tissot is solar now, and they are part of Swatch too, right?  I assume that in a year or two they will come out with a solar-powered one.  

    As for the GPS and other features, that might be another matter.  The fun designs coming out of Seiko and Citizen seem to be more about the land-dweller and what they can know and have set given their surroundings.  This watch seems more tailored to a journey of the few, literally the jet-set.  I think the requirements might be more specific in this case.

    Cool watch, too $ for this gentleman.

  • Ventus1

    armenta  Dude, this ain’t Jean Luc… his name is Bertrand Piccard and he is piloting the Solar Impuls (proudly sponsored by Omege, explaining the incredible price tag for a quartz fired LCD gadget…)… 🙂

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