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Orbita Gerstner Watch Winder

Orbita Gerstner Watch Winder Luxury Items

In a partnership emphasizing common values and American-made pride, one of our favorite makers of watch winders Orbita has released the new Gerstner Watch Winder. Gerstner makes wooden tool chests and similar items, and it makes obvious sense for such a company with a focus on traditional crafts to provide the casing for watch winders. Watch lovers who might need winders for their collection, after all, are often the type to appreciate things like hand-craftsmanship as well as cohesive branding. The resulting Orbita Gerstner Watch Winder is in oak, boasting Gerstner’s workmanship and Orbita’s very specific expertise, with choices of double or triple winders.

Orbita Gerstner Watch Winder Luxury Items

Based in Dayton, Ohio, H. Gerstner & Sons began as a tool chest maker that offers some history that should speak to the tastes of many watch collectors. The company is over 100 years old, having been founded in 1906, and family-owned and -operated for four generations. Today, they produce a range of chests and cases for various purposes, now including watch winders. Orbita is also American, based in Wilmington, North Carolina, and younger – of course, as the automatic watches that watch winders are designed for didn’t become popular until more recently.

Orbita Gerstner Watch Winder Luxury Items

We have reviewed and discussed Obita’s products a number of times here on aBlogtoWatch (see above link) and can attest to the quality of their watch winding systems, which can range from slick and modern to quite classic as with the Orbita Gerstner. Orbita also makes a wide range of watch winders, from single winders to those designed for as many as 48 watches at a time, and has also collaborated with other companies, such as safe makers. The Orbita Gerstner is made of solid Golden Oak hardwood with a glass front cover that opens to the side and available in two variations: with two watch winders or with three.

Orbita Gerstner Watch Winder Luxury Items

Further, there is the option to include (or not) a storage drawer under the watch winders where one could put more watches, straps, tools… or any of the various items associated with a watch collection (or anything you want, I suppose) – luxury products for luxury products, just like these watch winders themselves are. The company tells us that each drawer is shaped, planed, and fitted all by hand for precise tolerances and smooth operation. Hardware such as hinges and locks are available in brass or nickel with a further choice of finishes. It is all very customizable within the frame of the Orbita Gerstner Watch Winder’s basic design.

Orbita Gerstner Watch Winder Luxury Items

You can get a pretty good idea of the Orbita Gerstner’s dimensions in proportion to the watches pictured in the company’s images. Precisely, however, both winders measure 9 inches tall and 8.25 inches long, but the double winder is 11 inches wide while the triple winder is 16.25 wide. The Orbita Gerstner Double Watch Winder has a price of $1,495 and the Orbita Gerstner Triple Watch Winder is $2,195.



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  • SuperStrapper

    Oak is always the go-to. Lovely hardwood but just so predictable. Some tiger or curly maple would really make something like that stand out, and also stained in a shade less…. antique market.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Sorry to sounds so negative but I’m not being funny. I could have knocked one of these up in woodwork class at school. This is a terrible looking winder. These horrible corner brackets are hardly in keeping with the ” focus on traditional crafts ” when a nice dove joint would have looked so much better. Not mad keen on the wood used, it’s natural grain is just really boring. I would have expected the drawer to be lined, and finished! Even the handles look as if they haven’t had much thought. All in all, poor show.

  • H.S.M.

    Oh my. That is a lot of money for some wooden boxes.
    Wonder how much it would cost to buy two cheap Chinese winders, some wood and other materials and build your own.
    Might end up being a bit rough around the edges, but you could spend the left over money to buy some watches to put into your new winder.

  • Mike Darwin Brown

    I wonder how does the three slot winder open? Does it open from the top or the bottom? Both are not good………. ¯_(?)_/¯

    • Looks like the 3 winder model has a glass front which swings down (and is held closed by a magnetic catch at the top center.

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    My Orbita teak 4 head programable winder puts this wooden tool box to shame.
    I agree, it looks like a High School shop project.

  • I guess if it matches the decor of your home (or garage) it might work. But as a stand alone item, the wood is cheap and boring looking. Raymond’s and SuperStrapper’s comments are all on point. And H.S.M. – they probably use the high quality Japanese winder motors which do cost a lot more (not that the winder motor alone justifies the high price).

  • BadgerHeel

    I’m with the gang here and will say ugh! That’s crazy expensive for something that looks like I made (i.e. amateur). Worse, it doesn’t even look like you can set the rate or winding direction (just on or off). Sorry but no way.

  • Timestandsstill

    I will say that one thing I do appreciate about Orbita is their fairly/reasonably up to date and quite comprehensive database of winding directions and daily winding requirements of automatic watches….. information that is almost impossible (state/trade secrets!) to obtain from many watch companies

  • Pedro Lambareiro

    The cheap watches used to present this item say it all…

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