Oris Rallies Up A New Limited Edition RAID Watch For 2013

Oris Rallies Up A New Limited Edition RAID Watch For 2013

Oris Raid 2013 01 When it comes to auto racing, you don't find much of it on TV outside of standard NASCAR and drag racing (at least not here in the States). Many years ago though, I discovered the sport of rally racing, and I was hooked. There's just something fun about watching cars racing against the clock, sliding through (generally) unpaved surfaces. And that's the sport that this Oris model is commemorating - rally racing.

But it's not just any rally, it's the RAID Suisse-Paris, which features classic cars taking a 600-mile route starting in Basel, and finishing in Paris. Oris has been the official timekeeper of the race since 2009, and has released a new watch for the race each year since. This year's model is honoring the winner of last year, a Jaguar 420.

Jaguar 420 1967 dashboard

The Oris RAID 2013 Limited Edition honors that car by virtue of styling on the dial which is inspired by the dashboard of the Jaguar. It also incorporates other elements of the 420, such as the red triangle and the fonts. To me, it's a clean layout, with the chronograph sub dials balancing each other top and bottom. The small seconds (over at 9 o'clock) isn't as pronounced, and blends in a bit.

Oris Raid 2013 03

The other interesting bit to this dial is the placement of the day and date displays. The date shows up at 6 o'clock (fairly standard) and blends nicely into the 12-hour register. The day display, on the other hand, is in a location I don't recall seeing before - at the 9 o'clock position, very close to the center of the dial. While intriguing, it's hard to say (just from pictures) if this is something you'd get used to, or if it would become an annoyance not having it over at the more common position of 3 o'clock.

Oris Raid 2013 caseback

These elements are driven by the Oris 775 automatic movement, which is based on the SW 500. The movement is housed in a 44mm stainless steel case (23mm lug width) , which itself is topped by a double-domed sapphire crystal, which has an AR coating applied to the underside. The caseback is solid and engraved, and the whole package is on a black leather strap with deployant clasp. Water resistance, for those curious, is rated at 50 meters.

Oris Raid 2013 02

All told, this is a very cleanly executed chronograph, and one that tends towards the dressier end of the style spectrum. Which, while it might seem an odd choice to pair as an homage to a race through the elements, I think it's fitting given the caliber of vintage iron that runs the race. If you'd like to pick one up, the 500-piece limited edition is available at a price of $3,950. oris.ch

  • RandyTorres

    I’m guessing this Sellita movement is itself based on the Valjoux 77xx movements given the register layouts. I have a hard time considering a watch a limited edition when it shares a movement with thousands of watches from other manufacturers. Having said that I really like the watch. I guess I’m a sucker for black with red accents and any race themed watch!

    • Hacker4748

      RandyTorres Clear and contrasty dark black / red / white racing watches with arabic numerals are my secret and not yet really fulfilled love.

      • RandyTorres

        Hacker4748RandyTorresYou might want to consider Chris Pappas at Wilson Watch Works, he can custom build one for you for a LOT less and with a Valjoux 7750 movement (maybe even a SII chrono movement with a column wheel and vertical clutch mechanism).  Check the link out. By the way, he changed the picture of the sample watch, previously he had one with a red top chrono pusher, which was very, very cool!

        • Hacker4748

          RandyTorres Thank you, but that would be difficult to coordinate living in Europe. How does one choose the dial and other features?

        • RandyTorres

          Hacker4748 RandyTorres Just talk to Chris Pappas. Those pictures on his site are just examples, he can give you lots of options.

  • Kris C

    Somewhat on-topic: I have the steering wheel of a Jag 420 on my boat. Found it all on it’s lonesome at a parts boneyard in mint condition, and got it for a song. Looks great.