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Perrelet Double Rotor Turbine Watch Collection

Perrelet Double Rotor Turbine Watch Collection Watch Releases

One of Perrelet’s signature complications is offering various watches with two rotors – one on the back of the watch, and one on the front. After years of simply having the cool looking rotor oscillating on the face of watches, they started to get a bit more creative. The most recent iteration for a men’s watch is this Turbine collection. Designed after the turbine on a jet engine, moving the watch around has the turbine vanes spinning as though the watch was about to take off.

Other companies and played with this concept as a propeller, but Perrelet is taking it to the next level with the jet engine look. Cleverly hidden in the rear of the vanes are weights that help the assembly spin, but to the wearer’s eye, everything look symmetrical. The turbine is crafted from 12 blades of titanium. Hidden between the spinning blades are luminous hour markers. To enhance legibility, the chapter ring of the dial includes minute markers and further hour indicators. The look is really sensational. See the Perrelet Turbine watch video here.

Aside from the eye catching face, I think you’ll agree that the case of the watch is very sleek and well integrated. The rubber strap integrated perfectly with the long curved lugs, and I like how the crown fits flush with the case when not in use. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the entire 44mm wide watch case is tapered a bit to resemble an entire jet engine structure.

Perrelet Double Rotor Turbine Watch Collection Watch Releases

Perrelet Double Rotor Turbine Watch Collection Watch Releases

Perrelet Double Rotor Turbine Watch Collection Watch Releases

On the back of the watch is an exhibition caseback with a view into the decorated P-181 mechanical movement and automatic rotor. This is not only one of the sportiest Perrelet watches, but it is totally unique in its looks among competitors. Though there are a few that are thematically similar focusing on modern aircraft.  I further think the Perrelet Turbine is a better alternative to the style of the Zenith Defy Xtreme watches that sometimes have a similar theme, but offer less to a wide audience. The Perrelet is a more reasonably priced luxury sport watch, as well has having more daily practicality.

Three versions of the watch will be available. In titanium with an all black version with DLC coated titanium. There will also be a pink gold version available. Combining DLC coating and titanium is an excellent combination of materials as DLC is very hard and scratch resistant, while titanium is also very hard, but light. The three models are the A1047/1, A1047/2, and the A.5006/1. My choice pick is the A1047/1 with its dark tones and potent red seen between the spinning turbine blades. The natural rubber straps are secured with matching titanium butterfly deployments. Also notice that the Perrelet signature on the sapphire crystal is likely applied to the crystal itself. Look for the Perrelet Turbine watch collection to be available soon around October 2009.

See the video on this Perrelet Turbine watch here.

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  • Hoby Cook

    Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Perrelet watches, and am wearing an A5003/1 right now, but the analogy with the jet intake is unnerving, especially with the red detail on the dial. You wanna call this the Perrelet “Bird Strike”?

    • Hi Hoby,
      Interesting perspective. I can honestly say that I don’t think anyone was thinking about avian blood as being the red when they designed it. Perhaps that is why they release images like this to me, so that together we can identify these funny things before the watches are sold. And hey, maybe some people like the idea of the “death turbine” on their wrist. How is it different than a watch with a skull face on it? Nice comment by the way!

  • Hoby,

    I agree with Ariel. When Perrelet designed the watches, they weren’t thinking blood, but more of the aesthetic appeal of how the red stood out against the chrome/titanium colored face. But you do bring up an interesting point I never thought of.


    Media Representative for Perrelet North America

    • Hi Romey,
      Good of you to comment. I think that when people view the video that I just posted showing the Perrelet Turbine watch they will realize that the red coloration is meant to remind you of a turbine spinning so fast it is red hot! An excellent look.

  • Love it! There´s a childish approach towards the design. I am a big fan of Markus Bühlers Turbine Big Pilot and if this watch indeed was a pilots watch it would have added “perfection” to my comment.

    • The Markus Buhlers IWC Big Pilot with the turbine subsidiary seconds hard was pretty cool, but due to the nature of the seconds hand, the turbine spun too slowly. On the Perrelet it can spin faster giving you more of a visceral thrill in watching it. Thanks for commenting again. Take care.

  • Yes, the ‘fast’ turbine on the Perrelet sure ads to the ‘true turbine’ feeling. But since the Big Pilot is a…well, yeah a pilot watch, I still appreciate that more. BTW, the talented Mr. Bühler made a sea chronometer with tourbillon as one of his school projects! I am really impressed by him, but I have a feeling he will not stay in the watch business for too long. He´s back in school studying to be a machine technician (while still working for IWC), and his creativity will probably move him towards other than horology…I think.

  • Mark C

    I want one so bad!! Not sure what the guy was thinking about “Blood” Come on really… It’s a watch! You have got to be kidden me! The watch is AMAZING! It looks like nothing else on the market and that’s GREAT! I have a Tag Link, Breitling Emergency, and a Omega Olympic. This has to be my most favorite watch I have ever seen! When and where will it be released to purchase!

    Thank you,

    Mark C

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