Piaget Emperador Coussin Tourbillon Automatic Ultra Thin Watch

Piaget Emperador Coussin Tourbillon Automatic Ultra Thin Watch

Piaget new little flagship watch isn't so little, but it is skinny. This is the thinnest automatic tourbillon watch on the planet - and it really is nice to look at. Comes complete with a front mounted solid gold automatic micro-rotor, and rear-mounted power reserve indicator. Sure you can even tell the time as well - but that isn't as easy as seeing the other stuff. Really a gorgeous watch and certainly tasteful enough for most any person to appreciate.

See my full article on the Piaget Emperador Coussin Tourbillon Automatic Ultra Thin watch here at Haute Living.

  • Kris C

    Like: front-mounted rotor, and the signed tourbillon. The sunburst sapphire is neat, and makes for useful yet not-so-obvious hour markers.

    Dislike: the part that tells the time. If the hour hand overhangs the rotor that much, then the minute hand must look pretty lost in space for the last part of any hour. Looks like the hands overlap the tourbillon too. I think that makes the layout seem a little ill concevied. I am also no fan of the case shape. Looks like it was stepped on an squished to make it that flat. I’m sure movement bits are tucked in there at the sides, but I bet it would have looked better if the crystal was wider and left an even border around the whole thing.

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  • Yekrut

    This watch seems to lack in the practicality department, the hours just seem quite difficult to read. Looks great though.

  • Andrew

    This is something that I – fortunately – want, rather than need. Lord knows I could never afford it.

    To ding this watch for practicality is like complaining about your ferrari’s gas mileage…

  • Stephen Delaney

    Hi Ariel,
    Long time, cool looking watch, is that the “Seal 0f Geneva” on the rotor? I have never really seen a Piaget that I have been impressed with, they cater more toward a womans wrist then a man’s. But this one is really nice.
    Stephen Delaney

  • Ivan Y

    This is an amazingly clean complicated watch. I don’t like this type of watches generally, but I find it remarkable that Piaget’s designers showed restraint by sticking to one main color with slight pops of color.

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