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Reactor Poseidon 1000m Dive Watch

Reactor Poseidon 1000m Dive Watch Watch Releases

The big daddy watch from Reactor is this Poseidon model – and has been available since last Fall or so. It is available in a standard and limited edition version. Each has style differences, and the Limited Edition Poseidon model contains a  Seiko made Kinetic (automatic rotor spins to charge the battery) quartz movement. There is even an exhibition caseback so that you can see the rotor. Exhibition casebacks on quartz watches are very rare. You can see the limited edition here with orange hues and different hands. I do like the limited edition better.

The standard Poseidon model has a standard Japanese quartz movement with a 10 year battery. The two watches share a number of characteristics, including the chunky 48mm wide steel case with brushed steel, and black applications. The metal bracelet is two tone as well. At standard model is available on either strap, but the limited edition comes with both the metal bracelet and rubber strap.

Reactor Poseidon 1000m Dive Watch Watch Releases

Reactor Poseidon 1000m Dive Watch Watch Releases

Reactor gives the Poseidon Limited Edition their Never Dark (ND) treatment, which is use of SuperLumiNova as well as tritium gas tubes. The standard model has only applied lume (no gas tubes). In my review of the Reactor Gamma Ti, I explained a bit more about the benefit of having two types of luminant.

These are heavy watches at about 255 grams (without the bracelet I think). The case is also 17mm thick and water resistant to 1000 meters. I am not sure of the crystal the Reactor uses for the Poseidon. I think it is gonna be a mineral crystal, but it could be sapphire. I am not sure. Sometimes they like using the mineral crystals more because it can pass certain military standards (as they chip, and don’t really shatter like sapphire crystals can  – with lots of force).

Reactor Poseidon 1000m Dive Watch Watch Releases

A really cool feature are the double bezels. There is a standard external rotating diver’s bezel, as well as an internal rotating bezel (operated with one of the two crowns). I have never seen this type of treatment before. Though I would have liked each of the bezels to have more than one point of lume. Style is very much on point with Reactor these days, but follows the popular looks of the Gamma. The Poseidon watches are masculine, a bit showy, and functional. As diving watches they will work very well (and pass pro ISO dive watch specifications). These are tool watches at heart with a penchant for bright colors. While the limited edition only comes with the orange trim, the standard model has a black and red dial, or a mostly yellow dial.


Reactor is offering the limited edition for about $900, and will have 500 pieces available total. The standard Poseidon price is retails for $575. Is it worth paying extra for the style of the limited edition along with the ND tech and the Seiko Kinetic movement? I think so.

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  • Ariel, HI!

    Interesting watch, and VERY interesting display of (Japanese!!!???) engrish on its back….

    “Limiting Edition”??? What just happened there?

    It could become a collectible just for that…..hahaha… I wonder if the cases are Asian (other than Japan) made.

    Otherwise, very nice looking piece

    • Yea, I know it is really funny. It was a typo on the prototype… Don’t even get me started 🙂

    • Simeon Weinraub

      I think it is correct. It is a dive watch that you cannot use for diving. Made by a company what embraces the Southern California lifestyle, but the watch would rip a gash in a surfboard in a second. Limiting Edition.

  • Jakob

    There is a “big daddy” watch indeed. A bit on the bling side for me, though. The kind of piece you’d expect to see on the wrist of e.g. Hulk Hogan…

  • John

    I have a Poseidon Limited Edition, and it reads on the back “Limited Edition” not “Limiting Edition”, followed by the number of the watch XXX/500 indicating the total 500 pieces.

  • Dangeruss

    Gaaaah! That’s the cheapest looking 900 dollar watch I’ve ever seen. While I don’t mind a detailed watch, this has way too many unrelated styles, finishes and fussy little details.

    Three logos, knurled bits and bobs, arrows, gas tubes, day and date, battery specs, stepped case, two-tone, polished against bead blasted finishes, chrome trimmed indices, starbust dial, ND logo, castellated bezel … good God, enough already! Not every adjacent surface has to have a different color or finish.

  • Ulysses

    It’s… an Invicta homage… A big muscular watch with tiny kinetic-powered balls.

  • kris c

    Ulysses took my comment away, this to me look like an Invicta brainchild. I’d sooner put it in a sock and use it to ward off ntruders than I would wear it on my wrist. And whats withe the military specs? What army allows its recruits to wear something like this? An army of goombahs, maybe.

    • Chris

      Hey, you have an issue with the New Jersey National Guard?

  • Brian P

    Reactor really stepped up on this one. Great looking diver. Reactor always had a beefy well made tank of a timepiece, now this goes a step further.
    Don’t understand how some say this is an Invicta homage, as just about all Invicta watches are a homage piece to some other brand. Your getting superluminova with tritium tubes, thats a combo you won’t find with invicta, & they don’t do kinetic. Those who say this don’t know much about the other dive watch companies out there., Invicta is not the only company that makes beefy watches.

  • Ulysses

    I was referring to the chaotic, garish, over-the-top appearance and not the components, none of which are remarkable. I know plenty about dive watches thanks, but if you like this watch then I wholeheartedly support your choice; it’ll go well with your big red nose and large floppy shoes.

    • Jehosephat

      That was freaking hilarious. I need to remember that line! Bravo.

  • anthony

    ” 255 grams (without the bracelet I think)”. when diving i prefer to wear my weight belt around my waist , not on my wrist.

  • This thing is about as beautiful as an M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank. Neither sleek nor svelte – – – for function and ruggedness – – – it has a beauty all its’ own.

    Sets a higher standard for beater watches than has previously existed. In the right corner of the globe, on the right wrist – – – it would be one tough beauty to behold!

    I like it.


  • ggkesti

    I have a Poseidon Limited Edition, and have been wearing pretty regular for the last 6 months, I have trouble with the pins holding the band together. I will be sending it back to Reactor for the 2nd time in 3 months.

  • TrueLiberty

    I bought the yellow version of this limited edition Poseidon in the beginning of 2013 and I have watches like the Marine Master 300m, the Marine Master 1000m Tuna, Breitling Seawolf Avenger and this one has become my favorite I wear more then all the others I have. Fantastic watch in all regards.

  • GunnyFitz

    Just bought the LE Poseidon and it arrived last week in its gorgeous warm rubbery box that has cutouts for tools, extra bands, extra links and some other gear. The Orange and Red LE pieces are all sold out as of the time of this writing, and all that is left is BLUE as seen here in their link:

    All in all I agree with the review, especially with the mystery of the inner bezel which i have yet to figure out!
    After wearing a Titanium piece for last 7 yrs this was a total shock when putting on- it felt like i strapped a Navy ship anchor to my arm with the massive dial and SS band! WOW that will take some getting used to! 
    Who knows, maybe I will let it go to a big Reactor fan since its #202 out of 500? 

    **I also got this one in same shipment which is much smaller and lighter with its CF and lighter SS band. Its pretty sharp too but a bit too small for me. Obviously I made these purchase without seeing them in person!

    I do agree with the writer. If you are gonna get a reactor- get the limited editions model! 🙂

    Gunny Out……….