Review Of The Citizen Promaster SST On

Review Of The Citizen Promaster SST On

Review Of The Citizen Promaster SST On   wrist time watch reviews

The Citizen Promaster SST is a watch with interesting details. Yet another ana-digi watch from Citizen this one is designed as something of a race watch, capable of measuring split seconds and with an aesthetic clearly lifted from the instrument cluster of a sports car. The feature list is beyond standard as the SST has a few cool tricks up its sleeve.

Details. So much of what we find appealing about watches goes beyond the case dimensions, the movement, the crystal, bracelet or strap and into the details of the watch. It is the details that matter to watch lovers, things like the hands, lume color, depth of the dial vs. the thickness of the crystal, the on-wrist weight of the watch. Is the movement noisy? if the watch has multiple functions are the simple to access and easy to read? Details, are what makes a watch unique, complete and set it apart in the market. Unlike functions, caliber or finish, details are what a lot of us pay for when buying a new watch.

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